Thanks for the Memories RA (and the Prospects)

***BMF has obviously been on an extended vacation from BMF’ing of late. I’ve been up to my neck in production on City Gridiron - my NYC HS Football TV show. This may be a light blogging winter but BMF will be back in full swing when baseball season rolls back around***

Assuming Toronto inks RA to an extension and doesn’t find anything amiss in the physical I think this is a great move for the Mets. We need cheap impact players and we’re not realistically gonna compete on 2013 so why keep an aging player whose trade value will never be higher?

Of course it’s a joke that our team parted ways with a batting champ and a Cy Young winner in back to back years, and it’s bizarre they’re about to be playing together, but lest we forget these are the Mets. The smallest market / Big market team you’ve ever seen.

If our favorite team had competent ownership we wouldn’t need to watch our fan favorites depart  in back to back seasons. But considering the Wilponzis lack of business acumen we simply don’t have the money to pay star players, even the homegrown ones.

So please don’t mistake BMF endorsing this move as my being happy with the organization. I’m not. But things being what they are this is a prudent move. I personally tend to believe the whispers that the Wilponzis have no money and we simply can’t afford to keep Dickey.

Travis d’Arnaud is supposed to be a beast of a catcher. Good defensively but prolific at the dish. I’m less than thrilled that he’s working with a surgically repaired knee (afterall he is a catcher) but if he pans out we may have just added the next Buster Posey.

The young hurler we’re getting Snydergaard is a nice chip too. I never heard of him but they say he’s the 3rd best prospect in the Jays organization.

Either way it’s another sad day to be a Met fan.

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  1. FL Met Fan Rich Says:

    There is one advantage to being a crappy team without any decent players. You don’t lose many players to the World Baseball Classic, so you get to see the intact team (minus Wright) play during spring training.

    I hate the thought of knowing that we are gonna suck next year again.We going to finish in fourth or last place with or without him.

    However, I do like this move for the future also. I am all about stockpiling young pitching for the future.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Mike Belfry and Hostess are both gone.

    How much do you want for that GO BIG PELF Twinkies shirt?

  3. Patrick Says:

    If it was a choice between Dickey or Wright, I’m glad it was Wright. I will miss RA.

  4. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Well credit Alderson for waiting for the market to develop so he got value in return for the one trade chip he had…

    But I hate to see our Dickey go .. He put together one of the all time great seasons for a team that was out of it from August on and kept me watching ..

    Has any team lost a batting champ and a Cy Young winner in successive years? Some how I think Alderson might have something to do with the answer …

  5. Lord Charles Says:

    Love this trade. Can’t even say that I’m sad to see Dickey go, as I don’t expect him to maintain anything close to what we saw last year (he’ll still be good, just not 13M/year good).

  6. matt Says:

    Unfortunately it’s not 1999 and teams tend to value their prospects a lot more than they used to. Hopefully this catcher pans out and the trade looks better than the last star pitcher the mets traded away, David Cone. Recall the players received were Ryan Thompson and Jeff Kent (though Kent never did much until he left the mets).

  7. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    I will miss RA but the deal makes sense. The Mets are selling high which is what you are supposed to do. And before FMFR declares the season over, remember the Mets strength is pitching in the majors and minors. Add a RH power-hitting outfielder and this team will compete. And since they just shed more payroll I wouldn’t be surprised if they acquired such a bat. The organization doesn’t want another 2nd half debacle either.

    So matt, the last time the Mets dealt a star pitcher they received a HoF 2nd basemen in return. The fact the team didn’t realize it doesn’t change the facts. Seems like that was a good deal too.

  8. Lord Charles Says:

    ^This deal smells a lot like when the Expos dealt Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore, and Cliff Lee for Bartolo Colon. The Expos saw that they had a small window to go for it, so they did (and to be fair, Colon was pretty good for them), but in the end, the price they paid ended up being astronomical (and they didn’t actually win anything.)

    I could see this trade working out the same way: Dickey may actually have a great year for them and they may even win the East next year (added bonus: keep the Yankees out of the playoffs?), but long term the Mets will be the obvious winners.

  9. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    LC, let’s hope so. And would love for Dickey win a ring with Toronto so will be rooting for him too.

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    I don’t see this as sad a day for Met fans. The Mets weren’t going to win anything with Dickey. They were smart to trade him now. They got top prospects, and got rid of Thole & Nickeas for a Catcher who isn’t great, but is better than both those guys. Hopefully, RA can pitch himself to an AL Cy Young, and maybe get a WS out of the deal. And with any luck, these prospects plus the ones down on the Mets farm will come up around the same time and make the Mets legit contenders again. This was a great move by Alderson. Hopefully its a foundation that will lead to success in the not too distant future.

  11. John in Athens Says:

    The irony being that young Reyes’ trade-deadline value dropped after getting hurt so the Mets kept him through his contract while the old Dickey’s value went up after winning the Cy Young Award.

    As much as I hate to see R.A. go, I believe that Sandy Alderson would have been foolish to pass on that deal.

  12. foxster Says:

    I’ve been a Mets fan so long that I’ve become extremely cynical regarding any move made by what ever GM is in power at any given moment.

    whenever a Met GM begins flag waving over a trade, i am always reminded of the knee jerk reactions when the Mets completed the deal for Pepe Manguel, ad the GM at the time told us poor long suffering Met Fans, how long the Mets had been coveting Manguel, and to wait for at least five years before judging the deal he made. Pepe Manguel (?).

    another ocassion for rejoicing, was when the Mets acutally landed Juan Samuel, who would be either a starting outfielder or second baseman. whatever happened to Sammy?

    i only wish RA continued success with the Jays, and hopefully a championship ring. he’s a great guy and deserves any accolade he comes due for.


  13. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    funny Lord Charles … you know who made that Colon trade for the Expos? Omar Minaya …

    and how about foxster ?? busting out Pepe Mangual name !! was that for Wayne Garrett if I remember?

    Love this site …

  14. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    MTMF: Garrett and Del Unser.

  15. J Sudaikas Says:

    “As much as I hate to see R.A. go, I believe that Sandy Alderson would have been foolish to pass on that deal.”


    Smart = moving Beltran when his value was soaring.

    Smart = moving Dickey after a Cy Young season

    Dumb = holding Reyes and getting nothing for him when his mkt value was highest.

    Dumb = signing David Wright to a mini A-Rod deal out of emotion and “loyalty” and missing the opportunity to deal him when his value was soaring (remember when he was in the chase for a batting title for about 10 minutes last year?)

    “This deal smells a lot like when the Expos dealt Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore, and Cliff Lee for Bartolo Colon. ”

    Yes, as with all things touched my nomore manana, that deal smelled. And don’t bother to tell me he is the guy who traded for Dickey. That was a great deal but the sum of omar’s work smells like a steaming pile.

  16. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Colin Cowgill?

  17. JoMama Says:

    I like this trade but will miss RA. It’s also great that he’s going to the ALE. There’s nothing better than watching a pitcher make fools of the Red Sox and Tankee bats. GO RA, I wish him and the Jays well.

  18. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Dude!..loved Del Unser … man, that Mangual was a terrible deal …

    Yeh!! get my wallet … season tickets now that Colin Cowgill is here !! WOW … nice PR move trading or signing a Colin Cowgill after trading fan favorite Dickey the next day..nice statement there

    Question is .. like the recent NY Times article says…Was Dickey run out of town?.. Reyes never even got an offer…!! ..gotta love those Wilpons..

  19. Cowcrusher Says:

    Regarding Wright, is Sandy and Co. trying to “Jeter-fy” him into something of a draw for the “fake” skankee fans to gravitate to? Remember back in the 80’s when the Mets were the Kings of NY and nobody really made an effort to head over to Bronx? Eventually Jeter will retire and another season ending injury is likely to happen more often than not. Once he is gone, who will the fly by night fans who wipe their asses with 100 dollar bills going to go see? You got it, it’s DW. AROID will have either have been bought out and/or fallen apart. Tex is no draw and Cano will be caught with Melky’s special edition Flinstone chewables. Granderson may want to be in Queens since he is one of the few skanks that have their feet on the ground. Just my .02

  20. Met_Maven Says:

    Y’all know Cowgill isn’t being brought in to be “our savior” or to sell tickets. He’s most likely going to be bench / platoon player. Why is it that every time a minor player is brought in, Met fans act like that player is supposed to be a superstar? The same reaction was given when Shoppach was brought in last year. He was a stop gap player. Nothing more, nothing less. Not every player has to be an all star.

  21. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    MtMF, the Mets handled the Dickey situation perfectly. They waited until the market was set for acquiring starters and then sold high on a guy they acquired for nothing. The comments on Dickey’s way out don’t matter, irregardless.

  22. Irish Mike Says:

    And once again Cowcrusher chimes in with a post that is 100% Yankees related. And largely incomprehensible to boot.

    This looks like a good trade. My biggest concern is that surgically repaired knee that our catcher of the future has to squat with for the rest of his career.

  23. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    IM, when I read Cowcrusher’s name I skip to the next comment. And I’m also worried about his knees but feel better watching Adrian Peterson.

  24. Cowcrusher Says:

    Ok, when other folks mention the empty seats during a certain playoff series recently does IM and OBJ skip their comments or make snide remarks?
    I don’t pretend to know more than some of you and in fact I have learned a lot.
    So in the spirit of the holidays I wish you ALL a time of joy and good luck throughout the new year, including IM and OBJ ;)

  25. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Optimist Jake…what have you done with Pessimistic jake?? He wouldn’t like this trade AT ALL

  26. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Cowcrusher, our problem is that 99% of your posts are 100% about the yankees. Apologies for being snide.

  27. PessimistBlondiesJake Says:

    MtMF, even I like this deal. I’m expecting the catching prospect to blow out his other knee during spring training and the pitcher to never get out of Single-A, but the deal still makes sense based on what we know now.

  28. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I need “Even more PessimisticBlondiesJake” …
    only he would put a Joe Foy- Amos Otis - David Cone - Jeff Kent - Nolan Ryan-Jim Fregosi spin on this trade …

    But where could we find such a Debbie Downer ??
    (cue music … WAH .. WAH..)

  29. Cowcrusher Says:

    From a marketing /business perspective…what are your opinions on the ~$ 63 tix for the promenade on Opening Day and what it bodes for getting people through the gate if regualr season tix are not much cheaper?

  30. Big Al Says:

    Your well parsed words concerning trades that were good - but yet it’s a sad day to be a mets fan - hits it right on the head. Ive heard the comparison of Alderson’s moves to what was done in 1984 by Cashen; but I dont see any outfielders (Duda etc)who are better than 4th outfielders; and the free agent market for OF next year is putrid. My solution: WE NEED OWNERS WITH $$$$. This is not Pittsburgh. The Wilponzis are morons. Have a Merry Christmas!

  31. Cowcrusher Says:

    Apology not necessary but accepted.

  32. Lord Charles Says:

    BTW, interesting tidbit on the “throw-in” for the Mets from Keith Law at ESPN:

    “The third prospect turns out to be significant, which is counter to early rumors that he was a throw-in. Wuilmer Becerra got $1.4 million from Toronto out of Venezuela in 2011, and he’s had just 39 pro at-bats, with his 2012 season shortened by a broken jaw after being hit in the face by a pitch. He has a sweet-looking right-handed swing with strong hands, keeping his head steady with great hip rotation and loft for future power as his body matures. He should have the arm for right field, although I’d like to see the Mets work out this slight hesitation he has before release. There’s no way a player like Becerra, who will be lucky to see the majors before 2016, could stand in the way of the Jays making this trade, but his inclusion makes the return all the better for the Mets.”

  33. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    Cowcrusher: opening day is a “Marquee” date, one of only three all season, the other two being the yankee games. It’s just the typical Mets wacky pricing, but it’s not like there aren’t plenty of 15-30 dollar seats for many other games, with better prices on Stubhub.

  34. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    LC, thanks for that additional info, makes me feel even better about the deal

  35. Cowcrusher Says:

    Dude…I realize that …I just was concerned that the Wilpons would set prices so high out of sure greed and one can’t always count on stub hub. Now if you live in the NY metro area, it is easier to get tix at the 11th hour for a decent price but if you coming in from out of town like me, changing plans is not as simple.

  36. Cowcrusher Says:

    Ok, different topic here. Since “Digital Domain” park is no more the name of their Port St. Lucie facility, how many of you would support the idea of naming it in honor of Gary Carter? Perhaps a petition could be put forth.

  37. FL Met Fan Rich Says:

    I say let the name of the field be rented by the day!

  38. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    How about FL Met Fan Rich Stadium?

  39. foxster Says:

    my son was passing Citi Field and he swears there’s a large sign posted there that says:

    Can you pitch? Do you think you can pitch/ Have you ever seen a Baseball Movie such as “The Winning Team” or”The Straton Story” or any film with pitching as the main theme? IF SO, apply within. Age, Physical Condition, or Pitching Talent (or lack of) is not important. If you can reach Home Plate from the Pitcher’s Mound in a consistant manner, throwing speed or strikes is not important. see our General Manager. You may be in line for an obscene amount of money. if you can withstand constant abuse and insult from our know nothing owners, then a great future may be yours. The team will provide several sets of good ear plugs, so the boos from the the few fans in the stands won’t affect you too much. extra special ear plugs will be provived for the public or private dressing downs from our financial wizard owners. othe fantastic benefits as well. Don’t Wait — Apply Now!

  40. FL Met Fan Rich Says:

    I like it…..I ‘ll take it opening day on 2/23.

    Day two could be “the dude formerly known as bill l. ball park!

    Day 3 could be Lord Charles Coliseum.

  41. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    foxster, do you disagree with the offseason moves so far?

  42. Cowcrusher Says:

    If Gary “Bababooey” Dell’Abate applies, then we are in one heck of season.

  43. Cowcrusher Says:

    But Maria Carey takes the cake

  44. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Seven Weeks til Spring Training Begins! Happy New Year to all.

  45. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    The Wilponzi’s refinance a $450M debt …. and operate like an organization from Kansas City or Milwaukee … our OF is still Duda Baxter and God knows what? Cowgill? … you can say we need a plan and take it slow …. yes we weren’t going to win in 2013 anyway but seriously? is Chris Young back ? or some other embarrassing early Feb signing? KROD maybe? Brandon Boesch? this is ugly … Bruce Boisclair? Craig Swan around?

  46. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    You’ll never convince me that Piazza is not a hall of famer.

  47. Lord Charles Says:

    Pathetic. While I think Bonds and Clemens should be HoFers, I can at least understand those who disagree, but to not vote Piazza in is just pathetic.

    And no one will ever convince me that there aren’t players already in the HoF who used PEDs.

  48. Lord Charles Says:

    All of this:

  49. foxster Says:

    another “HOF Selection” for the recently retired, and the “Vetersn”s Selection” will once again “sit”. Can anyone explain why Gil Hodges isn’t a member of Baseball elite and if memory serves me correctly, WALTER O’MALLEY (?) 1s ?

  50. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Foxster.. don’t get me started .. Hodges not being in the HOF is a travesty of a sham of an injustice .. Managing the ‘69 Mets should make him automatic .. ten+ years of an avg 30Hrs - 90+RBI’s on 4 pennant winners should make him automatic .. Purple Heart at iwa Jima .. Gill is Hall of Fame in my book

  51. foxster Says:

    Gil will always be in the “Book” of every old line Dodger fan.

    i was very sorry to hear of Stan Musial’s passing. i’ll always remember going with my Dad to both Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds to see Stan Musial in action. He was areal class act, both on an d off the field. people like him don’t come along very often.

    when i graduated from Elementary School (PS 11, Manhattan) in 1952, my sister gav me a graduation gift, a Stan Musial pro model baseball mitt my first really good glove, purchased from Davaga’s, a NYC Chain of stores, no longer around.

    i still have that glove, though somewhat the worse for wear, like most of my generation, but filled with magical memories from both the baseball diamond and from a great time of life for many of us oldsters.

  52. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    foxster: thanks for sharing your memories. How great is it that you still have that Musial mitt after all these years! My mitt from the mid-1960’s is a “Jimmy Crane” model, although I’ve never known who Jimmy Crane was. Still use it to play catch with the kids…
    Baseball, gotta love it.

  53. foxster Says:

    my Stan Musial mitt is really beat up. the inside and the wrist took on perspiration and lost. i patched the inside palm to add a bit of lfe. it was a four finger model. the summer of 1954, i bought a Rocky Nelson “Claw” first baseman’s mitt. i paid some fellow we were playing ball with, FIVE DOLLARS, no joke. in 1954, five bucks was a small fortune. i still have that mitt also, in pretty good condition. i haven’t seen either glove in person for quite some time, but i know where they are, down in my storage area, but two flights of stairs down and two flights up, plus rummage through a ton of stuff, might be too big an expedition for me. i do have a bat from that period. it’s a soft ball bat, but i always used it as a fungo, or batting practice model. i never can figure out how how it withstood hard ball usage, but it’s still alive and taking the bumps of outrageous fortune

  54. foxster Says:

    Spring Training is about to begin. will the BMF shake off the dust and get back into the swing of a new Met Season. we can only hope 2013 will show some improvement over the past, but hope springs eternal with every Met fan. just today, i threw an older dsc into the DVD player and viewed once again Shea Goodbye. the memories churned up left me glad and sad at the same time. all me can do to keep repeating LET”S GO METS, maybe the Gods of Baseball will hear.

  55. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    We have a pulse!!! foxster in da house!! and The Boys are back in town. You out there FMFR? What’s the word from PSL? Anyone want to give up #11 pick for Bourn? What do we think of Lyon?

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