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A New York Mets Blog for all fans of the New York Mets, especially former fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers and residents of Brooklyn, written by Adam Salazar.

BMF hates the yankees with unequaled passion and loves watching that bloated team fail to live up to expectations again. A-Rod has become a lighting rod of controversy and Met fans have to relish that he’s in the Bronx and not in Queens. The yankee fans would be merciless if he were in orange and blue so you’ve gotta laugh that A-Rod’s curse lives in yankee stadium.

Reactions from the Fan Base:

AJW says:
HELLO! Am I the only one out there who hates(well strongly dislikes)the yanks? You would think this team has become the equivalent of a cute injured puppy. Also what do yank scouts actually do? They must tell prospects "We are thinking of signing you, in about 12 years after you are eligible for free agency.

AJW says:
No, you are not making the playoffs this year, now shut up.

AJW says:
The yanks drop another to Detroit more Dan Ingram on WABC New York....Hey there kemosabe! the word for the day is SCHADENFREUDE!

AJW says:
All Jeter and Rivera will do this year is pose for statues.

AJW says:
Remember the Steinbrenner kiss off of Buck after he was fired? "Good luck to Bucky and his little family" well I'm sure Buck remembers.

AJW says:
According to the yanks and their fans one loss is equal to three losses of any other team, two losses are equal to a ten game losing streak of any other team, three losses(in a row) mean nothing because the yanks are going to the WS anyway, a one game winning streak(after a long losing streak) is equal to a five game winning streak of any other team, and a five game winning streak is an excuse to call WFAN and bash the Mets.

AJW says:
If the yanks played a little league team here is a brief snippet of Michael Kay's play by play, "ANOTHER SHOT BY TEIXEIRA OFF THE YOUNGSTER!!!!!OH MY!!!!WE ARE WITNESSING GREATNESS!!!!!

123rdzcxcc says:
they suck

AJW says:
From George Carlin: "Every yankee fan had a bat a glove and a ball, we used to beat the crap out of them and take their equipment".

AJW says:
When the yanks lose in the first round of the playoffs this October which game do you think will be played the most on the Yes network's yankee classics, Jeter's 3000th or the Castillo dropped popup game?

AJW says:
Actual conversation, yankee fan: "We want Jose at SS" myself: "Well, what are you going to do with Jeter?" yankee fan: "He can stay on the DL"

AJW says:
The yanks must be celebrating the 1998 championship this tear because most of this years roster was once good in 1998.

AJW says:
In the Barry Bonds trial Jason Giambi testified that something he's not sure what was injected he can't tell you where by someone he can't tell you who for reasons he can't tell you why.

AJW says:
So Jeter wants 6 years 20 million per? maybe he should fire his agent and hire Scott Boras who will immediately start looking for the one idiot GM (worked for ARod) if not he could always cry collusion.

BMF webmaster says:
We're back, and we have (I hope) a solution for all that spam (sorry for the inconvenience)!

AJW says:
Sorry, no porn links, just enjoying Chris "mad dog" Russo talking World Series while Mike "the sports pope" Francesa talks with spoiled brat s---head yankee fans.

Won't Get Fuld says:
The yanks are telling Cliff Lee, somewhat subconsciously, that there will be an extra 10 or so million in the till this free ageny winter if he would, you know, not hit the corners in the upcoming ALCS.

AJW says:
When I told some yankee fans that Joe Girardi deliberately threw the All Star Game so that the yankees could win the WS at home during games 4 or 5 to honor Steinbrenner,they actually took my BS as if it were an absolute Fact!

AJW says:
Sorry to hear of George Steinbrenner's passing, I was looking forward to him giving the apology to the City of New York after this years World Series.

Knott Nowen says:
A-Rod:"Hey Jeter,Minka Kelly? I hear she puts extra virgin olive oil on her salad,because she thinks it was named after her!"

Pete says:
steve phullovips SHOULD SHUT HIS PIEHOLE !! anyone ever wonder why the only work he can get is flapping his yapper ? he used to be our gm and if anyone could EVER do a worse job than omar, it was him. years ago he cost us A-rod. i don't hate a-rod. he is not a real skankee and just before he signed with texas or when he was leaving texas, when the mets were considered one of the teams he might sign with, phullovips made up some story that a-rod wanted a big tent where he could sell a-rod t-shirts his own plane. so phullovips spared us a-rod's run guaranteed 30hr, hundred rbi, his xtra basehits and hitting for average (as well as the lure for other good players to want to play for us) and now the skankees have him. AND HERE IS THE WORST PART,... AFTER HE WAS DISMISSED BY PHULLOVIPS HE TOLD REPORTERS THAT HE HAD WANTED TO JOIN THE METS TO HELP THEM TAKE THE CITY BACK FROM THE SKANKEES !!! once again, phullovips,.. SHUT IT !! no one cares what you think. keep it up with your ridiculous suggestions and you will be looking for another job,... again.

Pete says:
because they are so freaking conceited !! mets fans should NEVER forget the sight (i know i won't) of their jerk shortstop holding up a banner during the 2000 world series that said "Mets in 3000" while laughing his stupid head off in the dugout while the skankees were batting. their fans are mostly conceited as well. they are always talking crap about us even when we are doing well instead of minding their business. i they love to predict and witness our downfall. i went to mike piazza jersey night and i might have gotten into a scrap with some jerk a-hole yuckees fan if i had caught him tearing up a jersey just cause he was a met hater. he should have kept his jerk self and his negativity home. i did not always hate the skankees like i do now but after facing enough ignorance, stupidity and a lack of class just make the team and their fans so hate-able. oh, and lets not forget their john sterling. i HATE hearing him say,.. the (skankees) win, the (skankees)win ! what is the big deal ? like as if they don't win alot anyway. WE should make a bigger deal when we win. our victories are not as often and are hard won. i am METS fan. i love the orange blue. i will pay for an expensive ticket this year to only one game just because every time it is like being in heaven being surrounded by so much beautiful orange and blue and i feel like i am HOME.

Pete says:
because they are so freaking conceited !! mets fans should NEVER forget the sight (i know i won't) of their jerk shortstop holding up a banner during the 2000 world series that said "Mets in 3000" while laughing his stupid head off in the dugout while the skankees were batting. their fans are mostly conceited as well. they are always talking crap about us even when we are doing well instead of minding their business. i they love to predict and witness our downfall. i went to mike piazza jersey night and i might have gotten into a scrap with some jerk a-hole yuckees fan if i had caught him tearing up a jersey just cause he was a met hater. he should have kept his jerk self and his negativity home. i did not always hate the skankees like i do now but after facing enough ignorance, stupidity and a lack of class just make the team and their fans so hate-able. oh, and lets not forget their john sterling. i HATE hearing him say,.. the (skankees) win, the (skankees)win ! what is the big deal ? like as if they don't win alot anyway. WE should make a bigger deal when we win. our victories are not as often and are hard won. i am METS fan. i love the orange blue. i will pay for an expensive ticket this year to only one game just because every time it is like being in heaven being surrounded by so much beautiful orange and blue and i feel like i am HOME.

Knott Nowen says:
Jeter:"Hey A-Rod, Cameron Diaz? sort of like trying on Shaq's old sneaker huh?"

AJW says:
I'm beginning to see a lot of Yankee fans now becoming Jet fans...what? the Cowboys upcoming season looking bleak? typical front running weasels.

AJW says:
TV Listings 1p.m.-Exhibition, Yankees vs Yankee farmhands who are tradebait to get a player who is asking for too much money that a small market team cannot afford, YES

AJW says:
Today 4/1/10 New York Yankees principal owner George M Steinbrenner has issued an official apology to all African-Americans and all baseball fans regarding the Yankees banning Black players for the first fifty years of the teams existence. Mr. Steinbrenner also issued an apology for his teams anabolic steroid abuse during the last fifteen years.(Submitted by A.Prule Fuell)

Billy D says:
Being born and raised in Queens, about 10 minutes from Shea the choice was easy... In regards to the Yankees.... it is not so much the team as it is the fans. Or a great number of them. It seems to me that Yankee fans derive entirely too much of their own self-worth based on the team that they root for. Almost as if it makes them a better human being because of this allegience. No Yankee fans likes to admit it, but back in the 1980's they Yankees weren't playing too well, and Yankee Stadium was like a ghost town, the team stuck, and people stayed away in droves. Went that way for the Mets also, but all the Yankee fans that claim that they have been Yankee fans since they were born should be given some sort of a quiz something along the lines of "who was Mike Pagliarulo or Steve Balboni?" I'm sure you'd hear a lot of crickets.

AJW says:
On the YES network isn't Yankee Hot Stove and Sports Money the same show?

AJW says:
Who is more overrated? Joba or Michelle Wie?

wintaz says:
the yankees and their fans are jerk offs so if they are all jerk offs lets refer to them as YANKERS get it we should chant YANKERS with a jerking hand motion YANKEEERRRRSSSS

Ryan says:
All I have to say is.. Philly 49 38 .563 Florida 46 45 .505 5GB Atlanta 44 45 .494 6GB NY METS 42 46 .477 7.5GB Washington 26 62 .295 23.5GB Hey atleast the mets have the 4 slot locked down Go Yanks

John Montalbano says:
Born a METS FAN, Raised a METS FAN will always be a Mets fan. Yankes along with their fans are overpaid prima donna's who think everything revolves around them. How totally wrong they are. So much so that around my back license plate on my car I got a personalized saying as a gift. On the top is says 'Met Fan On Board' on the bottom it says 'Yankee Fan In Trunk' !!!!! Need I say more !! John from Cornelius,,, By the way Jaclyn from Cornelius NC in the 'tatoo section' I am proud to say is my daughter !!!! She beat me to the tatoo !!

FAN says:
Overpaid robots.............that's all I have to say.

Semper_Fi says:
To all Mets fans: Where do I begin? I guess I have to start by saying to the Brooklyn Met Fan that the NY Mets are not the new Brooklyn Dodgers! It is a total myth that the Mets are descendants of an organization that left town fifty years ago. Hardcore baseball fans are one step above star trek nerds who dress like idiots and stand on line for hours waiting to see a movie. The Mets have no "blood-line" as you say because it is just an organization. Citi Field looks like it was built for a totally different team. If you are so much in love with your precious Dodgers than perhaps you should never pay respect to the orange interlocking "NY" as it is a direct steal from the old NY Giants. Also I can not stand stupid Met fans who like the Mets just because they hate the Yankees. What the hell is that? Just because you hate a different team (that doesn't even play in your league), doesn't make you a fan of the Mets. I have respect for rational people who like baseball, but idiots who claim they hate teams and players are just idiotic and it is no wonder why our country has become such a mindless place.

Leshko Metz says:
What the idiot yank-oid fans fail to understand is that after 9-11 their team refused to honor the NYFD and the NYPD like the Mets did by wearing the special caps instead only caring about their cold aristocratic image. This is why Red Sox fans can now say now look who's cursed.

cowbellman says:
You're all jealous of the Yankees!! STOP being so jealous of us, because we have money to spend, and youz dont!! Concentrate on your own team for GOD's sake!! Have a good season cry babies!!

Married ONe says:
OH yeah I forgot to add John O hare you nailed it right on the head......My favorite time was when I had a big anti -yankee fan party at Bobby Valentines at The hotel by Shea after the Yanks lost to Arizona and I invited all my Mets fan friends to party which included some of my hubbys friends and I DID NOT invite him. He didn't talk to me for two week because he said the night the Yankees lost I was sleeping with this big Sh-it eating grin on my face and he couldn't believe that I was so cruel.... Then I planned the party . BobbY Valentine was there and he appreciated the hatred right back..

I actually married one of these morons..... says:
Well needless to say my mother did warn me in 1981, not to stay with my highschool Yankee fan boyfriend but love prevailed and I married that yankee fan computer chip in his head rattling off about the best team in baseball for the last 18 yrs of my life. UNTIL MY SON WAS BORN>>>>>> he came out of me. I got the call from the doctor that I was prgant at Mets VS Braves game 2002 and Piazza ( MY MAN ) hit 2 homers to beat there butts. But need I regress, My husbans who swore his Yankee faith to GOD has actually come around and appreciated the "I want to win for the fans acttitude." the mets show ... NOT a "OH sh-t Steinbrenner is gonna ream me a new a-- hole if I don't produce" mentality in the Bronx. My son love the Mets but I have to stay politically correct having to go to both teams games. I hate it but I know where his honor lies IN QUEENs MY GOD I live 5 minutes from Citifield > we watched it grow everyday with the countdown how many days to opening day and he lived that anitcipation with dignity.. He plays in Mr. Mets kiddie field every friday night game we go and he tells all the Yankee fans he knows "that what kind of team doesn't have a mascot . "A team who doesn't care about KIDS> I am just glad I am making my impression on a future hall of famer (MY SON)It's the fans who you play for, not the corporations who run your stadium and steriods are BAD>>>>>Hear me A ROID ! Next spring when he is old enough to go to spring training with me and he will get the autographs of his favorite players who care. No charging for signatures. He will stay a true blue & orange fan like my family . Old time Dodger fans. Sorry but as the years go by I need to be more anit-yankee than ever but I need to do it with class..My plates might say TUSHEA but my son got me a Citifield license plate holder to make it real ...LETS GO METS !!! Lisa

Bklyn54 says:
Everything about them.

BMF says:
Gotta love the yankees dealing with the recession by spending upwards of a HALF BILLION DOLLARS on CC, Burnett, and Texeria I can only wonder which of them will go bust first... my guess is Burnett!

The Foxster says:
i've hated the Yankees since i was 9 years old. i lived in a section of Manhattan called Chelsea and attended PS11, and i was the only Brooklyn Dodger fan for miles around, completely surrounded by Yankee fans. they made my life miserable with their constant taunts about the Dodgers and their inability to beat the Yankees in their annual World Series appearances. when the Dodgers finally won in 1955, i was in High School and never saw those Yankee fans who had made my life so miserable. then to add insult to injury, 1956 was back to the same Yankee/Dodger World Series script and two years later, Walter O'Malley tore the heart out of every Dodger fan. i just gave up on baseball until 1963, when i returned home from my army tour and found the LA Dodgers playing the Yankees in the series. the LA Dodgers swept the hated Yankees, which was some sort of vindication for all old time Dodger fans. i didn't pick up on the Mets until i969, when i accidently tuned in on Seaver's imperfect game against the Cubs, and to my wife's chagrin, i was hooked on baseball and the Mets once more and more involved with the Mets then i ever was with the Dodgers. i paid no attention to the Yankees as they weren't worth my notice, then one dark day a large shadow appeared with the name of Steinbrenner, and now there were many reasons to hate his version of the Yankees. i hated the sense of entitlement, that every game was was supposed to be a win, i hated they way the players acted and were treated. i hateds the many many changes of manager, just to get some ink in the papers. i hated the way so much money was spent to grab any player that was wanted and the the way the player was dropped if he had a bad at bat. in short i hated everhything about the Yankees, their owner, their players, their fans their bal park, they way the newspapers seemed to worship them. IN SHORT I HATE THE #@$%^% Yankees

Bobster1985 says:
For me, the Golden Years of the Yankees were 1965-75. Ah, just hearing the names Horace Clarke, Jerry Kenny and Jake Gibbs makes me tingle! And the famous quote from Jim Bouton as the team tumbled into the cellar: "We stink!" What made it particularly delicious is that the Mets drew more fans to the ballpark than the Yanks, and won two National League pennants and one World Series while the Yanks won zero. It's fitting that the Yanks ended that 10-year streak by becoming sub-tenants of the Mets. Bring back Bill Monbouquette!

BrooklynMetFan says:
Possibly my favorite Hank Steinbrenner quote of all time after they lose Wang for at least 10 weeks while running the bases in HOU: “My only message is simple... The National League needs to join the 21st century. They need to grow up and join the 21st century. I’ve got my pitchers running the bases, and one of them gets hurt. He’s going to be out. I don’t like that, and it’s about time they address it. That was a rule from the 1800s.” Is there even a need to respond to this???

BrooklynMetFan says:
Jeter is such a whore for endorsements it makes me sick. Is there an ad campaign in existence he won’t do? He’s even more all over YES than normal right now hawking some crappy updated version of the "Bat-Around". But the schlock Jeter is pushing is so cheap, and the ad so poorly produced, that every time he hits the ball the entire rig looks like it’s gonna fall over. Can’t they manage to secure the damn thing so it doesn’t look as cheap as it actually is? So lame.

manny says:
You shouldn't hate the yankees and yankee fans shouldn't hate the mets. 2 different leagues, 2 different ways to play the game. This only started because of stupid interleague( a scheme by baseball to milk more money from gullible fans), in all honesty it should be a privilage for an AL team to play a NL team and only in the world series with the championship on the line.

cowcrusher says:
Even if you look at the old uniforms fo the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Mets.. they didn't have names on their jerseys either.. a lot of teams didn't in the old days.. it cost a lot of money and people got traded from time to time.. Ralph Kiner switched teams between games at a doubleheader back in the day. Also, the skankees didn't corner the marker on "pinstripes".. the Mets have had them for years.

John O'Hare says:
I don't hate the Yankees so much as I hate most of their fans. I hate their use of 'We' as if they were on the field playing the games themselves. I really despise the 26 rings crapola. Impressive, of course, but let's not get carried away here. They had a 60 year headstart on the Mets and won 19 of their rings before the Mets even came into existence. Admittedly, winning 19 Championships between 1923 and 1961 is pretty good, but from 1962 to 1976, they were tied with the Mets with one championship each. From ’62 to 1995, the Yanks led 3-2 in championships, hardly dominating. The 4 wins to close out the century padded their lead a bit, but are close to decade old. Now, Yank fans may say it’s still more than the Mets have won, and there is no disputing this, however, The Yanks have come up short in each of the following seasons, each of which they were favored to win. 13 Straight years in the post-season ain’t bad, but they have not won the Series since last century, and have not even been in it since 2003. The Red Sox have won it twice since then. Yank fans are the epitome of arrogance. Of course, they will probably need a dictionary to red that last sentence. And of course they love to bring up the Mets collapse last year. Yeah, our boys really sucked that last stretch, but the 2004 ALCS choke was just as big a collapse. And don’t get me started on Joba and the bugs in Cleveland. It wasn’t like he was the only one affected by them, and if he can’t deal with a little adversity, he should just get off the field. I also hate the ink then the Yanks get in the New York Yankee News, I mean Daily News. For crying out loud, they may be your favorite Yankees, but they are not mine!

nina says:
I just thought I should add something to this page because I am a reformed/recovering yankee fan and I am so glad that I hate them now more than anything on earth. It actually feels GOOD to hate them. I used to be a yankee fan long ago and for a while there when I thought there was an ounce of heart left on the team...apparently the ENTIRE heart walked out the door when Paul O'Neill retired. I have a yankees tattoo on my left forearm but guess what? Now that my tax refund is cleared - I'm going STRAIGHT to the ink parlor and having it changed into a METS symbol or maybe that little Calvin character peeing on the yankees symbol. I wasn't a bandwagonner yankee fan because I liked them way before they were any good in these most recent years. But, as time went on things turned into a FREAK SHOW - it was never about baseball it was about MONEY AND MONEY AND MONEY AND MORE MONEY and that just totally sucks. Yeah, ball players get paid but these people are ridiculous. Steinbrenner is a piece of shizzzz, I canNOT begin to tell you how much I want to stab AROD in the head and I VOWED that if they brought him back I would not longer cheer for this team and I would be a METS fan - I should be a METS fan, I'm from Brooklyn why the hell not? And the Joe Torre thing? I'm done. I'm done cheering for a team that I always have to make excuses for because they CONSTANTLY DO THE WRONG, BAD or EVIL thing. I want to cheer for a team that represents my hometown, that has HEART and maybe a little dignity and class - a team that balances on the line of underdog and contender so you're always legitimately on the seat of your pants with suspense, a team that may not have blah blah blah amount of world series titles but certainly has a rich history of excellence and outstanding players and performances. I used to be a Yankees fan because I thought tradition mattered. The yankees will tell you they are "all about" their storied franchise. BULL CRAP. They are ALL ABOUT putting butts in the seats so they can get paid. They don't give a crap about the fans, they don't even care about the GAME anymore. It's time for a rematch for the '86 series - this way the METS can finish off the SOX and the yankees can look like the fools they really are. GO METS!

BrooklynMetFan says:
The way BMF sees it once A-Rod’s beloved Mets didn’t want him the bottom fell out of the market. LA, ANA, and Frisco all immediately knew if both NY teams and BOS were on the sidelines there was no reason to pay him more than 20M/yr. Sure enough that pansy A-Rod went crawling back to that yankee money tail between his legs! The truth is BMF loves having A-Rod in the Bronx. • Yankee fans all secretly hate him and always will. • His classless wife always looks miserable • those manly stripper jokes will continue to be funny for a good 10 more years. • Derek Jeter can’t be happy and with no Torre steering the ship who knows what kind of crazy s**t might unfold! The truth is A-Rod’s the perfect villain to play for the evil yankees. Everyone across the nation roots against him and of course he continues to live under that ever-growing A-Rod jinx ; )

cowcrusher says:
So the Skankees had to settle for the "wild Card"... how dare they!! Of course Cleveland beat them anyway, and "A-Roid" batted atrociously. As much as I despise the skankees, about 90% of their fanbase are morons, bandwagon riders, and an super-sized assortment of a**holes. To be fair, there are a few "cool" fans out there, but that is not saying much. To the moron with the "this NY doesn't quit!" during the ALDS, I hope your are eating your sh*t stained bedsheet! BTW, during interleague play..or back during the old "mayor's trophy" games, a skankee fan could were their "colors" to Shea/(and the future "Citifield" without any trouble outside of some innocent trashtalk..however, if you are a Mets fan and do the same at either skankee stadiums, you are taking your life into your hands and security could care less if you got shot or knifed! In short, Skankee fans are Skum!!

Michael Leggett says:
A-Rod, for years, has used Steroids: Only this year did he stop taking Estrogen

Mike says:
yea okay, yanks r in, mets r out. We'll get over it. The thing that I hate most about yankee fans is that they always got somethin to say about it. Y dont they just focus on their own team ? Im sick of these arrogant, self-centered, living in the past d-bags always talkin bout the number 26. WHO GIVES A SH*T ?!?! Focus on today Ass H*les The yanks play with $ , but Mets play with heart. THAT IS BASEBALL

BMF says:
Ya gotta love the turmoil in the Bronx. First the yankees break a long-standing rule by announcing they’re going to try and renegotiate in-season with A-Rod. Then A-Rod and Boras tell ‘em to get lost! Did they really think Boras wouldn’t test the open market??????? Idiots. The only way they’d get him to not opt out would be to go into the ludicrous zone of salary – that means WAAAY higher than ‘Roidger Clemens’ 28M per. If that wasn’t bad enough, Gary Sheffield is being quoted on Real Sports as saying the yankees, and Torre specifically, are unfair to black players. The Shef is just bad news and I can’t take anything he says at face value but I gotta laugh that the yankees now have to deal with THIS on top of everything else! I love Karma ; )

BrooklynMetFan says:
Of course it has not gone unnoticed by BMF that the yankees are 2-8 in their last 10. Wow do those guys under perform or what!?! If Scott Proctor is burning his glove and uniform on the field things can’t be going well!

Michael Leggett says:
"Believes He's A Legend, Thinks He's Sexy, Disco Queen, Doesn't Have Reyes Range, Pin Up In A Pizzeria" Derek Jeter

metsss are the best says:
i have a comment for YNKEELVR. if you honestly didnt care about the mets, you wouldnt be on their website. so i agree that someone does have a crush on our mets. peaceeeee YANKEES SUCK [=

Sanchez says:
Anyone catch the Daily News coverage of the Stray-Rod cheating situation? Line of the day from a stripper at the Hustler club "A-Rod likes the she-male, muscular type" ouch!

Sanchez says:
It sounds like a certian yankee fan has a crush on our Mets : ) and one thing I do know is people who write that they're not coming back to read the responses ot heir post ALWAYS DO!!!!

USYH says:
Wow YNKEELVR is a idiot. What A-holes like him will never understand is that he's the reason the world hates the Yank-these! There was a time in the 90's, that even being a die-hard Mets fan, I had respect and even wanted the Yanks to win. It' wasn't until A-holes like him who never cheered for the Spanks until 96 started talking their stupid trash, that the Yank-these hatred really started (for me at least). I love how now Fak-ees fans are now crying that Mets fans are talking trash. We had to listen to those a-hole talk trash for 10 years, now when the tables have turned, they get sensitive and can't take it. YOU SUCK YANKEES FAN!


Hate the YANKEES are you kiddin' me...of course I understand ppeople always hate the best "YANKEES" how pathetic and sad are all of you stupidso called mets all of sudden that the suckie mets have gotten lucky 2 seasons now all of the fake fans have taken out their dusted old jerseys from theirs boxes and boxes of junk they had put away for all suck along with the dumb ugly mets...and how stupid are you all that hating the best team in the world "THE YANKEES" you still take you time to create the most stupid and funny website ever...hate them yet talk about them more than your own suckie mets just can't get enough of them.. YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES ... rule the world.. and the mets...oh well their getting lucky and talking crap about steroids idiots talk about your own mota sucka!!!what you all little girlies are sad cause the YANKEES took yall down on 2000 hahahahahahaha that goes to show you who rules New York want me to refresh your memory YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES YANKESS rule the world and the mets suck!!!don't hate becuase the YANKEES are the best and you know what's funny that last year how great did the mets do and still could not go to the world series why????'cause they suck and what a pleasure it was to see the CARDINALS kick the mets and detroits butts!!!!hahahahahaha. ps I know you might post this because like I said before yall suck and are wimps.

BrooklynMetFan says:
In case you missed it - the Empire state building will be lit in the colors of the team that wins the subway series. The funniest part is that it's a total bust on the yankees because they don't really have colors to display! ; ) I can't wait to start posting pix of the Empire state building in Orange and Blue!

Kid #8 says:
The yankee fans are such a bunch of posers - most of 'em grew up elsewhere and are now the loudest and most obnoxious of the bunch Take Roger Steroid Clemens and enjoy him because I'm predicting this is his last go around once the AL East whips up on him - ain't up Pirates for him to face this year

Tom says:
Yankee fans booed Sammy Sosa today for steroid abuse. These are the same Yankee fans who stood and cheered when Giambi was caught and admitted (without really admitting) he used steroids. Clemens, Pettitte and Sheffield are also prominante Yankees associated with steroid use. Yet none of them have been booed by Yankee fans. This is the same fanbase that cheered when Mike Piazza was hit in the head by Roger Clemens, the same fans who cheered Steve Howe even after he was suspended from baseball a 5th,6th and 7th time for cocaine abuse.

BrooklynMetFan says:
How annoying is Brian Cashman sitting up there next to Clemens on the podium – yeeaacch! It all makes me wanna puke. Exactly WHAT is that little nerd receiving accolades for??? Having yankee money behind him or working for the only team big enough to satisfy Clemens’ ego???

BrooklynMetFan says:
BMF can’t wait to laugh my ass off when this 2007 yankee team doesn’t win the Worlds Series either!

BrooklynMetFan says:
As for Gay-Rod's monster April, here’s BMF’s evil take on it. - So far all he’s proved is that he’s Mr. April. He hasn’t even played the Red Sox yet. - Even if he kills the Sox this weekend he’s setting such an unmatchably high bar for himself that yankee fans are bound to be disappointed every other month from here on out. Didj’ya hear that A-Rod??? You’re gonna DISAPPOINT EVERYONE the rest of the season!

BrooklynMetFan says:
Pavano BACK on the DL yet again - Priceless!

USYH says:
Ha Ha [you will need to copy this URI into your browser since it is split into two lines here] photo_gallery/0704/

yankees v Red Sox joke says:
A Red Sox Fan meets A yankee fan one foggy night. The yankee fan was heading north from New York and the Red Sox fan was driving south from Boston. While crossing a narrow bridge, they hit each other head-on, mangling both cars. The Sox fan manages to climb out of his car and survey the damage. He looks at his twisted car and says, "Man, I'm lucky to be alive!" Likewise, the yankee fan gets out of his car uninjured, he too feeling fortunate to have survived. The yankee fan walks over to the Red Sox fan and says,"Hey, brother, I think this is a sign that we should put away our petty differences and live as friends instead of being rivals." The Sox fan thinks for a moment and says, "You know, you're absolutely right! We should be friends. In fact, I'm going to see if something else survived the wreck." The Red Sox fan then pops open his trunk and removes a full, undamaged bottle of Jack Daniel's. He says to the yankee, "I think this is another sign- we should toast to our newfound friendship." The yankee fan agrees and grabs the bottle. After sucking down half of the bottle,he hands it back to the Red Sox fan and says, "Your turn!" The Red Sox fan calmly twists the cap back on the bottle, throws the rest of the bottle over the bridge into the river and says, "Nah, I think I'll just wait for the cops to show up."

Boomer Esiason says:
Boomer Esiason had a classic line during halftime in the Colts/Pats game: “If Peyton Manning doesn’t win this game he’s gonna have to buy a house in A-Rod’s neighborhood” As we all know…Peyton won

Sanchez says:
I love that it the heart of baseball playoff season and we don't hear one word about the miserable yankees!!! This is a Met's town!!! New York is a National league city now and forever!

USYH says:
YANK-THESE Lost in the 1st round again! Let’s see if we can’t figure this out… You have a robot as a manager. Shows no fire and is unable to motivate his players. He doesn’t know how to use a bullpen. He has ZERO strategy. When the Spanks use to win, he had the likes of Wickman and Mo in the pen, easy to manage those guys. He also had players like Girardi, Leyritz, Bernie, O'Neill and Tino players who had heart and no ego. They didn’t need to be motivated. They knew what their roll was and took it to task. You needed to slip O’Neill a couple a Valium in a slice of cheese just so his heart wouldn’t explode. Instead of now, they got a bunch of players with no heart, who don’t do what is needed to do to win like: sacrifice, move runners over, take a pitch and let a guy steal a base. Now they have Garoid Sheffield who thinks everything is about him and bitches about a poor contract that he negotiated? Jason GeRIODie who sucks out, then bitches out teammates to the media because they don’t get they big hit? Hey HGH boy, as a former MVP and a guy who makes 15mil, you should be getting the big hit and coming through in the clutch. Just because you got caught cheating, doesn’t mean you get an excuse for not producing. They have a traitor with a noodle arm and the ugliest swing in the game who’s showed more heart his first year on the team then guys who’ve been there for 10 years. Then you have G-Rod, you know, the purple lipstick wearing, purse carrying, suit for pajamas, numbers compiling head case and a ball slapper. I’m not going to pill on (to much) A-Rod, yes, he has lots of faults, but the guy doesn’t deserve the treatment he gets. Yankee fans and players looked very bad for the way they treated this guy. Then there’s the caption. A caption is supposed to be the leader and the guy everyone looks up to and respects. A caption is the 3rd guy in in every fight. He’s the spokesman for the team and everybody’s friend. On the Mets, you see guys like Delgado going to the mound and cracking a joke to lighten the mood for a pitcher who’s struggling. You have Lo Duca who’s got everyone on the staffs back, and then throw in the old wise Franco, who even players on the OTHER TEAMS listen and respect. Those guys are leaders. They are not the guy who doesn’t step in and fixes problems and doesn’t pick players up when their down. A leader doesn’t hold grudges and goes about his business and ignores everyone else. A leader doesn’t pick and choose which guy he’s going to defend. A leader is the guy that, when everyone is down and your down to your last out, he picks everyone’s mood up, energizes the team and gets everyone fighting. Not a guy who sits by himself while the rest of the team sulks. You got a pitching staff that consists and guy who whines about everything that doesn’t go his way. You got another guy who was past his prime 3 years ago. You have a guy on the DL who is more fragile than A-Rods ego. Not to mention a bullpen who is unreliable and completely mishandled. Yanks have an owner who acts like a spoiled child. He wants everything, and turns his back as soon as something doesn’t go his way. He buys players just because they had a good year. Why should he care about team chemistry or even if he already has a player for that position. He wants him and he wants him now. You could tell that when the Yanks got A-Rod, it wasn’t because they needed him. They got him because the Sox tried and failed. This was George’s way of sticking his tongue out to Boston and saying “We got A-Rod and you didn’t NA NA NA NA NAA NA!” George, do what all smart owners do, back of, let you GM handle the team and its staff. How can you build a successful team when you have a dozen people with different ideas and agendas trying to make deals? This Yankees team is missing the one thing George can’t buy…A heart and soul. I have to admit that I had respect for the mid-90s Spanks. This version now is nothing but a jokes and a chokes.

Queens in the House says:
They choked again but why is everyone so surprised....they choke EVERY year!!!

Sanchez says:
What a bunch of punks the yank-theese are! Surprise, Surprise they CHOKED again!!! They should fire Torre - I'm so sick of him getting so much credit for the yankee success with all that a money and talent my 9 year old nephew could manage them to 95 games! Lata' Chokers!

BrooklynMetFan says:
Oh how sweet it is! Roger Clemens has finally been exposed for being on juice!!! BMF knew it all along. BUSTED!!! I LOVE IT! Andy Pettite too! The "workout" buddy goes down with his steroid guru! It makes you smile from ear to ear don't it?!?

USYH says: Great story...

USYH says:
Gotta love the "hug" Jetter gave G-Rod last night.Nothing like a couple of bi-racial rich men experssing thier true feelings for each other...

BrooklynMetFan says:
For a few good laughs check out this link to our friends at “The Onion” who take A-Rod bashing to a whole new level

Sanchez says:
Oh sure G-Rod hit two homeruns in the 10-1 blow out of the Twins. Enjoy your curtian call but guess what - the twins aren't a real threat to anyone. I don't want to hear about Santana and Liriano the Twins are scared of the yankees and are no real competition. Just wait until playoff time - they'll be booing him again!

Michael Leggett says:
The fact that HGHiamBALCO is still around & can decide games with one swing of the bat: Notice him whenever he shrinks & grows; That isn't from Cheeseburgers.

Queens in the House says:
what's with Juice-ambi's cheezy mustache?? are guido 'staches an HGH side effect??

LetsGoMetsGo! says:
God the Sox are such sissies - they've folded up against the yankees like the old days - did 2004 never happen??? I think the new Sox are all scared of the yankees just like they've always been

Sanchez says:
It's showdown time - 5 games in 4 days in Fenway... i PRAY the yanks get the dick kicked out of them

Michael Leggett says:
The Smarmy Smugness of the "October Arrivistas", who're fans until the next non-appearance of DFYankees in Post-Season: Stadium Concourses which are ONLY a few feet wide; NYPD Moonlighters(Off Duty Cops), who're buddy boys with the "Bleacher Cretins"; North Jersey White Trash, who brag about how many beers they've sucked down by the bottom of the 1st Inning; The humongous # of Poseurs; "YMCA"; YES & DFYankees Radio Network.

Queens in the House says:
Oh G-Rod is such a SISSY. I can hear him crying all the way over in here in Queens WAHHHH!!! WOW he hit a sac fly! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sanchez says:
Poor A-Rod is now crying that he' s been hurt all season - he won't disclose what the injury is or how or when he got it but it's been the cause of all his problems this season maybe he was healing himself with the gay pose on a rock - yeah, that must've been it

BrooklynMetFan says:
BMF loves seeing G-Rod make his 20th error on the season. The metrosexual Rodriguez leads all mlb third basemen in errors. 5 more and he'll be earning 1M per error

USYH says:
Mo blew a save last night and A-Rod blew Der, err…never mind…

Sanchez says:
The whole "Yankees Universe" they're trying to push down people's throats is the lamest thing ever Hey yankees the Red Sox have you beat with "Red Sox Nation" - deal with it

Kid#8 says:
This Abreu and Lidle "trade" is nothing of the sort. Michael Kay can call it whatever he wants but this is no trade - it's a purchase. The 4 minor leaguers, I'm yet to hear any of their names even mentioned, are a cover up for the blant contract buys the yanks made. I know philly is happy to dump those salaries but it's ridiculous

Queens in the House says:
Hmmmm good call on Straw and the juice - of course he was on it, we all know Straw never met a drug he didn't like And Giambi and Sheff and gotten off scott free in this whole steroid scandal - Giambi is so clearly on HGH or another undectable steroid it's absurd

USYH says:
Why does everyone kill Baroid and Mac for taking roids, but gives a free pass to Sheffield and Giambi for doing the same F’n thing? The fact the Giambi got Come Back Player of the Year by coming back for getting sick from roids makes me sick. I don’t want to hear “He’s a nice guy” and “he apologized for it”. I don’t care if he’s a nice guy, he cheated and his “I’m sorry for getting caught for doing something wrong, but I still wont admit what I did” apology sucks. How come nobody wants him to give back his MVP? The double standard for the Spanks pisses me off… …and would it surprise anyone if the Straw went on the juice after the left the Mets? Look at him on Mets Classics and the look at him on the Spanks. It sucks to say it because he was my favorite player when I was a kid…I’m glad the George can look the other way just as long as he’s winning.

Kid#8 says:
Cory Lidle isn't the answer to anything that's wrong with the yankees

Sanchez says:
Mad Dog is killing cashman on a phone conversation re: Cory Lidle and Jaret Wright I mean he's KILLING HIM!!! It's great stuff - cashman is not happy he's getting called on the carpet for his bad signings Hey cashman the only thing that separates you from every other GM is $$$$$

Queens in the House says:
How about the yankee "Trade" for Abreu and Lidle. That was no trade - they just bought the contracts and gave Phil 4 pieces of garbage no one has ever heard of for the minors. How does the commisioners office allow these so called trades? It's a joke

Kid#8 says:
Carlos Beltran is so much better a player for the Mets than a-rod is for the yanks. Oh how the bronx bombers wich they had our boy Beltran in CF! I love it!!!

BrooklynMetFan says:
Boy do I love it when the Devil Rays kick the sh*t out of Randy Johnson 19-6 at the stadium - OUCH!!! poor a-rod ends the game as the boos rain down on the underachieving yankees The Sox come back and win on Big Papi's walk-off The Mets and the Duque slaughter the Braves The Perfect Storm

Sanchez says:
I can't believe with all their injuries and issue the yanks are in first in the wild card and knocking on the Red Sox door - they'll still never get anywhere in the playoffs with that pitching

LetsGoMetsGo! says:
they've also got YES running every single a-rod rbi on it's "yankee moments" or whatever the hell they call it on Al-Yankzeera

Kid#8 says:
anyone else notice how Mike Francessa is spreading his pro- gay-rod propaganda all day long?

Sanchez says:
Hmm I never thought of that BMF but it makes a whole lot of sense - gotta figure a-rod would easily spend a cool milllion to turn his image around

Mikey says:
I think you're right about Giuliani; he's just as sleazy as the rest of that crew. But hey, let's keep that left side together; they're doing a great job of looking bad!

BrooklynMetFan says:
BMF speculates the entire stunt of 'Rudy Guliani calling Mike & the Mad Dog to defend A-Rod' was a publicity move by the Rodriguez PR team. You know it's been desperation time in a-rod's camp these days and I don't put anything past a good pr man I'd be willing to bet Guliani makes that call w/o hesitation to help his beloved yankees - but a 1M "speaking engagement" fee also might help convince him

Sanchez says:
The Rangers are such little bitches - they're scared of the yankee uniform and always have been - and how come the f**king A's never show up against they yankees and they kick the dick out of the Sox!

Helix says:
Buck Showalter should polish up his resume' `cause he sure sucks as a manager. I can't believe his motley crew blew the lead TWICE to fall to the Skankees. I often tune up the YES network just to wish hateful s**t on those scumbags. Yesterday I witnessed the male-rape of the Rangers as they got swept for the 2nd time this season. Boston didn't help things by rolling over for the A's.

BrooklynMetFan says:
Now A-Rod is kissing his teammates on television?!?!?

LetsGoMetsGo! says:
Anyone see the yankee outfield last nite? Aaron Guiel, Melky Cabrera & Bubba Crosby - WOW - of course the horrendous Tx pitchers still couldn't beat them but it serves as more evidence how far that once dominant empire has fallen

the penis mightier says:
What I can't understand is how Giambi gets a free pass through all of this. The guy is a juicer and has turned into a one dimensional player. How do people cheer for this guy?!? He gets cancer and 120 million for doing steriods and I'm supposed to feel bad for the guy?? WTF!!!

USMF says:
You know all those T-shirts that say “Yankees Suck, Jeter Swallows”? I wondering what he’s swallowing, and has he ever swallowed in the park?

Sanchez says:
Is there anything worse than a yankee fan? Yes a yankee fan wearing a gay-rod jersey that says Rodriguez on the back - hey jerkoff the yankees don't put names on the back of their jerseys!

Queens in the House says:
Even though I think Steve Phillips is completely out of his league deciding the Yankees should trade A-rod, I do love the fact that it brings more heat down on that sissy Slap-rod!

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