The Flushing Athletics? 

The more I think about it the more I believe the Mets are headed into an Oakland A’s era of reduced payroll and small market sensibilities.

One would think with this being NY we wouldn’t run that risk but of course we’re dealing with the Wilpons who now have Alderson at the helm. Sandy has proven effective at streamlining payroll - which you know the financially strapped Wilpons are directing him to do.

This is exactly why the news of Tejada being sent to AAA to play shortstop all year sounds like a precursor to jetisioning Jose Reyes. 

Why would you cut ties with a homegrown, fan favorite like Jose? To avoid awarding another big money contract.

Reyes is gonna want big money, if not HUGE money, and he’s certainly not a guy Alderson values very highly. His numbers have been declining across the board for years not to mention it’s been a challenge to stay healthy. 

I hate to say it but I have a bad feeling Jose will be traded by the deadline to get as much in return for him as possible.


As for on field action:

• How bout Josh Thole tearing it up this spring

• Perez successfully retired the 1 lefty he faced

• Scott Hairston had 3 more hits and is moving closer to being first man to hold down RF when Beltran inevitably begins the year on DL. Personally I’d rather see Lucas Duda get AB’s

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    It was “Don’t CUT me yet Day” at the Ballpark. There were 7,400 fans at the game. (Cards fans travel well).

    Our new “Lefty Specialiast”, better know as OP, got his one guy out and Castillo had two hits!

    Dissapointed that they let F-Mart go so quick, yet I undestand it. He was our second leading hitter and it looked like he was finally putting it together. I am sure he will be up later.

    As for Reyes, I thought he was gone a long time ago. I just hope we can get something in return for him. I actually don’t have a problem with him leaving.

    Look whether you like it or not, The Mets have “Packed it in” this year. So lets let the kids play and lets get younger!

    Does it really matter if we finish 25 or 35 games out of first place? If you don’t think this team has a chance for at least the wild card, nothing else matters.

  2. cleonjones Says:

    Cut Ollie and Castro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I’d try to trade Reyes now .. he’s bound to get hurt again and nobody will want him long term and his value is weak as a rental - we might be blowing this big time - Alderson rolling the dice on that one .. I still don’t understand not trading Feliciano at last years deadline… I’d dump KROD so fast as well but we might have to wait till the deadline on that one .. nobody will take Beltran..

    I have no problem with a smaller budget but the A’s have been around $60M on payroll - that means cutting more than half our payroll! are we a small mkt team or are we just stuck because Fred won’t sell the team?

    High Payroll - as we have so painfully found out - does not always translate to wins ..but do we have a GM who knows how to spend it wisely?

    Florida Rich - keep up the ST updates! except cut out the OP sightings please? they churn my stomach.. And I wish cleonjones was a little clearer with his thoughts and wishes ?

  4. USMF Says:

    Too bad that (at least) one of Castillo’s hit was a lucky infield hit in the hole. Not the type that makes me give warm/fuzzes about his bat.

    Yeah for Ollie!!!he got one guy out with out walking anybody! I’m sure Ollie and Bore-ass are celebrating as we speak.

    I don’t know why people have said Sandy doesn’t like Reyes or Reyes isn’t his type of player. True, Reyes needs to stay healthy and he needs to improve his OBP from last year. (I believe that Jose’s OBP drop last year was related to missing time to injury).

    But if you really want to know the truth; go to , look up short stops and compare Jose to the other SS in the league for the past few years….you’ll see that Jose is in the leaders for almost every stat (saber or traditional). Even last year, when Jose took a while to get on track, he was still one of the best at his position. Even his modest WAR predictions in 2011 have him as the 4th Best SS in baseball.

    Sandy want’s to wait to see Reyes stay healthy and wait for a sh!t load of money to come off the books before he talks contract.

    The only reason that I can see Jose not staying on the Mets is; I predict that he’d get a deal similar to what Crawford got from the Sox. I don’t know if the Wilpons can afford that.

    And to get the record correct, during most of Aldersons tenure in Oakland, he had one off MLB’s higher payrolls. It wasn’t until ‘95 when new owners took over that he had to cut payroll. That’s when he started relying on on sabermetric principles to get the most out of his roster. (BTW, he left two years later).

    The biggest part of Aldersons success in Oakland was his ability to build and get talent from the farm, but it takes a few years for a GM’s changes to show.

    Like when Omar took over, he had to deal with a completely barren farm because of Steve “who can I trade next” Phillips and Jim “4th place, but still in it” Duquette. It took a few years, but now we know it’s Omar “don’t draft over slot, sign every latino kid you can find and promote him every six weeks” Minaya.

    Now Sandy’s farm isn’t bare, but it’s not very deep and full of kids at the top who need a ton more experience.

  5. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    USMF … Alderson is already on record that he has to cut payroll … Reyes will never fit into a budget now or ever.. so why risk him getting hurt during the season and get nothing? risky play .. no doubt Reyes stats and when he is on the field he is one of the best .. but we are a small budget team now .. trade him for prospects now !!

    Yes, he will be judged on how well he drafts and evaluates talent - given the mess he inherited - no easy task

  6. CowCrusher Says:

  7. prospect421 Says:

    Perez gets booed loudly when he enters the game and even louder when he leaves the game…..Don’t they know the rest of the team on the field gets demoralized when this happens…..Come on Mets front office ….WISEN UP!!!!!!

  8. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Purely as a fan, don’t get rid of Jose. Can we not keep anybody home grown besides Wright?

  9. katalogz Says:

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