Heath Subway Series Rant

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  1. Fort Greene Met Man Says:

    Dillon Gee…WHAT???? Who are these Mets??

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FGMM: is that the same as FGMF?

    Anyway, my sentiments exactly: As Butch said to Sundance “Who are those guys?”

  3. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Whoops! Yes, it’s me. UNBELIEVABLE. 5 days ago we were the Bad News Bears. What the hell happened??? And how can we keep it going??

  4. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Howie sounded SO happy when he yelled, “Put it in the books!” We didn’t walk anyone in 3 games? Gee strikes out 12? Sandy, get us a real center fielder and some pitching and this jalopy might just run again.

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Yeah, the TV guys were pretty psyched as well. Ronnie said something like “if ever a team needed a series like this.” Just a great game, once again.

  6. AJW Says:

    No Castillo to bail you out this year huh yank fans.

  7. foxster Says:

    well, the let down came rather quickly, the ironic fact being ………. it was against the Florida Fish, a team which owns a .255 winning percentage, the worst in baseball. being a Met fan is an excerise in being irrelevant!! if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to lock myself in the bathroom and scream for an hour

  8. foxster Says:

    the Florida Fish once again have netted the Mets. will the Mets manage to salvage one game in Florida?

  9. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: no, they will not………… aaaaaaarrrggghhh…….

  10. foxster Says:

    THE LOST WEEKND: what an embarassment, four straight losses to the Florida Fish, the worst team in baseball. it looks as if the Mets are in close pursuit of that “title” i think i’ll spend my afternoon watching my DVD set of the 1986 NL Playoffs and World Series. who recalls the “Mets Video” of the song “Lets Go Mets Go” my favorite line was “we got the team work to make the dream work” 2013’s dream has been a nightmare!

  11. foxster Says:

    i’m quite enthused, the Mets didn’t lose yesterday. oh wait, they weren’t scheduled. i knew there had to be some reason

  12. foxster Says:

    A walk-off win is a exciting experience UNLESS you are the team that’s being WALKED ON, then the spectacle of the winning team jumping up and down at home plate in celebration makes your loss a doubly embarassing humiliating situation. you and your team just slink off the field knowing that yet another win was converted to a loss.

  13. foxster Says:

    can you believe this? another two losses to the Florida Fish. six in a row now and counting. what makes this loss “doubly” bad is the dying Mets played TWO-PLUS games to accomplish the loss. TWENTY INNINGS, SIXTY OUTS, ONE RUN SCORED, in the second inning.

    it does no good to point out that the Fish were equally as ineffectual. what counts is the METS were 0 for 19 with runners in scoring position.

    maybe it will rain today, however the sun is shining brightly right now, so another game is in the offing, so anyone who bothers to attend CitiField will see another contest between the Fish and the Mets. i wonder how many fans will be there disguised as empty seats?

  14. foxster Says:

    Not again!!! SEVEN straight losing efforts against the Florida Fish. today’s embarassment only took half the innings of yesterday’s twenty, but the result was the same, another extra inning debacle, and another lost weekend. there was a headline about some players being cut, maybe it wasn’t enough. too bad the owners and front office can’t be cut as well, to include a bunch of field management personnel also.

  15. foxster Says:

    today the skies are opening up and a lot of wet stufff is coming down, so hopfully there will not be any game todsy. a little bit too late. i wonder what the weather will be where ever erstwhile first baseman, Ike Davis will be, maybe some hits will come pouring out of his bat.

    i can’t quite understand why no one is commenting about this abysmal seven straight game losses to the Fish of Florida. in the musical play 1776, John Adams (William Daniels) warbles “IS ANYONE THERE? DOES ANYOME CARE?”

  16. Old Disgruntled Mets Fan Says:

    Well - how’s this for looking at the bright side?

    Because the Mets have taken us, in their special time machine, back to 1977 - 1983, then we’re all at least 30 years younger!!

    I just put on some size 32 jeans and smiled at a 20 year old woman, who smiled back instead of recoiling in disgust!!

    Thanks Fred and Jeff - now, I must run because I’m dying to see what happens on Laverne and Shirley tonight.

  17. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Hahaha, ODFM. Love the L&S reference.

  18. foxster Says:

    The Mets have a bright side? they did have a reference on the Odd Couple. Oscar Madison missed seeing their triple play when AFelix called him in the Press Bos to ask about the dinner menu.

    WOW, OH BOY DEPT:, The Mets did win a game yesterday. since the skies will open today, their one game win streak will stand for a bit!

  19. foxster Says:

    the 2013 season is a neverending nightmare for Met fans. the team just wanders about with very little purpose. Casey Stengel said it best “CAN’T ANYONE HERE PLAY THIS GAME?

  20. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Happy Birthday to All You Fathers Out There.

  21. foxster Says:

    I pickerd up the morning paper and the shock almost did me in. The Mets actually won a game. scoreless through 8 innings and down by 3, the ninth inning saw an INSIDE THE PARK HOMER, a fairly rare occurance, and then a 3 run shot which was a walk-off home run, and the first Met win in what seemed like a month.

    Happy Birthday to all us Fathers Out There (?)

  22. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: It’s a famous malaprop from our own late, great, Mr. Bob Murphy.

  23. foxster Says:

    Bob Murphy? i would have thought that’s more of a Ralphie Kiner quotation. if you recall Mr Murphy, then you must be as old as i am, and that’s pretty old. i can still remember the Brooklyn Dodger Broadcast Team of The Ole Redhead, Connie Desmond, Vin Scully, with Happy Felton and his Knot Hole Gang, Andre Baruch on the radio.

  24. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: you are right, of course, it was Ralph Kiner and not Bob Murphy. The exact quote is “It’s Father’s Day today, so to all you fathers out there, Happy Birthday!” But of course I remember Bob Murphy. It’s not even that long ago since he was broadcasting. Hell, I remember Lindsay Nelson, as I know you do as well.

  25. foxster Says:

    was there any truth to the rumor that Lindsay Nelson used to hang out at the various New York City area race track stables looking for garish horse blankets so that he could have a new supply of Sport Coats?

    speaking of Fathers Day, the Mets once celebrated Dad’s Day by having a Pefect Game tossed at them by Jim Bunning.

    how come The Mets can pull off an exciting win, then celebrate by having an immediate let down. not to take anything away from that exciting win, but can you ever recall anything worse then the way The Mets manged to throw the base ball all over the place from 3rd to 1st to home to the snack bar? how many errors were handed out on that one single play? did they show that on the big screen at CitiField?

  26. foxster Says:

    WOW - a doubleheader sweep in Atlanta, where something like that hasn’t happened since 1987. Not only the double win, but two outstanding pitching performances by what could be the bedrock of a Met pitching staff for years to come.

    Just think back to 1986, when the staff was Gooden-Darling-Big Sid and Bobby O, with lefty-righty closers, Roger McDowell and Jesse Orosco in the Pen. however that was twenty seven years ago ands the snows of yesteryear have melted long ago.

  27. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Still, it was exciting to think of the future possibilities for a staff fronted by those two. That being said, you could have a staff manned by Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Sandy Koufax and Tom Seaver and you’d be hard pressed to play .500 ball with the current Mets lineup.

  28. foxster Says:

    i have a baseball game cartridge, where I can have teams with The Babe, Gil Hodges, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Reggie Jackson. Yogi, Brooks Robinson, and a host of pitchers like Cy Young, Rollie Fingers, compete against each others on Baseball Diamonds of today, and fields that no longer exist like the Polo Grounds, Crosley Field, the stadiums in Philadelphia, Pittsburg, but sadly not Ebbets Field. sort of like Field of Dreams. the best part of these electronic fantasies is that I’ve edited myhself onto the NY Mets, and for a 70 year old 2nd baseman, i do pretty well. the announcer claims i’m a batter to be feared. boy isn’t it great to still play after all these years, anyone have some chewing tobacco?

  29. foxster Says:

    doesn’t anyone wish to post any longer? we used to have lively conversations on BMF, but now it’s just the sound of one hand clapping. did everyone just lose interest at the same time, or is it the sad condition of this years Mets team, that’s just about killed off a once vibrant fan opinion website?

  30. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: I think it’s mainly just that there’s no new content up top, above the posts, and so when people check in, they don’t post.
    Looks like Niese is probably about done for this season. If he has a partial tear, they’d be crazy to not pretty much shut him down for the remainder. This will give us Hefner, Gee and Marcum along with the kids. I can deal with that, as Niese hasn’t been right all season. Gee’s been quite good lately, Hefner has had some pretty good starts, and Marcum is a talented pitcher, despite his record. He’s had a few quality outings, where he could have picked up that “w.” And he’s been a talented pitcher for years, so I’m not worried about throwing him out there every five days. It’s the offense that I’m worried about. Fun to beat the Phils last night.

  31. AJW Says:

    O.K. I’ll take the bait one rant comin’ up, what is with the vote All Stars up to 35 times? I used to vote maybe once or twice a year punch in the chads and drop the card in the box at the ballpark, now what’s the point? we can’t vote for the pitchers and who on the Mets deserves a vote? Wright and…..and…..oh yeah NOBODY, the best players are going to be there anyway and the days where callers on sports talk radio would complain about a player who was not picked are pretty much over, and another thing, the Mets are going to give away to the first 25,000 lucky(cough,cough) fans a GEICO-METS T-shirt? it’s bad enough we have to endure a constant onslaught of TV, radio, and even billboards of the freakin’ gecko and their annoying commercials now we have to wear it on our chests? maybe the Mets should give away a T-shirt with a picture of the blown up death star with the Yank logo on pieces of debris flying out into space with the words Subway Series 2013 and a picture of Mr Met with a light sabre. See you at Sith-y Field!

  32. foxster Says:

    Hey Mr Dude, even if it’s only us, I still try and put my tongue firmly in my cheek and try and find something amusing to post about the 2013 Mets, for instance, I suppose you can worry about a nonexistent offense, but i’d rather enjoy my electronic game where the Foxster is still playing second base and is a terror at the plate as a switch hitter. if I get upset by the real Mets., it’s not good for my health

  33. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: hey, another great Harvey start and a nice Sunday win. DWright looking good these days.
    So, what game cartridge are we talking about that allows you to put yourself in the lineup? Sounds cool. I’m more of a strat-o-matic guy myself– the closest I’ve come to getting into the game is the avatar my kids created for me to play Wii baseball with.
    AJW, yeah, I don’t know what makes them think these logo-filled promotions are so enticing. Having said that, the kids and I did fill out a bunch of ballots for DW while at the park last week and drop them in the ballot box.

  34. foxster Says:

    might there be some dim light at the end of the Met Tunnel? there’s an old saying that “PITCHING IS OVER 90% of the game” but I have to differ, the Mets MUST score runs as well, or well pitched game become an exercise in futility.

    my son and I used to attend many Met game at Shea, but due to surgical misadventure, I am just about completely house bound and must live with intractable due to bi-lateral sciatica and a miserable e back. life is nothing but a bowl of cherries, and I got the pits. however there always really big screen TV and even 3-D movies. I even have all the 1986 Post Season Playoff game, so I can go back in time to 1969 and 73 as well as 86. I have the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the 1955 World Series, and a preordered 42 (the story of Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson) so some compensation can be had. I’d much rather a more normal life, but there’s my adult children and 7 granddaughters, so life has to go on. another Met World Series win would be great, but given my age and state of health, I don’t think its in the cards for me.

  35. foxster Says:

    My son was a huge Strat fan. he had a buddy and they played for days at a time it seemed. I always like games that had simulated action. these baseball games became very realistic. MLB The Show was the game where I edited myself in, I used several different seasons. each game could take at least 20-30 minutes, unless I used the “inning skip” feature. but in using that, you lost control for those innings, and things could occur in the game that you as player would not like. My Play Station 2 became erratic and I didn’t want to spent the dough for a game replacement as prices of the platforms soared. I became more interested in my DVD collection. I do recall the games fondly. I did see a triple play, which I save on tape. as I ws browsing the sports section this am, I saw that the Mets old disabled list hex is in play once more. that was one thing that never happed in electronic play.

  36. West Coast Mets Fan Says:

    I give Sandy and Terry credit. This team is getting more fun to follow. Keep up the good work

  37. foxster Says:

    posting on BMF is equal to the sound of one hand clapping. come on Met Fans. some one must have an opinion

  38. BlondiesJake Says:

    foxster, I give you credit for keeping up on here. I did play strat-o-matic when younger tho I always mistakenly called it score-o-matic. As to these Mets, they are more entertaining than I expected. It goes without saying some very good pitching pieces are in place and there’s a chance some of the hitters besides Wright could be quality. They still need to find a thumper or two for the middle of the order, irregardless of position.

  39. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Yes, there’s a lot to like with the young pitchers, and the team has been fun to watch this last month.
    We knew about Harvey, but who would have figured that both Gee and Hefner would look so good?

  40. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I made it up until 2:30 a.m. on last night’s game before calling it a night, and yet it was another hour or more before they finally pulled the win out. Exciting baseball.

  41. foxster Says:

    years ago, I used to be a real fanatic, watching games from pre to post, however there’s no way I can sit through an entire ball game any longer. I try to check on the score and watch an inning or so. I do watch the post game show i’m happy that the Mets have done so much better these past few weeks, and hope this a sign of better times. like every Met fan, disappointment always seems to be lurking somewhere near. at any rate. LET”S GO METS

    nice to see some posts from Mr Dude and Blondie’s Jake. I’ve been feeling a bit lonely

  42. foxster Says:

    in the musical play and film of 1776, which tells the tale of the creation of our country, William Daniels portraying John Adams, along with Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are the framers of our Declaration of Independence which declared a small nation of the thirteen original colonies to be no longer affiliated with Great Britain, a huge step which was considered as treason. worthy of a rope and scaffold. sings out to the empty chamber where the men who representative the colonies meet and tell King George where to go, the song that begins “IS ANYBODY THERE? DOES ANY CARE?” when I write my posts I feel the same way. i’m not too well, yet I do attempt to get some meaningful exchanges started, but nothing is really sustained. we used to have some lively “conversations” why can’t that happen again?
    maybe we should have a chat room motif. is there really no interest? quite a few of us have many years invested in the Mets, are our opinions and hopes meaningless? I hate to think that

  43. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    we’re here: talk away. Not much to say after an off day. Here are some ideas: Think it’s a good call to skip Harvey, and to keep innings limits in mind for him as the season progresses. Byrd has been Ruthian: perhaps that means we can get something for him by the trade deadline. I’d like to hold onto Parnell, unless someone really bowls the Mets over with a ridiculous offer. I’d package many of our best prospects, other than Harvey, of course for Giancarlo. Wouldn’t you? I’d also listen to offers for Murphy as the trade deadline approaches.

  44. foxster Says:

    Okay, they lost the first game of a weekend series to the Pirates. I would have liked a win, but losses happen, it’s just the way they lost. as it has happened so often this season, it was a “walk off” loss. after coming back to tie the game after trailing since the first inning, another run couldn’t b e pushed across and the Mets were treated to watch the opposing team celebrate at home plate, while our heroes walked off the field, with a demoralizing loss, one more time.

  45. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    There have been some energizing wins too, foxster, haven’t there. Hard to believe that TC pinch hit Valdespin for Hef there, wasn’t it?

  46. foxster Says:

    I just wish these energizing wins would supply their good effects on a longer basis. maybe I was spoiled by the Brooklyn Dodgers between 1948-1956, when I went from 10-17. maybe post season play was a terrific disappointment, but not the regular season play. in those years before O’Malley ripped the heart out of Brooklyn and all Dodger fan, the Dodgers had FIVE first Place and THREE second Place finishes. those were the days of eight team leagues, so baseball dynasties could be built. the 1950s saw two such teams, both in New York. there were great individual players scattered though out both leagues, of course but there were only two powerhouses, The DamnYankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. nothing stays the same forever and it didn’t, but to a youngster, it seemed like it would. my trouble is I remember too much

  47. foxster Says:

    To Mr Dude, nothing any manager does can come as a surprise any longer. many moves are taken again all logic/ at least the first half of the season closes on a high note. against all hope, may the balance of the season point towards that elusive light at the end of the tunnel that the Mets have lost in for so long. we haven’t heard too much from the Wilpons recently, maybe they’ll remain in the tunnel when our Mets emerge into the light, or is it too much to hope for?

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