BMF Rooting for Youth

It may sound crazy but I’m actually hoping Beltran isn’t ready to go when the bell rings because that should mean Lucas Duda will get some PT in RF. Honestly, I’m much more interested in seeing the young, hungry Duda play than Carlos Beltran and his no-cartilage knee.

Same goes for Bay. Although since last season was a total loss Bay does still feel like a new toy but overall I find myself more excited by the kids than the current crop of Mets.

Wright, Pagan, Ike, BigPelf, Niese and Parnell are all guys I can still get behind but the free agent acquisitions from previous administration (K-Rod too) just have the wrong energy attached to them.

Kids like Duda, Wilmer Flores, Darrell Ceciliani and Cesar Puello are fascinating. While Reyes, Beltran, and Bay are just sorta old hat. 

And yes I did just say Reyes!

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  1. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Agreed .. Beltran is not the future of this team .. might as well throw the rookies out there .. believe me if they could cut that salary they would and FMart or someone else would be in RF

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Since they havede basically come out and “Thrown away” this season, why not?

    If we are going to cut guys and dunmp salary, lets back up thr truck and drop the whole load!

    Bay was a bog mistake and people are going to find out this year. He hit all the home runs in a phone booth called Fenway Park!

    I Shea 2 they are just F-7’s

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FMFR: Bay hit only 45 of his 191 HRs while playing for the BoSox. The rest of his career was for the Pirates, in kind of a neutral ballpark for HR’s. If he’s healthy he should put up 25+ hrs. I, for one, want to give him a pass for last year and see what he does going forward.
    As for the kids, I’d much rather watch guys like Mejia, Flores, Puello etc. in the minors. They don’t need to be forced up to the bigs before they are ready.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    Plus, they need to play Beltran to determine if they can trade him.

  5. USMF Says:

    OK Rich, I gotta lay down some knowledge on ya…

    in 2008, Bay hit 9HRs while playing with Boston, only three of them came at Fenway (non at old Yankee stadium)

    in 2009, Bay hit 36HRs, only 15 came from Fenway, 21 from the road. (only 2 from New Yankee little league field)

    PNC park is where Bay has played the majority of his career, is a big park and Bay has put up good HR numbers while playing there.

    I think guys get Sh!ty-Field stuck in there head and they try to change the way they hit there. The Right Center Gap, is huge, but balls seem to fly out there, but RH hitters think they have to pull the ball to get one out.

  6. Val Veeta Says:

    I have to disagree, I am liking the mix of oldsters and young ‘uns. The old guys that are left (except for KRod) seem like good guys.

    BMF you never have a good word for Beltran, but I don’t understand you putting down Reyes! He may be older, but he still plays like a kid and generates lots of excitement. I think Jose, like David Wright, transcends the Minaya regime and (I hope) will be around for many more years.

    I love that there’s no expectations AT ALL for this team. I think they are going to be better than you think. Yes, the Phils have 4 aces, but I’ll take our lineup over theirs (even if they don’t sign that steaming pile of poo to play second base).

    I also like the 2 Chrisses and the revamped bullpen. Can’t wait for next week, LGM!!!

  7. rj Says:

    I love the youth…this is the way to go.. no old has been free agents..we need to build from within..I think alot of the fans will actually start going to the park to see the new talent David Wright and Jose..dont give up on Reyes just yet he’ll be good..hopefully

  8. John In Athens Says:

    I’d like to see RF as an open spot for another young player to step up just as Thole and Davis have done.

  9. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I love Jose! I realllllllllly hope we don’t dump him, I think it would be a big mistake. Assuming we can afford to keep him.

    Enjoyed the game today, good interviews with Sandy and Terry, like the vibe around the team and the mindset. I feel relatively hopeful that we will at least have a fun season, if not a winning one.

    Did you guys see that Manny clocked Oswalt in the neck with a hit? Talk about a near miss!

  10. Mr. Met Says:

    If Reyes goes I will be royally upset, trading him or whatever will be a HUGE mistake, players like him aren’t a dime a dozen, and if (and I realize its a big if) he stays healthy he’s one of the best shortstops in the game!

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^ taht was thne this is NOW!! This gy is goin to be a singles and doubes hitter.

  12. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Dump Reyes….out of boredom???
    And replace Reyes with…..what? Who?

    He’s not even old!!
    Rollins is 5 years older than him!
    Holy cow.

    I’m not old either but I must be really old fashioned if I want to actually keep really good position players who are home-grown, who actually want to stay with the team, who the fans love, and who are key in the lineup as well as on the field.
    Call me a fogey for dreaming of 1 or 2 of these guys retiring AS a Met after a great career with the Mets.

    Right. Let’s dump Reyes so we can spend another year or two hemming and hawing over another crop of middle infielders. Now we’re talking boredom!

  13. ProfessorReyes Says:

    p.s. Reyes and Pagan, in 2011 STILL the 2 fastest guys on the team.

  14. cleonjones Says:

    I agree with Mr.Met and Professor Reyes- please do not trade Jose Reyes. He is still in his prime and makes the Mets go . Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Guys .. not about Reyes being good or not - we simply can’t afford him him before he gets hurt .. and mark my words - he will get hurt .. we are playing a dangerous game here ..
    remember Alderson admitted he has to slash payroll .. not give a player who gets hurt a lot another long term deal ..

    you think the Twins wanted to trade Santana? you leverage the best you can and make the move at the right time .. Just don’t lose him for a draft pick like we did Feliciano ..

  16. USMF Says:

    Reyes is easily a top five SS in baseball right now…and that’s coming off a bad year.

    For everyone who says that Reyes isn’t a Sandy (money ball) type player doesn’t know what they’re talking about. OBP is important, but OPS is even more important, and Reyes OPS is good (even in a down year). Besides, stats aren’t even the most important aspect in “money ball”, it’s getting top value for money spent.

    The injury argument doesn’t hold up much for me either. Reyes played almost every game from 2005-2008. 2009 he got hurt and missed a ton of time, but we all know that if he went on the DL when the injury first happened, he’d only have missed 15-20 games. Instead, because they already had Delgado and Beltran hurt, they kept Reyes around and tried to play him. That’s when he hurt himself to the extent that he had to be shut down for the season.

    Same last year, he missed a couple of weeks because of his thyroid. Instead of letting him play a few minor league games to get back up to speed, they stuck him back in the line up. After a few weeks of struggling, Reyes was doing awesome. Unfortunately, he tweaked his back (most likely because he spent most of the off-season rehabbing his legs) Again, instead of putting him on the DL for two weeks, they kept playing him…even had him bat RH only for a while. Dude got all out of rhythm and eventually had to sit out. With all that, he still played in 133 games.

    Once again, the Mets were so desperate to win, they sacrificed a players health. They’ve done it with Reyes, Beltran, Santana, Wagner and Church.

    Reyes is the best and most exciting player the Mets have…Yes, he’s better than Wright (whose D is very overrated and his rising K rate is very worrisome).

    If you get rid of Reyes, who can you get that could even come close to replacing him? Tejada? Wilmer Flores? or maybe we’ll sign FA like Marco Scutaro or Rafael Furcal.

  17. Met_Maven Says:

    I’d love to see Reyes and Wright along with the other home grown talent gel and win together and I don’t want to see any of them traded. That being said, if we can trade any of them for an upgrade and a shot at a winning future, I’d have to say no one is untradeable. I’d rather think long term than short term. Who knows, Reyes might not ask for a lot of money. It’s not likely but it is a possibility. Personally, I think all professional sports contracts should be 1 year deals. Think how hard everyone would play! BTW I’m watching the Met game and they are just EXPLODING in the 4th! Reyes had a great hit, Capuano went 1st to 3rd and Pagan had a long bomb! 7 Days till the season begins!


  18. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Players like Reyes are what money is FOR. Not for players like Perez, Castillo, etc.

  19. John In Athens Says:

    “Players like Reyes are what money is FOR.”
    - Fort Greene Met Fan


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