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Now, That’s How to Win a Ball Game

By Joe Short

 Fresh off the back of a series defeat in Los Angeles, the Mets needed a win Thursday night to prove to us all that this team has the backbone to make the playoffs this season. Three defeats on the road is tough to take but even tougher when your NL Wildcard rival is sauntering past last year’s champions.

But let’s forget about the Nationals and concentrate on ourselves, for Thursday’s 4-1 win over the Padres could greatly affect the MLB betting odds for where we finish this season. Not only did the win stop a three-game rut but it also opens up our weekend series with San Antonio that could put a shine on this 11-day tour of the west.

What we saw on Thursday was a team determined to grind out a result, and that is what we all need right now. The man who stepped up was Zack Wheeler, who fanned a career high 12 in six innings. Where on earth that came from no one knows, but the 5-2 pitcher will be given more responsibility now he’s proven his arm.

Juan Lagares also proved his arm in centre field as he threw maybe the most important play of the game, reaching John Buck’s glove at the home plate in the bottom of the fifth – a split second before Tyson Ross could dive in. With a display of pitching and fielding excellence not seen in the Mets defense for some time, it was down to the offense to prove their worth.

Marlon Byrd was the man to provide it and punters can thank their luck his eighth-inning hit to right field sailed inches over a San Diego glove. Fans betting MLB World Series shouldn’t be too surprised with Byrd’s two-run hit to second base. The 35-year-old averaged two hits a game against the Dodgers and homered Wednesday night, so was a good price to earn the Mets a run or two Thursday. The problem now is that Byrd, Lagares and Wheeler – in fact, the entire team – must use this victory to get close to Washington by the end of next week.

On paper, the NL East looks a foregone conclusion because of Atlanta’s surge, yet second place is there to play for if the Mets can string together series wins. A three-game showdown at Nationals Park is scheduled for the turn of the month and we’ve got to be ready to fight for the Wildcard place.

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  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Never thought I’d say this, but we need you, Heath. BMF’s now given over the site to gamblers from across the pond.

  2. foxster Says:

    yesterday’s loss to the Braves should never have happened. granted a poor call by the first base umpire extended the 10th inning and led to the loss, however the Mets blew a golden opportunity in the bottom of the 9th, and indeed could not plate more then a single run in ten full innings, wasting a stellar performance by Jon Niese. it seems to be habit with the Mets, wasting fine pitching when run scoring stays at a bare minimum. frustrating isn’t it?

  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: yes, it’s frustrating, but that call was still a killer.

  4. foxster Says:

    there’s no doubt that the quality of the umpires has really sagged, strike zones can vary umpire to umpire, but also seem to change during the course of a game, on difficult calls, the umps refuse to ask for assistance from other umps. safe/out calls can be really bad. fans watch the game to see the players, not to hold their breath with every call.

    back to yesterday’s loss. that rotten call need not have been made, if the Mets had cashed in at least one of the six (6) runners left in scoring position (including a golden opportunity in the last of the 9th inning) during the course of the game.

    scary moment when Braves Hayward suffered a broken jaw, when hit by a Niese pitch in the 6th inning

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: yes, the Mets have really done a number on Atlanta’s “Days Without Accident/Injury” chart this year, haven’t they? First Hudson, now Heyward.
    Mets don’t have the offense to cash in a lot of opportunities at this point. That’s next in the rebuilding process. Meanwhile, they’re building quite a good pitching staff.

  6. Dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    While the evil empire (Yankees) are creeping towards the wild card it makes me wish that the inter-league games were scheduled during the last three games of the season where it would be one of those situations where the Mets play the Yanks and the Yanks would have to win those games in order to win the wildcard but Mets knock them off the wildcard spot just to piss the Yankee fans off.

  7. foxster Says:

    so Matt Harvey is human after all. he gave up 13 hits in almost seven innings. he had an off day hit wise but only gave up two runs. how did the Mets support him? zilch, no runs it’s the same old Met history. the pitchers do an outstanding job, but receive no support. Seaver and Koosman could tell the same story. I recall Roger Craig, who wasn’t pitching that badly but was en route to a 20 loss season, get me a run. later on he was asking for half a run. you can,t win without scoring some runs.

    the team doesn’t look all that bad for 2014. you have two good young outfielders, Young and Legarges. Byrd will opt for free agency, so a right fielder with some pop in his bat will be needed (Duda?). Wilmer Flores will settle in the infield. will Daniel Murphy be dependable at second? can Ike Davis finally regain the form he displayed when he first came up, or will that ankle injury continue to haunt him? will the bull pen be a strong point? will the “catcher of the future” live up to expectations? will the Mets run like a finely tuned engine, or will there be sputtering and missing like an engine using watered down gas? . will the long suffering Met fans finally be rewarded for their long patience with a team that’s always in a rebuilding phase?

  8. foxster Says:

    “GROAN” another dad blasted “LOST WEEKEND” losing these games is bad enough, but why do we have to look so bad in doing it? you’ll have to excuse me now, i’m returning to my closet, so I can continue screaming for a while!

  9. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    This Matt Harvey news makes me want to cry…

  10. foxster Says:

    This never seems to end, yet another tragedy for the Mets and their long suffering fans. There has to be a very dark cloud hovering over the team.

  11. FL Met Fan Rich Says:

    “Thursday night to prove to us all that this team has the backbone to make the playoffs this season.”

    This team couldn’t make the playoffs this year unless there are 20 MLB team plane crashes, and then we would lose the wild card game!

  12. foxster Says:

    granted that Marlon Byrd most likely would have been a free agent at the end of the season and the thinking was better get something then have him walk away and receive nothing, but the fact remains Byrd has been the Mets most consistent “Big Knocker” all season, just who will take his place ?

  13. AJW Says:

    Amway was one of the sponsors of the Met-Nat game on WPIX, don’t tell me Fred and Jeff are falling for another Ponzi scheme!

  14. foxster Says:

    one loss after another, why not declare this season over and done?

  15. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Because of guys like Dillon Gee, and games like yesterday. Hey, there’s still a lot to like here. Enjoy watching Lagares chase down everything possible out in the outfield. Enjoy watching d’arnaud finding his way around the bigs at the start of what could be a long career. Check out the kid Black that came over from the Pirates. Got blazing stuff. Wheeler, too. Lots to like here, and it should continue to improve. Meanwhile, a few more “gems” by Dice-K and we’ll have that protected draft pick sewn up too. :)

  16. foxster Says:

    another season ending injury. the Mets are under a very dark cloud.

  17. foxster Says:

    there are some positive points about the Mets team, as Mr Dude points out. I’d add A. Young jr and his hustle, as well, however we’re always waiting, waiting for everything to come together and enjoy a winning team. why are the Mets in a never ending “rebuilding phase” while ownership and front office continue to ask the fans to be “patient” patience has a limit.

  18. Fred Wilpon Says:

    “the Mets are under a very dark cloud.”

    Hello, my name is Fred Wilpon and I am your dark cloud.

  19. Fred Wilpon Says:

    By the way, soon after my last post, I learned that the Yankees are close to signing a 10 year deal with WFAN, so, we’ll have to find a new radio station.

    Kind of reminds me of how we let Tidewater/Norfolk go so our AAA guys have to suffer through Vegas, Buffalo, New Orleans, etc.

    All part of my 50 year plan to utterly destroy the NY Mets.

    Now, can someone tell me if WHN (country), WJRZ, and/or WMCA are still around?

  20. foxster Says:

    I just read “Fred Wilpon’s” post and i’d have to say that his 50 year plan to destroy the NY Mets is working very well. the way he’s been working at it, it will take far less time then 50 years to complete his destruction plan. he doesn’t have to worry about radio and TV broadcasting, who wants to pay that much attention any longer. WAY TO GO FRED!

  21. Fred Wilpon Says:

    Hey - any of you f**king losers still out here?

    Watch Brian McCann - this is how a MAN and a TEAM that CARES acts…Braves have already clinched but they still care about big league decorum..

    You f**king losers who loved dog REYES so much won’t understand a pro telling a hispanic DOG how to respect the game…

  22. foxster Says:

    Just what did happen? all I saw was McCann blocking off the plate and then all heck broke out. this was baseball? or was it rassling in Madison Square Garden? Hispanic Dog? F**losers? nice choice of words. David Wright was beaned, why not a few words of commiseration for him? i’m glad this season of broken dreams is just about over. will us “losers” have to suffer through 2014, or will there the huge revival, that the front office has promised us losers for far too long?

  23. foxster Says:

    Come on “Dude who used to be Bill” you must have an opinion on the last couple of posts. add something.

    i’m going out to watch the leaves change colors. unlike our Mets, they never disappoint!

  24. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: It’s been a fun season. Lots to look forward to next year. Great group of young arms, plus Lagares and maybe a few of the other kids on offense. Still haven’t given up on Ike, but would let Duda go. Think d’arnaud will be fine. Need a couple of quality FA signings.

  25. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: also, I’ve given up posting on the occasional racist crap that goes up on the site. Anything I say will just prolong it. But I do think it’s reprehensible stuff.

  26. foxster Says:

    dude, o my mind that last post from “Fred Wilpon” is worse that having the losing season we just had. there are some bright spots took forward to like Anthony Young Jr, the 2013 “Stolen Base King”. you have to like his hustle in running every grounder out at full speed. I hope there’s a place for him and Legares on the 2014 roster. I too hope for better things from Ike Davis who always seems to be sidetracked by injuries, just when it looks like his old form is returning.

  27. foxster Says:

    dude, not very well. who knows what future has in store for either the Mets or myself?

  28. AJW Says:

    Congrats to Chipper Jones and his wife who welcomed a new baby girl into the world, the little tyke will be named Great in early August chokes in the first round of the playoffs Jones.

  29. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    foxster: hang in there, buddy. As far as Mets go, if they make the right moves and hang on to most of their young pitchers to boot, it could be a very interesting club next season. Would be nice to see some action on this site as hot stove season kicks off in a few weeks. Meanwhile, we have the playoffs and world series to enjoy without all the agita that comes when your team is involved. How great has Beltran been for the Cards, by the way?
    Stay well, fox.

  30. foxster Says:

    hey Dude, just returned home after an over two week hospitalization. i’m still not up to par. hope i’ll be ready for a more exciting and successful Met season

  31. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: glad to hear you are on the mend. Not too much in the way of “hot stove” just yet, but looks like the Mets are preparing to at least try and improve the team’s offense this offseason. I’m hoping they don’t give up on Ike Davis yet, however, but rather try and sign a couple of outfield bats to flank Lagares next season. Also, I’m hoping that Syndergaard and Mejia are not among the young arms that the Mets are offering around for these bats, as I’d love to see them up with the big club soon.
    Keep getting well.

  32. foxster Says:

    hey, had a relapse. not doing too well. as the Doris Day oldie goes Que Sera, Sera. is there a better way to converse then this 3 way deal?

  33. foxster Says:

    hey Dude: life’s unfair isn’t it?

  34. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: ain’t that the truth, buddy. Hope you’re feeling better. Today the Mets made everyone anxious about a big announcement that Wilpon said was coming up this afternoon. Many fans thought that a free agent signing was imminent. Turns out that Jeffy wanted to announce after game concerts by bands like Huey Lewis and Boys to Men, and a few fireworks nights at Citi. Wow, big announcement. That’ll satisfy us long suffering fans, right?

  35. foxster Says:

    Dude, still having problems/ I think that age is a big factor in bouncing back from any illness, not that I’m terribly old. if you’ll excuse me I have to set off some fireworks so I can listen to my oldies cd’s.

    I recall the last time I was in Ebbets Field. I took my mom to a 1956 Memorial Day doubleheader between the Dodgers and Braves. Phil Foster did an on field comedy routine between games. the next year O’Malley started doing things like playing some games in Jersey City NJ. who could have guessed the Mighty Brooklyn Dodgers would be gone from Brooklyn very soon after.

  36. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: when did fans find out that the team was leaving? I’ve always assumed they knew for a year or more in advance, but it sounds like that might not be true.

  37. Dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    Brian Wilson won’t shave his beard for the Yankees. Maybe Mets should sign him? They will have to pay him a ton of money. What do you guys think?

  38. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Dykstra fan: I don’t think their first priority is going to be to spend fifteen million bucks, or thereabouts, to sign Wilson for three years. It’d be a nice luxury, but I’d rather see them try and sign a couple of corner outfielders and a shortstop first.

  39. foxster Says:

    Dude, I was 16 when the Dodgers finally won a World Series. as I recall rumors were swirling about the need for a new ballpark to replace Ebbets Field. Robert Moses would only consider Queens as a site for the Dodger Stadium, while O’Malley would only consider downtown Brooklyn.
    in 1957, the Dodgers played some games in Jersey City, NJ. Dodger fans were miffed, but only considered this as a ploy to pry loose the Brooklyn site from Moses. I can state for myself that loyal Dodger fan were shocked beyond belief when O’Malley tore the heart out of Brooklyn and moved the team to the West Coast, taking the NY Giants with him and leaving NYC without a National League team. HBO had a fine film about this tragedy called the Ghosts of Flatbush. if you could find it on DVD , the whole story is laid out.

  40. foxster Says:

    Dude, Re Ghosts of Flatbush, you can find full information and viewer reviews at the IMDB website ( (?). sadly no dvd release. film first aired 2009.

  41. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Foxster: looks like I might be able to watch it in pieces on Youtube on the computer. Maybe I’ll check on HBO and see if they have it. Nowadays when a team leaves there is usually a two or more year time between when the announcement is made and the team actually pulls up stakes. This sounds like it was only a few months notice.

  42. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: I’m curious. Did that make you into an immediate Mets fan in 62, or did it take a bit longer?

  43. foxster Says:

    Dude, after the big betrayal that ripped the heart out of a unique culture called Brooklyn, I completely lost interest in base ball for many years.

    The Mets sprung to life while I was overseas during my army service (1961-63), however upon my return in 1963, I barely took any interest in Baseball until Gil Hodges became the Mets Manager. it was that link to the past that rekindled my interest in base ball.

    in 1969, the Seaver Imperfect Game and the Black Cat forecast that really sealed the deal. I became as rabid a Mets Fan as I was a Dodger. however, this has been a relationship filled with a lot of frustration and pain and too few moments of joy. no matter what though, it’s proved unshakeable disappointments or not.

    Dude, this a very ponderous method of communication. would you like to trade e-mail addresses?

  44. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    fox: ponderous, yes. But I don’t really like posting my email address online. Also, we’re the only ones keeping this site going at the moment :) With any luck we can keep it up until Adam decides to reboot, or until Heath posts another video ;)

  45. foxster Says:

    Dude, I understand your reticence in posting your email addy, as I am of the same mind, but I do wonder how long this site will stumble along before fading from view. if that happens ………
    personally i’d like to continue our conversations.

    the Ghosts of Flatbush might be on HBO-GO, but it isn’t listed as a current documentary. iof you find it on U-Tube, let me know. I know the story is covered in the book BUMS, an oral history of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the book was written by the same author who did AMAZING. an oral history of the NY Mets

    it’s taking me a very long time to snap back from
    this last health problem. I don’t seem to have a lot of energy. I hope to get out to one of my daughters for Thanksgiving. we’ll see what we’ll see next week. have a good Thanksgiving Holiday yourself

  46. foxster Says:

    DUDE: things not going well at all. have to hope for the best case, but who knows what future holds.

  47. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: hang in there, buddy. Hope you have a safe and restful thanksgiving.
    Not impressed with this Chris Young signing. It’s hardly what most Mets fans were thinking of when the club promised to bolster the outfield. Is he better than what they had: yes. but still, it’s a relatively minor acquisition.

  48. foxster Says:

    Dude: same Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours.

    I agree this signing is not what Met Fans can call major. we keep waiting for news that might make a difference in the team, but so far ……………..!

    Be well Buddy!

  49. foxster Says:

    The DamnYankees cast their net with mega-bucks as the lure and seem to obtain any free agent they may covet. on the other hand, The Mets may also use greenbacks as a lure, but do not get the first line players that may make some difference for them. the obvious conclusion is that no one really wants to play for the Mets.

    hope you had a great Thanksgiving Dude!

  50. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Outfield suddenly looking better with the Granderson signing. If Chris Young can have a bounce back year, and Lagares can catch everything in sight, it could be pretty good!

  51. foxster Says:

    there was a time when a signing like this would make me optimistic about the upcoming Mets season. somehow it has never really worked out. once a player has come to the Mets, there has been a fall off in his performance or he’s hit with a series of injuries. I surely would love to see another season like 1986, but who knows? like all Met fans, I hope for the best but have to accept what comes.

    Stay well Dude!

  52. foxster Says:

    has anyone noticed that the DamnYankees after making several big time free agent signings are still whining about losing Cano to another team and making broad hints about his being “disloyal” to the Bronx pinstripes of the for daring to sign with another team. come to think about it, that’s always been the DamnYankee outlook. they grab as many free agents as they can and then whine about the “ones that got away.

  53. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: what do you think of the Colon signing? And how about their trying to move Ike? I wish they would give Ike another try, frankly.

  54. foxster Says:

    re Colon, big money for a 42 year old? is he capable? I recall Hoyt Whilhelm, knuckle balling when he was in his 50s. i’m only in my low 70s, do you think I could pitch for the Mets? I wouldn’t need a huge contract.

    re Ike, i’d be sorry to see him go. he began so well but that ankle injury sustained in a collision with David Wright, really derailed him. he was never the same after that. a change of scenery would probably help him. I can just imagine him coming back to haunt the Mets.

  55. foxster Says:

    according to today’s Newark Star Ledger, the Brewers, Rays, Astros and Pirates are interested in obtaining Ike Davis, pending proper trade bait. my question would be, If Davis can generate so much interest, why are the Mets looking to move him? he fields his position very well, wouldn’t some intense coaching help his hitting?

    NJ is expecting major snow over the next couple of days, not my favorite type of weather

  56. foxster Says:

    Hey Dude, you snowed in? a word or two or better three, would be appreciated! stay warm and dry!

  57. foxster Says:

    CASE IN POINT-CARLOS BELTRN: after a fairly successful run, the Mets citing knee problems, declined to resign him. Beltran then signed a lucrative contact with the St Louis Cardinals. he went to two All Star seasons and helped the Cards in the post season twice.

    this year, based on his value to the Cardinals, the DamnYankees signed Beltran to an even more lucrative multiyear contract.

    my question is this, don’t the Mets have any system of evaluation on their players? either they give up way too soon OR offer huge deals to players who don’t deserve the big bucks, think Jolly Ollie Perez.

    somehow, the Mets are always in a rebuilding phase, asking their fans for patience because better times are just around the corner. these better times never seem to arrive. higher costs to their fans at the Citi certainly do, but little else!

  58. foxster Says:

    on this first day of winter, something to really warm
    the hearts of Met Fans, everywhere: HEADLINE IN THE SPORTS SECTION, NEWARK STAR LEDGER

    AT LAST, BELTRAN WILL PLAY FOR THE TEAM HE ALWAYS LOVED. I think this bears out something I’ve always thought, while these “star players” are happy to take all kinds of money from the Mets, they really DONT want to play for the Mets, the DamnYankees are their ultimate goal. so to Met fans everywhere, draw your own conclusions about the Met’s constant rebuilding. the players they sign are just going through the motions, marking time until they can end up with teams they “really love” (think Tom Glavine for example, as well as Beltran} Bah Humbug!!!!!

  59. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    foxster: happy holidays to you and yours. I saw no evidence that beltran was unhappy as a met during his time here. For my money, he was, hands down, the best Mets center fielder ever, and worth every penny he was paid. That being said, I’m not sorry for the trade: they got a pretty good return in Zach Wheeler, who is going to mean more to the Mets as they move forward, than an aging Beltran could.
    I’m bummed that the Mets seem hell bent on moving Ike Davis out, even if they only wind up with slim returns. I think it just shows you how limited their budget is for next year, in that they HAVE to clear a few bucks just to be able to make another move, like going after Stephen Drew or someone else to play short. I’d much rather move Duda than Davis.

  60. foxster Says:

    Dude, the same New Year Wishes to you and all the dudes at home.

    while Beltran was a fine centerfield while a Met, his quotes in that Newark Star Ledger article, did indicate that he was not very happy during his tenure as a NY Met, and now he was very pleased to join a team he always loved, the DamnYankees.

    I fully agree that the Mets look damn foolish in their efforts in attempting to move Ike Davis at any cost. however, the Mets have a long history in looking foolish in their player moves going way way back with the Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi deal. can you ever forget the feeding frenzy while “dumping” their best player Mr Seaver?. this “foolish list” seems ending, I bet you can add some notable additions as well. like you, I hope Ike Davis will remain a Met. only time will tell.

    that said, sad to say major health issues have again reared its ugly head. this hasn’t been a good period for me. i wish i had “Harry Potter to wave his wand at me and make me “all better”. it’s a bunch of “little things” making a bad whole. take good care of yourself Dude. Good health is your biggest asset.

  61. foxster Says:

    Dude, is you in hibernation or just waiting for ground hog day? I hope all is well. I see small articles regarding the Mets, but all the hype goes to the DamnYankees, as usual. of course, the DamnYankees continue to attempt to sign every player that can hold a pen. and when they can’t sign him, whine that they’ve been cheated, like the ARod situation. the guy’s been literally caught with a dripping hypo, but he complains that he’s been given a raw deal.

    oh well, soon everyone’s in Florida playing in the warm weather and we’re gearing up for another hopeful season. as Met fans, all can do is hope for better times. which is par for the course. I must continue to hope for a winning season with better health times for me. stay well Dude and all the other dudes at home

  62. Dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    Happy 2014 everyone. First of all I hate to bring up Yankee drama but the Yankees recently signed Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka for 7 year 155 million dollar deal. Imagine the amount of pressure and expectations the poor kid is on. I have no idea if the Mets were ever interested in him. He would have been just as better off with a 7 year contract with the Mets for just a 20 million dollar deal.

  63. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: hey, yeah, guess I’ve been hibernating. Heard the big news the other day, however. Seems the Mets have signed “Huey Lewis and the News” to perform after the Marlins game on July 12th. Wow! Pretty exciting, especially when you couple it with the announcement of the the new minor league deal for Omar Quintanilla. Figure between those two announcements they sort of trump the Yankee signing of some kid from Japan that no one’s ever seen pitch. :) What, you say he was 24-0 last season in Japan? Groan. It must be incredible to have 155 million lying around to sign this kid. Mets, on the other hand, are lucky to have 155 dollars lying about for some new baseballs. Still, I do like the Granderson signing, and even the Young signing somewhat. I like that the Long Beach kid, Lannan, has signed a minor league deal. He’s a local kid, from my neck of the woods, Long Beach, and he’s a ground baller which should play well in Citi.
    I’m very happy that Ike is still on the club: still hoping this is the year that he can put it all together.
    Think the bullpen looks real good with Parnell and Vic Black amongst others. Bartolo Colon is a real pro and should anchor a good staff. Mejia has huge upside, Syndergaard supposed to develop into something special, love to watch Lagares in the outfield, we still have our homegrown star in David Wright. Still wouldn’t be surprised to see them sign Stephen Drew before Spring Training is over. Overall, it could be a lot worse. If all goes well, they could contend for a wild card, and hey, ya never know…
    Good to hear from ya!

    Dykstra fan:Not sure I understand your point about Tanaka. How would he have been better off?

  64. foxster Says:

    I’m glad that Ike Davis is still around also, but with the way The Mets were trying to move him during the winter, how long will he stay a Met? I’d be sorry to see him go and then revive his potential somewhere else. Injuries has been his main problem, along with the post injury ReHab. snapping back from an injury is never easy. My son had a HS Buddy who was working his way through the Cardinal system as a catcher, but multiple injuries did his career in. way back when, the Baseball players had a strike and this buddy was a “replacement player” for of all teams, the DamnYankees.

  65. Dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    foxster: when I said better off I actually meant to say just as good with a alot lower salary and without the burden of the Yankees putting him on a pedestal combined with mountains of expectations with a gigantic 155 million dollar contract. He pitched 24-0 in Japan so the Yanks would expect him to be a 20 game winner his first MLB year.

  66. foxster Says:

    TO ALL AND SUNDRY: whenever I mention the DamnYankess, I am referring to the way they attempt to scoop up every player they can, a practice that for me at least goes back to the 1950s and probably goes back even longer. I grew up a Brooklyn Dodger fan in a neighborhood (Chelsea, Manhattan), where it was down right dangerous to be other then a DamnYankee fan. of course the reward for all our loyal support was OMalley ripping the hearts from all true Dodger fans and destroying the Borough of Brooklyn from an emotional viewpoint.. even today, all I seem to see in the Newark Star Ledger Sports Section are
    stories about the DamnYankess, while the Mets are complete ignored

  67. foxster Says:


  68. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    “Going, going, gone, goodbye…” R.I.P, Ralph–you will be missed.

  69. foxster Says:

    Signs Spring ? The Newark Star Ledger actually had two (2) articles about the NY Mets in their sports section. Of course, these two article cannot compare with the almost daily DamnYankee articles, but hopefully it’s a start. All I can say is that for Met fans “Hope springs eternal” and LET”S GO METS!

    now if we can only get rid of this rotten snow. My Gosh, we seem to have a major snow fall on an almost daily basis. it’s very depressing, to say the least. maybe by June, it might be gone

  70. foxster Says:

    Would someone please enlighten me,

    Who is ADAM SALAZAR?

  71. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: for real? You don’t know who Adam is?
    He’s the one, the only, BMF himself (or he used to be :)

  72. foxster Says:

    Dude: I’m not feeling too well again. My doctors messed around with my blood pressure med dosage, and the result was it made me ill. I was having problems with my balance. this led to several falls in my home and I’m still having problems. I’m lucky if I know who I am. hopefully, I’ll be feeling better sooner, then later.

  73. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: sorry to hear you’ve been feeling unwell. Hope you’re better soon. Spring Training games start the end of the week– the club looks like it could be improved from last year, both in the outfield and on the mound. Should be fun.

  74. foxster Says:

    the first televised spring training game is tomorrow (Friday) on Sports Channel against the Washington Nationals. it is an afternoon game and will be repeated that evening. Spring training games are kind of loosely run affairs at best and offer only a taste of what can be.

    as for feeling better, the last five months have not been too good, I hope it’s no indicator of what’s ahead

  75. Buck Says:

    What is the future of this website? I preferred the site a couple of years ago as opposed to the attempt to keep it going last year in the different format (no offense intended to those who contributed). Is there an alternate site that anyone knows about that Mets fans just simply discuss the team everyday??

  76. foxster Says:

    Spring Training games can be pretty meaning less, due to player changes during the game by both teams involved, however so far, the Mets have looked pretty anemic when it comes to run production. this is not something you’d wish to continue into the regular season, but scoring runs has never been one of the Met strong points and this must be improved on, or we face another frustrating season, where again we’ll be asked to have patience.

  77. foxster Says:

    outside of yesterday, where the Mets+ score

  78. foxster Says:

    doesn’t anyone on this “thriving website” care to comment on the upcoming Met season? for instance: I read somewhere today that the Met GM is once again shopping Ike Davis around? isn’t the fate of Mr Davis worth a word or two? I for one would be sorry to see him go, unless the return for his services would be something spectacular. am I the only one or does Ike have other vocal supporters? come on Dude, get your two cents in also!

  79. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Who is going to buy Ike Davis at the moment? Hard to sell an injured player. I like Ike, as you know, but he’s probably running out of time with the club. I would not be shocked if they dropped him in Spring training (unless that deadline has passed) just to save themselves some cash. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  80. foxster Says:

    when Ike showed up on the Mets ML scene, he really impressed me with his ability with the glove, making catches on infield flies that looked impossible. he was fearless the way he dived into the stands after the ball. his hitting looked great as well, with many extra hits coming off his potent bat. maybe that fearlessness took its toll. I never say Pistol Pete Reiser play, but those injuires began to pile up. Bobby Valentine had a similar run of serious injuries. I’d really be sad to see Ike go. but it does look as if he’s done as a Met. Maybe there’ll be a a way to get him back into form, but baseball today is very unforgiving, it’s what have you done for the team lately. let’s hope e for the best where Mr Davis is concerned.

  81. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: watch out: Ike is hitting in Spring Training now!! Let’s hope it continues.

  82. foxster Says:

    I would be very happy and pleased if IKE could revert to the promise and performance he displayed when he first came onto the Met scene.

    he then seemed to come into a long string of injuries, which seemed to take forever to heal. maybe his troubles increased because he couldn’t get his head around what seemed to be almost as if Zeus was hurling thunderbolts at him.

    let’s keep our fingers crossed that all the Met’s walking wounded make a return. I’d really like to see another championship team in Queens. 1986 was a long time ago

  83. Buck Says:

    Let’s Go Mets!!

  84. Sickening. Says:

    Only one game but I am sick already. In life you often get what you pay for…our I think this is the case with our bull pen.

  85. foxster Says:

    I have come to the irrefutable conclusion that I simply cannot watch the Mets without it making me very ill. at my advanced years, my overall health will no longer tolerate watching this team. I hope they’ll win some games, but watching them is out for me.

  86. A Phanatic Says:

    Sixers Win, Phillies Win!

  87. foxster Says:

    There once was a comic strip called Lil Abner by Al Capp. this strip featured a character who walked about with a thunder storm breaking around his head. Woe betide anyone who came near him, because this storm would quickly attach itself to the poor luckless boob and cause grievous harm to him.

    This harbinger of ill luck must have a season pass to all Met games. yesterday he was seen having conversation with Bobby Parnell, who was lost last season due to herniated discs in his neck. Parnell was handed the ball and asked to display his ability to slam the door shut in the 9th inning. the storm broke and he promptly blew the save opportunity. Today we learn that he has a muscle tear in the elbow of his pitching arm and again will be lost to the team. This parade of injury never seems to end. you have to wonder just who will be next. The Met’s logo is going to be changed to a pair of crossed on a field of Ace Bandages.

  88. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxy: hey, I remember that dude, Joe Btfsplk, was his name. Yeah, I hear ya, man. I hear ya. Gotta lot of arms out there to take up the slack. Loved Vic Black last year, let’s hope he will come back soon. German, Familia, maybe even Montero– who knows. For now it’s Valverde and we’ll have to wait and see. Idon’t think the Mets are going to give up after one day– if none of these guys fit the bill, they’ll make a trade for someone, or sign someone who will. Look four different teams switched closers yesterday. Ridiculous– even Frankie Rodriguez got his gig back. gotta love it.
    I know what you mean about the agita of watching the team lose games like yesterday, but hell, I just take another tums and walk it off. Even as brutal as yesterday’s bullpen collapse was, it was still great to see Lagares, Wright and Brown come through. Gee was pretty stellar too. And to top it all off we get a visit here at BMF from “A Phanatic” and “Buck” too. Hell, pretty soon it’ll feel like old times. Where are you Blondies Jake? Irish? Coop? Heath?

  89. foxster Says:

    Hey Dude - Walk it off? I’m lucky if I can limp it off. Oh well, the doctor came to see me on Monday and gave me a good report. that was before the game of course. By the time the game was over, I was frothing at the mouth and rolling on the floor in agony. I don’t know if I want to risk another game. one thing about televised games though, if they’re killing you, change the cable box to something else.

    question? on those E-mails we’ve been getting, I’m foxwood, of course. are you mentioned also? if so, what is your nom de e-mail? I promise not to share the info with anyone.

  90. foxster Says:

    Dude, you can contact me at the foxwood9 email address. a line of communication can be established between us.

  91. foxster Says:

    Oh Purple Phooey, it seems as every day there’s another injury, another player lost for who knows how long. maybe the team name should be changed to the “NY Walking Wounded” and home games played at an area hospital. that way the Mets could eliminate the middleman

  92. Joe mets fab Says:

    It is mind blowing that Ike, Duda and Ruben are still on this team. I believe in giving guys a chance but year after year of underperforming…let’s move on from these guys. Please.

  93. So tire of being bad. Says:

    So we have a small payrol. And we cannot win a freaking game. This organization keeps waiting for a better future…but never seems to make any real changes. We have a suspect 1st baseman, suspect bullpen , suspect short stop, suspect closer…what the hell does management think is going to happen? There is a bit of luck involved in winning baseball games but you need to be fundamentally sound. This team is not…therefore will continue to disappoint. I am sick and tired of waiting!!!!!!

  94. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Foxy: hope that for your health you’re NOT watching today (game 3). Good grief….
    Perhaps a bit early to panic, but there has to be some serious concern about the pen.

  95. Dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    OK guys I know this is off topic after the frustration of us Mets fans enduring back to back loses. Apparently Lenny Dykstra is suing LA County Sheriffs for alleged prison beating. I randomly came across the articles when I seen Lenny’s name in Yahoo trending now top 5 and clicked on it. What do u guys think about the recent Lenny news?

  96. foxster Says:

    There was a small victory, of sorts, during yesterdays game debacle. At least no one new was added to the NY Met’s disabled list.

  97. foxster Says:

    re Dykstra fan. It is my contention that all “true Met fans” should join in a “class action suit” naming the NY METS organization for putting a substandard Baseball team on the field and making all True Met Fans ill. it appears that my idea that being a True Met Fan is akin to hitting yourself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when you stop is proven again and again. and again.

  98. foxster Says:

    Another piece of positive news: In the reeling Newark Star Ledger Sports pages; My 15 year old granddaughter Michelle, not only made the Varsity Team at the Morris Hills HS, Field Hockey Team but scored a goal and had two assists in the 9-2 drubbing of Morris Hills over St Elizabeth HS. making her dad Andy, uncle David Blezow, sports editor for the NY Post and Grampa Foxster very proud of her accomplishment. She was given her Letter, MVP, most valuable Posten

  99. foxster Says:

    a note to SO TIRED OF LOSING, not only do the Mets have a smaller payroll, the cannot even afford the second L in the word payroll. I move that anyone who wants to call himself “A Mets Fan” should kick in a buck or two so we can purchase another L. who seconds my motion?

  100. foxster Says:

    My final thought for today. Let’s bring back 1986 so the NY Mets are the terror and buccaneers of ML baseball.

    who can forget the itching staff of Doc, Bigger Sid, Bobby O and Ron Darling? A Team with Keith and HoJo at the corners and anchored by The Kid, withj an outfield of Big D, Lenny D and Maz among others. How did we lose any games? Turn back the Hands of time, at least I have a DVD set of those memorable times.

  101. foxster Says:


  102. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Congrats to foxster’s grandaughter, whatever her name may be :)
    And while I understand about the second “L” in payrol, what about the “P” in pitching? Or was it indeed the “itching staff”?

  103. foxster Says:

    the “hole” team was indeed itching for a win, not only the “itchers’ on the mound. personally I feel that the team, which includes the front office certainly thinks out loud.

    we have another claim to fame in this area. the final chapter to HBO’s The Sopranos had some scenes shot at the gas station (Rt 202 & Rt 10) here in Morris Plains. it was the scene where Phil Leotardo was “hit” and his SUV ended up rolling over his H__D, while onlookers became ill at the sight, sort of like watching a Mets game.

  104. dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    What if 1999 NLCS Mets vs Braves vs 2004 ALCS Yanks vs Sox. Mets came so close to forcing a 7th game vs the Braves. If they did who knows what would’ve happened if there was a game 7. Mets were up by one run in the bottom of the 9th. Chipper Jones had his head down of frustration. Unfortunately Armando Benitez couldn’t close it out and then Kenny Rogers eventually became the blown game scapegoat. Imagine a 7th game and the Mets win the NLCS after being down 3 games. They would of had homefield for the first two games of the WS and maybe win the WS in 7 games dramatic fashion.

  105. dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    If there was a game 7 in the 1999 NLCS Mets vs Braves would Al Leiter have pitched the 7th game?

  106. foxster Says:

    I’m sorry to say that the Met’s history is chock full of “what ifs”

    well anyway, we’re riding a one game win streak!

  107. foxster Says:

    The saddest words of tongue or pen
    are these three words
    “it might have been”

    or being a Mets fan

  108. Dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    Icke Davis!

  109. foxster Says:

    WHOOPSIES: A PINCH HIT WALK OFF GRAND SLAMMER. Can anything get better then that? I think not.

    Not to throw a wet blanket on Ike Davis’s grand accomplishment, what would enthuse me even more, would be wins where the Mets Bull Pen doesn’t collapse and allow the other team to regain the lead and then put the game out of reach for our hero’s.

    Frustrating give back games are too darn hard on my ancient nervous system

  110. foxster Says:

    Re Sunday’s game, I’ve said this previously, but it bears repeating, you’re not going to win many games, if you’re supporting your pitcher with only one run

  111. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    amen to that. Still, leaving for the first road trip at 2-3 is significantly better than one might have thought after the Nats series, so I’m feeling okay for now.
    Gotta score more runs, however, as you point out.

  112. foxster Says:

    hey dude, at least we didn’t lose today. of course we didn’t play a game so that had a lot to do with it.

    not doing too well …… again. the last few days have not gone too well. do me a favor Dude. if you’re getting the Salazar e-mails, use foxwood and get in touch. your addy will be safe w/me.

  113. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: don’t have the salazar emails. they were spam, so deleted. got your earlier foxwood portion, but @ what?

  114. foxster Says:

    Dude, I can be reached at
    The Mets will be meeting Atlanta which will be a big test for them. there once was a time when I would watch every inning of a ball game, now I can’t watch more then a couple of innings. the internet has made it possible to review high points, if any. I have no desire to witness the low points. it’s just a bunch too wearing on me. I keep my fingers crossed instead

  115. Dykstra fan sliding to first Says:

    Mets are not a bad road team. Maybe a change of scenery will penetrate a winning streak.

  116. foxster Says:

    Late last night, I checked out the MLB scores and found that the Mets had shut out the Braves. Well, good for them.

    This morning in reading the Newark Star Ledger Sports Pages, I first discovered that the Orioles had thumped the DamnYankees, my day was off to a good start. In reading further regarding the Mets, I found that Colon the starting pitcher had done a good job for his portion of the Mets game. However, when it came to the final inning, when the Met “closer” had entered the game to slam the door shut, he managed to load the bases and face the tying run at the plate, the final Brave batter launched a 400 ft Drive to center field, and the Met closer Valverde strode for the field the master opf all he surveyed. I’m just glad I didn’t watch the inning

  117. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    foxster: well, if you watched the 9th tonight you would have seen the Mets post up a three spot against Craig Kimbrel. Didn’t win, but it was fun to watch.

  118. foxster Says:

    Too little, too late. The only thing consistent about the Mets is their inconsistency!

  119. Met boy Says:

    Why walk two guys last night in the 11th intentionally?..

  120. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Met Boy: runner on third, one out. Need a double play to have the game continue, most likely. That’s one way of thinking about it, anyway. Esp. since Familia was running on fumes, and so they were unlikely to get any “K”s from him. I don’t understand the idea of leaving Valverde out in the bullpen, however. Ridiculous. If he’s your closer, you should bring him in when the game is on the line, and sometimes like last night, the game is on the line before any “save” opportunity presents itself.

  121. foxster Says:

    sorry to have to say this, but any time Met’s “closer” Valverde strides to the mound, the game situation is in question. West Coast games have always had a confusing effect for me due to the time difference and wife nudging, last night was no exception.

    somewhere about 9:15 pm, I thought I’d check out the score, and was kind of surprised to find the game in the bottom of the 9th inning, with the Mets holding a three run lead. there were two out, so only one to go. Despite a growing discomfort in my internal workings, I thought I’d watch the final out of the game. I think my tummy was trying to warn me of impending disaster. Valverde walked a batter, two on, the tying run at the plate. Still I continued to watch. Mr. V delivered the pitch. The Brave batter lifted a drive to right field. it’s sometimes difficult to follow the flight of a baseball on tv, sooo I watched the Met right fielder. he had taken several steps and then just stood there watching as the ball sailed into the stands and the game was now tied. the Mets don’t have a game closer, they have a game extender, if not a game loser.

    every game I resolve not to watch it unfold, but I never learn my lesson and continue to put my stomach lining in peril. Today, my wife has taken control of the remote and won’t give it up. She has told me that if I wish another trip to the ER, she’ll return it to me, otherwise we’ll pick out some films from my DVD Library, and enjoy the afternoon and evening. Peace and serenity is certainly wonderful.

  122. foxster Says:

    re yesterday’s rout: To quote Charlie Brown


  123. foxster Says:

    The Mets destiny; even when they win a game, they end up losing (Mets WIN over Diamond backs 7-3 Mets net LOSS - 2 outfielders due to injury)

    Did anyone notice if Joe Btfdsplk was sitting behind the Met’s dugout?

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