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Buh-Bye Chipper

October 6th, 2012

Did one of the NFL Replacement Refs sneak into the NL WC game last nite? Because that infield fly ruling was on par with the football calls we’ve seen lately.

It’s a disgrace to have an MLB game be altered due to an inicdent like that.

If the Mets lost on that sort of play my head would explode but I’m finding it impossible to have any sympathy for the Braves. And I sorta find it amusing that’s the note Chipper’s career ends on.

Am I a bitter Met fan?

Damn right I am.

Here’s hoping Buck Showalter can will his O’s to defeat the Yankees

[image of ] “All hitters are carnivorous”

Click on icon for complete list. Submit your own Mexism to

Mercifully it’s Over

October 4th, 2012

Well at least that’s done. 

Another debacle of a season is in the books and now we can begin the well work Met fan tradition of hoping next year will be better.

Unfortunately there doesn’t look like there’s any payroll flexibility so it may be hard to improve, but we’ll leave that for the rest of the winter.

So here we face another October with the Yankees and Yankee fans in the postseason while we hope RA will win the Cy Young … Which he prob won’t just for the simple fact that he’s a Met and stuff never goes right for us.

And Then There Was One

October 3rd, 2012

One game left in this crazy campaign. RA failed to get his 21st (!) win so we’ll have to settle for 20 which of course we’ll gladly do.

Obtw RA pitched with a torn abdominal muscle all season. I can’t even comprehend how he could win 20 - and IMO the Cy Young with a turn muscle. 

I’d say that tidbit of info doubles the incredibleness of his season.  

Congratulations on a magical season Dickey you’ve earned yourself a fan base for life in those of us who bleed orange and blue.

The real hilight of last nights game was seeing Adam Greenberg FINALLY get his 1st big league AB. If you recall 6 years ago he was hit by a pitch and seriously injured the first time he ever stepped to the plate in the bigs. Because a HBP isn’t an official AB he was never credited as having an AB yet 6 years later the Marlins give him that chance.

Tip of the hat to the Fish on this one. 

They should let the guy start Tommy’s game.

1 more hurrah tomm at 3:30 folks 

Question of the Day

October 1st, 2012

Question: Who is more depressing to watch, the Mets or the Jets?

Answer: There is no incorrect response

RA Dickey Just Won 20 Games!

September 28th, 2012

Can we please give this guy the Cy Young?? Winning 20 sure does help his chances - which just went up exponentially compared to a 19 win RA season.

Regardless of postseason hardware this Met season has to be classified as successful regardless of the standings.

We got a no-hitter AND a 20 game winner, and they’re not the same player.

A Tremendous way to end the season.

Congratulations RA, you genuinely deserve to be recognized.

RA, Rocks!!!

LET’s GO R.A.!!!!

September 27th, 2012

20 wins is on the line today….

Game thread…