Mex is Back

Its not Met season until we see Keith Hernandez behind the mic. Ralph Kiner stopped by too which meant the announcing booth was in mid season form.

Ya gotta love spring baseball on SNY. There’s a lot the NY Mets do wrong but I give them props for numerous early spring broadcasts.

Couple thoughts from Thurs game:

• Perez looked respectable not walking a batter or allowing a run in 2IP. Word is he was close to being released before his start so it’ll be fascinating to see what happens next. I betcha there were many w/in organization rooting for him to get bombed so they could just cut him already.

• Ike Davis (2-2 Dbl, RBI) is getting crazy hype from Collins who predicts ‘a huge year,’ and sez he’s on his way to being ‘one of the best players in the league.’ I love it and I believe the exact same thing but it’s a lot of pressure to pile on the kid. I’m just sayin’…

• BMF’s favorite Met prospect Jenrry Mejia looked good but not dominant (0ER 1H 1K 2IP) You can’t expect lights out every outing plus his Mom is in need of surgery back in the DR so that’s gotta be on his mind too…

• K-Rod posted a scoreless inning. Best way to win back fans is pitch well.

• Really looking forward to watching Chris Young pitch

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  1. Rustyjr Says:

    Love the site Eli - I gave you a shout out in my column yesterday

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    OLLIE’S BACK!!!…Are you kidding me? Did you see that team of misfits the Cardinals put on the field? Matt Holiday and the 8 rejects. I could have pitched two scorless innings against that with a beer in my hand from the Tiki Bar and not spill a drop!

    Its a conspiracy so that he makes the team and they save a few bucks…Go Ollie!…His next start will be against the “Blind Sisters of the Poor” no doubt…or even worse the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    Ike is flying under the radar with all the crap going on which is a good thing. He really looks comfortable and loose this year, which is nice.

    K-Rod pitched early in the game so they are getting him used to coming in early so that he does not meet his 55 game closing performance.

    Now that is a strategy and cost savings move that I can get behind! Watching K-rod warm up in the second inning “warms my heart”!

    The Marlins want $15 for a berm seat (cheapest ticket) to go see them at home today against the Mets…They are not worth 15 cents to watch!..I can go to see them for ral on opening day for $10.

    Nextr game I’m at is the BO SOX!


  3. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

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