Rule 5 Kids = Good PR Move

It looks like the Mets have found their new second baseman — Rule5 draftee Brad Emaus.

The kid picked up no less than 4 hits on Thurs raising his OBP to .439 for the spring.

I love the idea of a Rule5 kid sticking with the team. It’s like stolen property that you can legally have just cuz you were slick enough to sieze the moment and steal it.

The last couple of years we’ve had R5 guys in camp but they never work out… Until this year when we may have 2 R5ers in Emaus and Brooklyn/Queens’ own Pedro Beato.

Beato, is looking like a lock for the pen. 

Mets would be smart to keep 2 R5′ers because the kids will get tons of press while making league minimum. I’m positive the fanbase will quickly get behind both guys if they make the team. And from ownership pov they’re a helluva lot cheaper ways to rally the fan base than shiny new free agents. 

Meanwhile word leaked that more than 1 potential investor walked away from Mets offer after seeing the books.

And what are the odds those books aren’t cooked, just a little bit.

Y’know just a little Madoff magic touch…when no one’s looking… Nuthin’ wrong with that right?

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  1. Cowcrusher Says:

    10 bucks for single game tix? Wow!, but I am sure that they are on a Tuesday night and in the nose-bleed seats. I don’t know if that will provide a profit but it will at least fill up the stadium while you munch down on that hotdog and beer which cost over 15 bux!

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The two rule 5 picks make alot of sense for many reasons.

    1) Shows the new “GM Dream Team” is paying attention and out hustling other teams.

    2) Puts the front office stamp on the team and shows we are heading into a new era.

    3) Cost-enough said

    4) Youth



  3. Met_Maven Says:

    Lovin the Rule 5 guys, since most deem this to be a “lost season” ain’t nuthin wrong with the youngins comin up and gettin some big league experience and maybe surprising everyone. Well, everyone except us BMFers! As for the cheap tixx, the prices are $12, $20, $28 & $36 for the non-plan price and $10, $18, $25, $32 for ticket plans. Or you can just get them for half that on StubHub. Either way, get the tixx and stand on the bridge. The season starts in less than a week! Can’t wait!


  4. Met_Maven Says:

    I was looking at the Promotions schedule and, besides the fact they aren’t promoting the 25th Anniversary of the ‘86 team at all, they have Jose Reyes Banner Day on August 5th. If they do plan on trading him wouldn’t they have that before the All-Star Break?

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    That’s right, let’s get super excited about guys who didn’t cut it for another team. I’m not saying going cheap this year isn’t a good idea, but I’m not jumping up and down either. Man, our expectations are low for this season.

  6. USMF Says:

    Don’t dismiss the wonders of the Rule Fivers…There are a few gems like Santana and Uggla that are Rule 5 wonders. Ya never know.

    Even though we should all have low expectations this year, I can already hear fans crawling up on the ledge when the Mets are only playing 500 ball in July.

    I personally believe that this team can surprise a lot of people and be in contention come September. But I’m not betting on that either.

    I think our pitching staff is going to be a lot better than we ever hopped. It may not be top heavy, but 1-5 could all be very solid. I think every guy in the rotation could win more than 10 games. (although, I don’t think the rotation is strong enough to get out of the first round of the playoffs)

    And Yesterday, - Fort Greene Met Fan “Players like Reyes are what money is FOR.”

    I say, EXACTLY!

    Yesterday Sandy even said…“Even if there were a reduced payroll, it wouldn’t preclude us from signing Reyes.”

    And lastly, strange on how little news there’s been on papers on behalf of about 500 Madoff investors requesting the resignation of Picard.

    Picard is being accused of with holding information and misrepresented other material facts involving a settlement. Basicly, Picard is being accused of doing a backroom deal to letting Norman Levy (a Madoff associate) off the hock by only paying a $220 million settlement even though Levy had $100 billion of financing to Madoff from 1992 to 2001 and Levy’s children had a “margin loan” with Madoff of about $2 billion.

    I told you that Picard is a sleazy “ambulance chasing” dirt bag lawyer whose not out for justice or for helping the poor victims. Picards only out for lining his own pockets first, it doesn’t matter what’s true or who suffers (even if it’s the victims).

    I won’t even mention about the lack of coverage in Wilpons defense stats that Picards case left out full testimony from key witnesses. Sadly, I know what most of you would say about anything Fred had to say…doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I will be heading to 4 of the next five spring training games so I hope to have a really good “Live and up close feel for this team”.

    We in Florida also have the good fortune of the “Schedule Gods” making opening day down here so I will be heading to Ft. Lauderdale next weekend.

    One glorious week of baseball coming up!


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