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Hi guys - BMF here

I see some of you have been flaming Heath on his videos.

Just so everyone knows, Heath is a longtime buddy of mine who is a diehard Mat fan and who I’ve always thought is hilarious.

My strategy with the site is to shift to regular videos recapping the Mets as we progress through the season. During spring training I had 3 ppl lined up to post regular videos but so far Heath has been the only one to deliver.

Longterm my thought is to begin generating videos on the site here as a launching pad for a weekly TV show. It would be a non-traditional show by the fans and for the fans. Ideally I’d find a way to incorporate regular BMFer comments into the show as well.

I certainly wouldn’t ask anyone to censor themselves but just keep in mind Heath hasn’t taken over the site he’s merely the 1st guy to start participating in the video element of the 2013 version of BMF

If anyone has additional ideas feel free to post or email me at

And if you have any other potential video posters who are worthy talent wise & would want to participate let me know !


PS I still say Johan throwing his arm/career out during that no-hitter was worth it!

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  1. Mets fan Says:

    This team is just terrible. Again we have one of the only AAA or AA teams in the majors. And we are supposed to be alright with it? Wake up sandy alderson and smell the god damn coffe. You need hitting, you need a bull pen and you need starters. Errrrr. The future is today. I am sick of waiting post Omar.

  2. DepressedBlondiesJake Says:

    I have no problem with BMF trying out a new format. Some may find Heath funny, I personally do not. Irregardless, it seems there’s a complete disconnect between Heath’s videos and anything actually happening with the Mets day-to-day, so what else should we do but dissect his rants.

    To that point, I’ll say I get excited for Harvey’s starts, expect Niese to be solid and pretty much assume the worst every other night. It would help all the pitchers to have a legit offense, but they don’t.

    My question is…will TC be fired before June 1st as my buddy GroteFan has suggested? If so, who will replace him? I’m not saying it’s TC’s fault, tho I also won’t say I’m a fan of him strategically, but then again at least he’s not BIC Willie or Jerry the Jenius.

  3. FL Met Fan Rich Says:

    Pitchers and Catchers report in 10 1/2 months!

    Garbage in -Garbage out!…wish they could fire the whole team!

    I am very thankful that I live in Florida and I don’t have to watch this team every night.

    They are very ugly and a hard team to watch.

    Don’t think TC Will be fired till after the the all star break. Management will have till wait till then per BUD. Can’t upstage the mid summer classic!

    Hard for a manager to be taken seriously when he is on last year of his contract. I would hate to think that this team has already quit on him and he has lost control, but it sure seems that way.

    My question is how fall will attendance drop and will they draw 2 million? I suspect by July the Cricketsmwill be the only ones going to the games.

  4. IrishMike Says:

    What Jake said. The new format is not for me but I still come on hoping to have a baseball/Mets conversation with people who I have enjoyed having those conversations with in the past (wow that is poorly written). I’d rather just have a post titled “Yesterday’s game” go up every morning and let everyone chime in. And if BMF wants to spice things up with video content (understandable since he is a successful producer of sports documentaries) then feel free to sprinkle that in whenever. But that’s just me and my anti-change mindset.

    As for the team - they stink like we knew they would. Unfortunately for ownership they aren’t fooling anyone this year like they did for ~10 weeks last year. And this year the whole baseball world will be descending on Flushing which will put scrutiny on this crappy team. Yay!

    As for BMF’s PS I totally agree. Except that I also believe that the evidence that Johan’s 134 pitches that night is the proximate cause of his injury is weak to non-existent.

  5. Heath Says:

    The idea, folks, was that there would always be several other people posting/vlogging about the day-to-day games and the regular baseball minutia. That’s not what I do. So if you know anyone passionate about this team who’s willing to dedicate a bit of time, please get in touch with BMF.
    I was never meant to be standing at center field, merely a sideshow on a soapbox propped up on Shea Bridge.

    God this team sucks right now. It’s amazing how the Jets could change their team so much in one draft (albeit with unknown results). There’s no similar hope for us. Our outfield will stay our outfield, and no one will come to save us. If only Brandon Nimmo were older than 14.

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I think of BMF as kind of like a virtual sports bar, where the Mets game is always on the TV. If I go down to the bar and the sign isn’t lit, I’m probably not gonna hang around in the parking lot waiting for it to open up, even if there are other regulars occasionally driving by and doing the same thing. But hell, if the place is unlocked, and the sign says “Welcome to BMF’s: Today’s Game” chances are I’ll walk in, self-serve me a cold one, turn on the TV and start talking baseball. Maybe a funny video comes on once in a while, and we get a good laugh, but that’s a bonus, and not why I showed up in the first place.
    Hey, we’ve gotten a bigger conversation going today than in months, and the reason is that BMF came around last night and unlocked the place, flipped on the lights, scribbled something on the “Today’s Specials” board and propped the door open with it. That’s all it takes, and look here come the regulars!! Seems like old times. How’ve ya been boys? Does this team suck or what?

  7. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Heath: I think the Mets have been trying to do a Jets draft style makeover, but much like the JETS they have only been drafting for defense. BTW, Nimmo is fifteen. It’s Cecchini that’s 14.

  8. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    So, is anyone watching this? I’ve got it on gameday. Why would TC let Gee hit to end the top of the sixth and then sub him out before he records an out in the bottom of the sixth.

  9. Ike Says:

    Ike Davis really sucks.

  10. Ike Says:

    Duda. That is what happens when you convert someone to out field.

  11. Ike Says:

    Nice job Bobby Parnell

  12. Met_Maven Says:

    Here’s a video all Mets fan will enjoy

  13. John in Athens Says:

    BMF, I agree.

    Johan’s arm was definitely worth the first no hitter in Mets history.

    That said, I don’t believe for a second that the 134 pitches that he threw that night are the reason that he is not pitching for the Mets right now. Not that it would matter. He’d have to pitch fifteen innings of no-hit ball to get the decision with this offense.

    Here’s to the Mets.
    Here’s to Heath.
    Here’s to a new and improved Brooklyn Mets Fan.

    2014 is going to be a helluva a year.

    Ya Gotta Believe!

  14. DepressedBlondiesJake Says:

    Are there any good FA OFs available for next year? Are there any stud OF prospects in the Mets system? No matter how much the young pitchers develop, if Ike and Duda continue their mediocre career paths and there aren’t stud hitters in the system, nothing will change for 2014, 2015, etc.

  15. John in Athens Says:

    This site has a list of possible free agents after this season:

    I don’t see anyone on there worth getting excited about.

    Maybe that’s why the Mets are/were (allegedly) interested in trading prospects for Stanton this season.

  16. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    We can dream, can’t we? Looking at that list realistically, we could wind up with a 2014 outfield of say, Jason Bay in left, Andres Torres in center, and around in right, maybe, Jeff Francouer? Can’t you just see it now. Terry Cashman would come out of retirement to pen an update to his famous “Talking Baseball” that might go something like this:

    “We’re talking Baseball,
    They knew them all from Brooklyn to Suff-ock
    Especially Frenchy, Andres and the Canuck
    No Way, No Way, No Way”

  17. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Wow, BMF reappears and so do the regulars! I agree with TDFKABL and think I’d be fine with the score from the latest game as a header and let us masochists just have at the topic. Video content is fine, I suppose, but I’m here to discuss the nuts and bolts of baseball, not irony. No offense to Heath, I just miss the opportunity to fight with old friends about bullpen management, which for some reason we find endlessly fascinating, not to mention debatable.

    On the subject of the actual games (what a concept for a Mets blog!), this last stretch makes me glad I got rid of my TV! At least I’m not paying $150/mo for the privilege of watching “Bad News Bears: Your Grandma Pitches Better” night after night.

    Plus Howie gets so disgusted when something goes wrong, I really enjoy sharing his pain.

    PS: I am hoping our friend Prof Reyes will rejoin the convo!

  18. foxster Says:

    fellow Met Fans amd BMF posters, i haven’t been active in either venue lately due to ill health. i miss the Mets and i surely miss the give and take we used to enjoy, however, extra stress is something i simply cannot tolerate at the present time. hopefully, both my health propects and Met fortunes will have an upswing, but i’ve reached an age, where i must be very, very careful.

    i’m going to close for the time being with two time honored Met phrases:

  19. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: glad to see ya back.

  20. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Wright crushes Kimbrel. Parnell saves the day. Tejada and Murphy deliver. A win in Atlanta. Life is good for Mets fans, at least for 24 hours!

  21. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    John in Athens, I’d be excited about adding Jacoby Ellsbury and Nelson Cruz.

  22. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Yes, yesterday’s game was a lot of fun for Mets fans. OBJ: I’d be excited about adding Pat Burrell, at this point. Maybe with a year off that foot, he’s ripe for a comeback.

  23. John in Athens Says:


    Ellsbury scares me because he had a big season and was hurt last year. Who knows what to expect from him after his contract year.

    Cruz could be a solid fit. He’d certainly improve this team’s outfield!

  24. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    How great was that? Thanks to Mike Baxter for the walk off hit. Harvey amazing, one for the memory banks.

  25. John in Athens Says:

    If only the Mets were capable of maintaining more than one exciting pitcher in the rotation at a time.

    Or scoring runs when that pitcher pitches.

    Being a Mets fan is pure torture.

  26. foxster Says:

    being a Met fan is akin to hitting yourself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when you stop. just hope for the best but accept what you get

  27. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    The Mets won it all in Seaver’s 3rd year.
    The Mets won it all in Gooden’s 3rd year.
    Next year will be Harvey’s 3rd year.
    Need I say more?

  28. foxster Says:

    hope sure do spring eternal. i guess the Oracle at Delphi has spoken. in the third season of decent Met pitching propect, fortune will indeed smile upon the NY Mets and their long suffeing, but devoted fans.

    perhaps we’d be better off with chicken claws, bar-b-que sauce and arcane chanting. since we cannot sacrifice a live chicken, we could do as they did in the motion picture “Major League” and visit KFC and get the Colonel supply us with some crispy, herb flavored chicken parts for our MoJo Rites

  29. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    I could get used to these walk off wins!

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