Izzy Finally Coming Home? 

The best part of Monday’s loss to the Tigers was watching one time Met super prospect Jason Isringhausen toss an effortless inning of scoreless ball. 

It’s great to see a member of the much bally-hooed and much maligned Generation K finally come home to roost. 

Izzy hasn’t made the team yet but he’s taken a quantum leap back towards the big leagues after being sidelined since June of ‘09 with Tommy John surgery. 

His stuff looked good Monday and his arm healthy which means the 38 year old is quickly moving towards a roster spot. 

BMF for one would love to see him in the pen all year.


Doc Gooden Update

There has been a lot of press announcing the new cast for the next Celebrity Rehab latest but from what I hear it’s all bullshit. 

Gooden was mentioned as a member of the cast but apparently VH1 is yet to even green light the next season. There seems to be some contract negotiations between the network and Dr Drew himself that is holding up the season but until there is a deal in place there will be no new show.

Someone leaked an alledged cast list but no one is admitting to the leak. Sounds like someone is putting information out there in an effort to force VH1’s hand to pay up and green light the next season.

Gotta love show business.

14 Responses to “Izzy Finally Coming Home? ”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Sorry I am not with you on Izzy. He is way to old for a team who is not really playing for anything this year. I would rather see them keep Pedro Beato!

    If we are broke we are going to have to rebuild with young guys and I don’t want to waste a roster spot on a 38 year old for the sake of memories.

    Heading to the park today for a spring preview of whats to come for 2011 “Battle for the Basement” Mets vs Nats…


  2. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    “I don’t worry if people don’t think I can do it,” Perez tells Martin. “All I can do is pitch my best. When I’m on the mound, I don’t think about it being maybe my last start or anything else.”

    No kidding, Ollie. How about thinking about, ya know…PITCHING.

  3. cleonjones Says:

    Cut Ollie and Castro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Met_Maven Says:

    I have to agree with FMFR, if we were a playoff team, this would be a nice feel good story to add on. Sadly, we are trying to rebuild and the best way to do that is with youth, not a pitcher who has thrice gone through Tommy John surgery. Not that I don’t want Izzy to make the team, but I’m sure there are other players we should be looking at to help us in the long term.

    Also, and I know this is petty, but I’m still a little bitter at the fact that Izzy lead the Cards in their mock “Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose” chant after they won game 7 back in ‘06 on our turf. Not that that means anything, but it still kinda irks me a tad.

    Anyway, I’m more looking forward to OP bombing today and getting his unconditional release… What? What’s this I see in the paper? Collins says if OP doesn’t crack the rotation he can still serve in the pen as a situational lefty and he doesn’t want to go back on his word. *sigh* What situation would that be? We’re winning and we want to lose? I’m sure if OP does bomb big enough the buss back to PSL will leave without him.

    Whatever happens, I’m psyched to get this season started, just got some sweet ass tixx to opening day! The season can’t get here fast enough.


  5. CowCrusher Says:

    @ FMFR
    Are you guys planning to come over to the “LEFT COAST” of FLA for the Mets vs. Twinkies/Bosox on 3/16 and /17?

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I’d love to see Izzy make the team. I don’t see any down side to it. Either he can do the job or he can’t– their not going to give it to him for the “sentimental value” of it.

    Beltran needs 4-5 days off already for tendinitis: not looking like he’s quite ready, is it? What’s the backup plan? Is it F-Mart?

  7. USMF Says:

    Anyone else happy that Ollie bombed out today?

  8. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    I’m for Izzy coming back. This might be a really rough season, a little nostalgia might not be such a bad thing. Of course you can look at it as just another reminder of all the things that are supposed to go right for this team, but never do.

    Was it Izzy who led the mock “Jose” chant? I thought it was Looper? Doesn’t really matter now. They won, to the victor goes the spoils (and the right to mock chants).It did rub me the wrong way at the time, but the way to avoid being mocked is to win game 7.

  9. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    @ USMF - yes. They should just cut him today.

  10. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I’d like to think he’s got titanium arm now after the surgery. Irregardless he’s looking more and more like he’s slotted in so I guess we’ll soon see.
    If he’d been on the Mets mock chanting some other guy lots of fans would have loved it I’m sure.

    David’s arms are looking popeyeish, what’s the deal?? Need to stay limber, David!

  11. IrishMike Says:

    My new favorite prospect is Cory Vaughn. Greg Vaughn’s kid just had his first AB with the big club (wearing #96, gotta love spring training) and before Burkhart and Darling could finish salivating over him he jacked one out. Carlos who?

  12. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Our Mets lost 2 games today!…Looks like they are in mid season form.

    Heading back to PSL tomorow for some more pain!…Nice!

  13. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    @CowCrusher: I wont be coming over I have family in town who actually want to see the Mets in PSL!

    I went to the Red Sox game Sun. and they only brought 1 starter to PSL. I hope the Mets don’t return the favor for your sake!

    I’ve already been to seven game and am going to the next two. How much pain can one person take?


  14. CowCrusher Says:

    Do both the Bosox and Met fans at least do the “yankees s^ck!” together in two part harmony and high five each other at PSL?
    Somebody started it at Ft. Myers last year …it was like music to everyone’s ears ;)
    St .Patty’s Day, Bosox and Mets in Fla…ahhhhhh…and Mookie is Back! Can’t wait!

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