Sure Enough Beltran Hits “Spring DL”

After just 1 spring game Carlos Beltran has been Spring DL’d for 4-5 days due to a “little tendinitis”.

Raise your hand if you find this incredibly alarming — yup me too. 

What are the odds that Beltran’s knee actually gets to a place where it’s healthy enough to play without pain? 

Pretty Friggin’ Slim!

Once again I stand by my observation about Beltran punting CF. The guy wouldn’t have given up his position unless he knew he was going to be hobbled all season. 


Perez surrendered 3R in 3IP but did manage to touch 89 on the gun. I guess we should be encouraged by improved mph but I gotta believe it’s only a matter of time before Perez gets his walking papers.

There’s an Alderson, Collins, Warthen meeting to discuss Ollie’s future so hopefully we’ll all be put if out our misery sooner than later…   


Shout out to Rick “The Jacket” Peterson for telling it like it is about the Met “collapse” in ‘07. 

Peterson sez it wasn’t a collapse at all - instead it was a complete lack of depth that prevented them from recovering from the losses of Pedro, El Duque and Billy Wags. 

He’s 100% correct and you realize as much when he reminds us the replacement players were essentially Brian Lawrence, Dave Williams and Jorge Sosa. 

Wow - those guys are so forgettable I couldn’t have given you one of their names if there was a gun to my head.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Losing 3 in a row to the Nationals?…Losing two games to the National and Astros in the same day?…priceless

    Doesn’t give me much confidence for the big race in Sept for the “Battle of the Basement”!

    Heading to PSL for the Astro game and the Mets come to Melbourne on Thursday. Hopefully we can will one of those.

    I was only kidding about us being “Pittsburgh Pirates East”

    Yeah I know its only Spring Training but it sure would be nice to start getting a bit of a winning attitude going!

    You heard it here First Ollie gets cut on Monday, March 14th!

  2. cleonjones Says:

    Cut Ollie and Castro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now Beltran is hurting- AGAIN !!! This is a bad dream !!!! But, I still LOVE my METS !!! :)

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    To ProfessorReyes: I stand by my observation that since Beltran has one foot out the door and the other one on the trainers table, that the only thing he cares about is NEXT year and where his next big fat contract will be coming from since its not coming from the Mets (Debts).

    Of course he would like to play well this year. I bet he wishes the NL had a DH!

    ^cleonjones: You think this is a bad dream? Wait till the real season starts! March 14th is cut day!

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    Beltran may have to consider retirement. Don’t see how he can run out there every day with arthritic knees…arthritis doesn’t get better, it only gets progressively worse & worse. Serioulsy, if he’s already hobbled after running the bases in one game, how productive does he think he can be? It’s almost kinda sad.

    Here’s hoping Murphy is officially handed the 2B job and Castillo & Perez are cut soon.

  5. USMF Says:

    Well, Ollie is officially one step closer out the door…Sandy and crew have pulled him from rotation consideration.

    They say he’ll get two chances in relief before he’s released…I personally don’t think his release is locked in yet. The guy has shown he can get LH hitters out…but last year LH hitters had a .411OBP against him, that’s not the type of production you’d like to see from you’re LOGGY.

    The only thing Ollie has in his favor is that the Mets don’t have a whole lot when it comes to LH relief pitchers.

    Realistically, we got Pat Misch and Tim Byrdak in the mix…I’m no fan of Misch (he can’t keep lefties off the base paths) and Byrdak isn’t all that great. But both these guy’s are better than Ollie.

    I almost feel sorry for Ollie; it must suck having everyone hating you and people reporting that you’re gonna get fired soon and you have ZERO chance of making a MLB roster. Too bad he didn’t accept the Minor league assignment last year…at least people might feel a little bad for him.

    BTW…I’d take Izzy in the pen over Pat Misch and Manny Acosta any day.

  6. Met_Maven Says:

    I actually do feel bad for Ollie. Granted I do want him cut and this is all on him, but to have to live through the public bashing and knowing that you’re going to be cut at a moments notice has to be one of the worse feelings you can have. Then again, cut or not, he’s still making $12 million. I can’t feel sorry for that. Maybe getting cut will help him. I just hope whatever the final decision is on OP, it comes soon. Its too much drama for a drama filled club.

    As for LosB, I’d expect him to play half the season, who knows how he’ll be come April or May. Hopefully better. I’m sure that in the walk year of his contract he’ll try as hard as he can to get healthy, play good and beef up his stats. He wants to play, and wants to sign another big contract. I’m sure he’ll be a little gimpy for a while, but unless he needs surgery (ok that’s almost guaranteed at this point, I’m just trying to think positive) I can see LosB getting back to good form and playing well enough to get traded to the AL where he can finish his career as a DH or simply getting traded and getting us some decent prospects in return.

    23 Days till Opening Day!


  7. DjMMStan Says:

    That other guy is Phil Humber, I think he was included in that trade to the twins for Santana.

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Today’s game was decent, at least. Manny Acosta looked super sharp. And some nice power hitting! I’ll take what I can get for the time being…

  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^Fort Greene Met Fan: Agree with yo. This was the first time the Mets actually looked in control and looked like the better team in awhile (Yes it was the Astros and we are due).

    I just want this team to hustle and play the game hard.

  10. John In Athens Says:

    I am so ready to move on from Beltran.

    He earned three years of a seven year contract.

    I look forward to what Sandy Alderson does with the money the Mets won’t be paying Castillo, Perez, and Beltran (and Reyes?) in 2012.

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