Heath Report - May 12th

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  1. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Ok, I’ll start. Was at the game yesterday and up close, this team is so listless, checked out, and uninspired. There’s no fight and seemingly no fundamentals when it comes to hitting. Could we play a little small ball and bunt occasionally? Or advance the runner? Say what you want about Reyes, but he could create runs AND he was a spark plug AND he made the game fun.

    I don’t think it’s Terry’s fault—I mean, what can you do with one starting pitcher, no bull pen and no hitting? But that said, I don’t like what I hear about Valdespin and how the team is divided etc etc. I don’t care if he gets plunked or not, but if he’s that bad a guy, get rid of him. It’s not like he’s Barry Bonds or something. As far as I’m concerned, if we aren’t going to win any games anyway, send them ALL down: Ike, Valdespin, Niese, all of them. There have to be consequences for being BAD.

    I know Sandy has a long term plan—or says he does—but he has done nothing useful whatsoever in the short term. Cowgill, Marcum, Lagares—seriously?? Tejada, Duda, Murphy, Buck are all IMO average players. And right now they are being hailed as our emerging stars. I don’t think so.

    I guess the fact that we are still paying Willie, Pedro, Bay, Santana and probably Bonilla at this late date means we will have a decent budget in approximately 2023. But still…this is getting unwatchable.

  2. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    FGMF, you clearly missed my most recent post…to sum it up, the Mets win the World Series in Year 3 of their superstar pitcher’s career. Happened with Seaver, happened with Gooden, will happen next year with Harvey.

  3. foxster Says:

    The month of May is about half over. will the Mets continue to be the Mets? i cannot watch them on TV any longer and now i cannot bear to read the sports section either. the situation has gotten out of hand when a long term Met fan can neither watch nor read about them. there never seems to be any improvement, just promises.

  4. MickeyJay Says:

    It’s true, fox. It’s horrible. And why would any reputable pitcher come to us when we - year after year - kill career wins totals. Unless of course you’re Rick Ankiel. He’d make a solid #3 pitcher on this rotation.

  5. Metfan88 Says:

    Ok,We can’t change the owners, but I’m getting tire of alderson, really since last season! He has repeatedly failed to upgrade the major league roster(any1 can stock pile kids in farm, don’t give me the $$$ excuses please)!
    I listened to his interview on WFan yesterday, (people say he’s articulated, intelligent etc) but according to what I heard,he’s got No clue, esp with countless pauses between speech(my brain was getting more numb as he went on)!
    Beside Harvey & wright, everybody sucked! I mean it! Davis , duda sucked! I feel bad for collins!
    I can’t have new owners, how about new GM, some1 who actually DARE to make moves!!!

  6. Former mets fan Says:

    The history of excuses for the teams being bad is just making me sick. What is the excuse this year? Bobby Bo’s contact? Mo? Luis Castillo? Oliver? Jason Bay? If you stink at your job you should be fired and I am beginning to think Sandy Alderson stinks. How in gods name can you start the season with an outfield like the mets have? You don’t gave one legitimate big league fielder out there? Wake up front office…as we are tiring if excuse after excuse after excuse year after year after year after year.

  7. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    I’m not going to claim Sandy Alderson is the greatest GM. But if we’re going to truly evaluate, it can’t be after just 2-3 years. We have to be willing to see what a long-term, five-year plan will produce.

    It made no sense to spend money this offseason just to make the outfield mediocre. And as always, the bullpen is a crapshoot. The team is not one player away, so save the money, build the farm, then when more kids are ready, make the big moves.

    If Alderson doesn’t do that in the next year or two, then time to move on. But right now, I would stay the course, take the lumps, build the farm, see what develops, then make moves that are worth making, not just so the team will be a little less terrible. It’s not fun and it’s not pretty, but I think it’s the right move.

  8. foxster Says:

    another day, another loss. i was a Brooklyn Dodger
    fan from 1949 on. coming from the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, this wasn’t the best thing to be. i think that when I attended PS 11, i was the onlky Dodger fan and being ten years old, i was made to suffer for my strange fandom. it wasn’t the the regular season that caused my maltreatment, it was the annual World Series each fall. no matter how well the regular went, the World Series and the constant loss to the DamnYankees thatg caused my pain.

    1955 finally gave me reason to hope for a better future, but 1956 saw the return to heartbreak and 1957/1958 was the final heartbreak of my Doger fandom, when that creep Walter O’Malley tore the heart from the Borough of Brooklyn and did the same to every Dodger fan, no matter where they lived.

    what amazed me, was that as a long term Die Hard Dodger Fan (age 10 to 19), i simply turned my back on O’Malley & Company and gave up caring about Major League Baseball. cold turkey.

    i wasa in the service 1961 through 1963, which was the time the Mets came into existance, actually i was overseas in France from 1962-1963 and had other fish to fry during that time, like the Cuban Missile Crisis, when all out war seemed so close.

    my wife and I returned home in August 1963 and ML Baseball was the not uppermost in my mind, however, once again, that falls World Series, once again featured the DamnYankees against the LA verision of the Dodgers. wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, the Dodgers actually swept the DamnYankees, four games to zip (4-0). i was happy enough, but it just wsn’t the same feelings that a Brooklyn Dodger sweep would have had for me. however it was a fitting coda to my years as Brooklyn Dodger fan and it finally gave me closure

    i didn’t come to the NY Mets that quickly, it wasn’t love at first sight. given my years of not caring about ML Baseball, it was a slower process. given the fact that we were now living in Brooklyn and were taking our first born to Prospect Park on Sundays, we used to drive by Bedford Avenue where a glance showed the site where Ebbets Field once stood, now the home of the Ebbets Field Apartments. it still was a wrench at the heart strings.

    (hopefully to be continued)

  9. FL Met Fan Rich Says:

    I Suggest Met fans broaden their horizons and get a new hobby for the summer!

    Something about being totally irrelevant by May that just doesn’t appeal to me!

    The 2014 plan is being geared up for!

    Spring training is only 9 months away!

  10. MickeyJay Says:

    Great idea! When do Pitchers and Catchers report? I need that countdown widget on my desktop.

  11. Ike Says:

    The guy is a complete joke. So far below the Mendoza line. Send him to single A today!

  12. Ike Says:

    Another good day for Ike.

  13. Ike Says:

    0-5 day. Nice.

  14. FL Met Fan Rich Says:

    Noah Syndergaard….remember the name!

    Went to see the St. Lucie Mets last night. He pitched 6 2/3 innings struck out 10 walked none. his fastball was 96-94 MPH.

    We got him in the R.A. Deal. He is a stud!

  15. Ike Says:

    This team drives me crazy.

  16. Ike Says:

    Great job Ike! You did not hit into a double play!

  17. Ike Says:

    If a clean up hitter is batting 150…he should be at either AAA or AA. Period.

  18. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Harvey’s a one-man team. He pitches. He hits. But can he core a apple?

  19. foxster Says:

    as the Mets continue to go from bad to worser, might i suggest a renovation at Citi Field. turn all the seats so they longer face the field. this will make the games some what easier to bear. The Mets may continue their journey to nowhere, but at least Met fans won’t be forced to torture themselves by watching the deepening descent.

  20. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Something to discuss:


  21. NeitherOptimisticNorPessimisticBlondiesJake Says:

    Great article in NY Post about TC yesterday. Basically said can’t properly judge him because of lack of talent on team. My only real gripe was the hack, er, Joel Sherman dismissed Daniel Murphy and I think DM is ok 2nd basemen with solid bat, certainly worthy of playing in majors.

    Having said all that, along with my long held belief baseball managers are overrated in their ability to affect most games, I don’t think too much of TC. He’s not terrible, but I haven’t seen anything to lead me to believe he’s more than average, with mediocre strategic skills.

    I suspect he will be re-assigned within the organization after this season unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat. I’ll be fine with that and happy if it means Wally Backman gets a shot. I think this team needs some fire on the field and in the clubhouse.

  22. nomore manyana Says:

    “The history of excuses for the teams being bad is just making me sick. What is the excuse this year? Bobby Bo’s contact? Mo? Luis Castillo? Oliver? Jason Bay? If you stink at your job you should be fired and I am beginning to think Sandy Alderson stinks. How in gods name can you start the season with an outfield like the mets have? You don’t gave one legitimate big league fielder out there? Wake up front office…as we are tiring if excuse after excuse after excuse year after year after year after year.”

    My theory on Alderson: he had a “cush” job with MLB, flying around the world, allegedly enabling the proliferation of the sport.

    Bud Selig’s BFF, Fred Wilpon, f**ked his team up SO badly and got into so much s**t via Bernie Madoff that Selig said to Alderson…”please, help me out here. Give up the cush job for 2 - 3 years, help Fred not destroy his team any more than he has…stop the bleeding, stop the drama, get rid of all the bad actors….”

    So, Alderson complied. He’s not here to put a winner on the field or even to build a contender. He was here to end the noise and drama and cut costs so Freddie could catch his breath and keep our team, I mean his team, because he has not achieved his goal of utterly destroying it yet.

    So Alderson let Reyes walk, got nothing for him…Dickey was mouthy, so they unloaded him…David Wright, who, in a rational world, would have gone to the Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers (who knew they would suck too) or some other decent organization re-upped bc Fred likes mediocre stars who don’t mouth off about what a s**tty team this is.

    So, Alderson may seem to be the guy to blame, but he has done everything Selig and Wilpon want. He stopped the bleeding.

    Another point - Wilpon doesn’t care about year to year record. He is a real estate investor. He doesn’t care about the annual rent. He cares about selling the asset 25 years after he bought it for 10x what he paid.

    Therefore, he just wants to hold on to the Mets and sell them to a “greater fool” (if you don’t follow stocks, google that term). If they lose 105 games per year on the way to a $2.5billion sales price, the interim operating losses become rounding errors.

    We also know thru his Madoff association Fred W has no shame at all. Being in bed with an all-time crook didn’t embarass him into selling the Muts so why should 105 losses move his emotional needle one bit?

    See? Get all this? Real estate investor w long term view doesn’t give a f**k about year to year results. He has no shame so Jason Bay, Omar, Beltran taking strike 3, this all means NOTHING to him.

    The only hope we have is to increase the pain of those interim losses he cars nothing about by boycotting!

    If he starts losing $20m+ per year even long-term Freddie might say enough is enough.

    Coming here and talking about the Mets doesn’t hurt the cause. however, if you go to New Shea and put $$ in Fred’s pocket, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

    If your best idea for fixing the Mets is to hire Wally Backman as manager you are the type of f**king idiot Fred is counting one.

    Got it?

    Tried to tell you all of this in 2008/2009 but just got called a racist for correctly calling omar the worst f**king GM in history.

    You don’t have to love me but if you love the Mets you’ll listen to me and stop wasting time with all this useless Ike/Duda/Wally minutiae.

    Boycott or accept this is the way your team will be for the next 50 years.

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