OK kids - BMF is evolving into a more of a video site.

I’ve assembled an elite team of passionate, intelligent & generally hilarious Met fans who will rip off short videos ranting about our beloved Mets.

There will be about 4 or 5 “BMF Ranters” that will post whenever the urge strikes so we hope to have new content at least 5x / week.

Eventually we hope to open up to new open submission “Fan Rants” but we’re not up to that just yet.

We’re gonna keep ‘em short and sweet, hope to entertain and generate comments in the threads.

Pretty much anything goes so your guess is as good as mine re: what’s about to happen.

Give us a chance to get our feet under us as I’m sure we may have some rough sledding at first before we find out stride.

So without further adieu here is BMF Ranter Heath and his pre-season thoughts:

5 Responses to “BMF TV - KICKOFF”

  1. John in Athens Says:

    I was loving it right up to the RA Dickey bit.

  2. Sabo Says:

    Hilarious! I especially liked Dickey bit. I can’t wait to see more Mr. Mensher. You sir, are a true Mets Fan and ….dare I say..a comedic Genius.

  3. Howard Says:

    Opening Day!

  4. Cowcrusher Says:

    Opening Day was a blast? Worth the trip and the “marquee fee”…I hope for a good season and the Mets have delivered the past two games..;)

  5. Cowcrusher Says:

    ? Should of been a !!!!…great time had by all.. Mets fans, that is.

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