Doc Good-en Route to Celebrity Rehab

It’s official: Dwight will be on Celebrity Rehab. The show is a go and Doc boarded a plane last nite heading to the Pasadena Recovery Center where he will be under the care of Dr Drew for an undetermined amount of time.

If you’re a fan of the show (BMF never misses an episode) you’re familiar with “Sober House”‘the spinoff series where Celebrities get continuing care by living together in a Sober House.

Doc is already committed to do both shows.

Although Dwight has battled cocaine and alcohol in the past he’s attending Celebrity Rehab to address an addiction to Ambien.

If you recall that minor accident in NJ last summer with his son in the car, the issue was that Dwight was under the influence of Ambien.  

I’ve never taken the stuff but it seems to be a fairly potent drug. Just the sort of drug that an addict who battles depression can quickly get addicted to.

I spoke to and texted with Doc while he was on his way and he’s looking forward to the process. But he’s also, understandably, apprehensive about doing the show.

I really hope this experience will help him address the cause of what is hopefully his last dalliance with addiction. Depression is the root issue so Dr Drew needs to get deep enough into Doc’s head to make a difference. 

BMF can truthfully say, Dwight Gooden is the greatest guy. Humble, intelligent, compassionate and incredibly passionate about teaching kids baseball.

He has a lot to offer this world, not to mention Met fans, my wish is that he can realize his destiny.

Good luck Doc - we’re pulling for ya’!

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    HU’s ON FIRST!!!…Got to say it when he singled in the 9th!..He also was on second in the third with a double!

    Got in for free yesterday, I bought and sold tix, but I had to sit in a one hour rain delay. Went to my first 2 park double header this year as I watched the Nats lose to Houston in a night game in Kissemmee.

    Had my GO BIG PELF shirt on as he got shelled in the first inning allowing 3Runs and the fist 4 hitters to get on.

    Duda made it interesting at the end!

    Why can’t we beat the stink’n NATS? We are 0-4 against them and They suck worse them us! I don’t want those doormats to gain any confidence against us and think they are going to beat us out for 4th Place!

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^After posting the above I just had to add this! A new commercial for Visa!

    Tickets to the first game Mets/Nats free!
    Getting an Astro’s hat at the 2nd game free!
    Watching the METS, ASTROS and the NATIONAL 2X in the same day for a day/night doubleheader ….PAINFUL!!!


  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The New York Mets today announced that they have optioned seven players to minor league camp and re-assigned four players to minor league camp.

    Righthanded pitchers Armando Rodriguez, Josh Stinson and Manny Alvarez, infielders Ruben Tejada, Zach Lutz and Jordany Valdespin along with outfielder Fernando Martinez were optioned to minor league camp.

    Righthanded pitchers John Lujan and Tobi Stoner, catcher Kai Gronauer and outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis were re-assigned to minor league camp.

  4. Charlie Sheen Says:

    Doc I admire your passion for drugs - never quit, failure is not an option!!!! WINNING!

  5. The Coop Says:

    Old School BMFers (I’m looking at YOU: MtMF, Irish Mike, FGMF, Duderino among others…oh yeah and BMF himself!), let’s have a Blondie’s outing for road opener Friday April 1st. This aint no April Fool’s Joke…let’s get the ball rolling. My hubby and I are in…who else is?

  6. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I’m down .. as the kids say (the kids still say that right? doah!)

    Doc on TV? Who’s next? Charlie Samuels !!!

    BMF - Go Cuse!

  7. USMF Says:

    Wait Coop, no love for me??? I’m hurt…yeah, I know there’s no chance I’d make the trip but still…*sniffle*

    And when did you get a Hubby?!? There goes my plans of leaving my wife and marring you on where home plate at Shea was…I hope this “hubby” of yours meets our approval.

    I hope Doc gets better…but I never watched Celeb Rehab before and I don’t ever plan on doing it again…Reality TV typically sucks and not worth my time.

    Is it just me, or has Thole been on fire lately?

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Coop, it’s already in my calendar!

  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Boys lets talk about a real road trip next year!

    How about a Spring Training weekend in PSL?

  10. CowCrusher Says:

    Dang! I too am bummed about some lucky guy stealing the Coop away :-(
    And I don’t even have a wife to leave ;-)
    Oh well….later this week I will be on left coast of Fla and hopefully catch the Mets play and beatvtwo of the spankees nightmare teams, the Twinkies and the Bosox.
    Hopefully good weather will be there too!

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:


    For your sake I hope the Mets bring some players since they are doing an overnight stay there. The Yankess were in Melborne and LOST yesterday. They brought only 2 Players (Cano and Martin).

    Went to todays game and the Mets looked like world beaters.

  12. The Coop Says:

    USMF, don’t fret. I still heart-with-an-arrow you! And don’t forget it! My husband will just have to understand when we carry on a torrid affair! My hubby is also a Mets blogger…we met on Metsmerized Online :D . Wish everyone (including my fave ignorant slut Jake!) would be able to make the first Blondie’s outing of the year.

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