Heath Report April 13th

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  1. LineswithDoc Says:

    Loving the driving touch!!
    Was that a stop and shop in the background? Giant perhaps?
    Loving Harvey but his stuff is still half the Da Doc

  2. LineswithDoc Says:

    I just watched this rant again
    I have to say I feel lucky to have access to such comedy and a great baseball team. Lets go mets, islanders and the jets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bobbysabooback Says:

    driving!!!!! Its like a scorcesee!!!

  4. bobbysabooback Says:

    same shirt as last post… I appreciate your creativity. Unlike all the other “Cattle” on this site who want to see the same thing you see on every other site. Well done Sir!

  5. MickeyJay Says:

    The pitching makes me sad. I wonder what we’ll give up to get Stanton?

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    That’s what I like: “Harvey and Niese and three days of deep Freeze.”

  7. metsfan88 Says:

    in my opinion, i never liked him that much, Niese isnt even a #2 starter, his good days R OK, bad days (too many) R like 5th starter( he’s really a 3rd or 4th). right now, they only have Harvey, thats it! NO 1 else! WHAT THE HELL is alderson waiting. Im beginning to find out the sandy only good for trading chips, but no where even as good for REACTING to IMMEDIATE needs!!!!
    WHEN is davis gonna WAKE UP, please!
    Tejada is REPLACABLE (for some! never gonna give more than 5HR a yr), i rather get a SS hits .280 10-15 HR & solid D!
    BRING UP the KIDsssssssss alderson!!!

  8. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Jeez! Four rants in to the New World Order and Heath already be M.I.A.!!

    28 hours, thirty four minutes til Harvey time.
    And counting.

  9. Heath Says:

    Fellow Met Fans –

    I am texting this from a rest stop somewhere near Flanders, South Dakota. I went to the Mets/Rockies double-header last week. On my drive back to the airport I lost control of my rented Prius and drifted into a snowbank. After 14 hours of hiking wearing only my Shinjo jersey, a pair of linen pants, and a pair af Starbury sneakers, I was picked up by a trucker. Who raped me and took my sneakers. I am hoping to be back in the tri-state area later this week to fulfill my BMF obligations.
    Thank you for your patience, and Let’s Go Mets.

  10. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    JV– if nothing else, kids got some flair!

  11. foxster Says:

    what could be better than tying the game in the bottom of the ninth inning and then a walk off grand slam in the next at bat? possibly it’s the give and take of the posters of the BMF website!

  12. Buck Says:

    Where are people (the old BMF’ers) talking about baseball anymore? I miss the daily banter.

  13. Mr. Met Says:

    What kind of crack was the plate umpire on today??

  14. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    start bantering.

  15. foxster Says:

    RE: The Old BMFers, i guess that old dogs can’t be taught new tricks. a lot of us are too old to change. we enjoyed the “banter”.

  16. Robert Zimmerman Says:

    Heath, what really happened was this girl from France invited you to her house you went but she had a friend, who knocked you out and robbed your Puma Clydes and you were out on the street again.

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