Marlins Out Lame Mets!

Wow the Florida / Miami Marlins just leap in front of the Mets as worst franchise in Baseball.

I honestly don’t know how they can get away with the hustle they just pulled. A new stadium largely financed with public money and a gang of elite free agents had us all quaking in our boots expecting the Fish to win the East.

Instead they were awful on the field and off and now they’ve gutted their team trading Reyes and Josh Johnson to Toronto.

And this time they didn’t even wait to win a World Series to gut their team like normal. You would think the Commish would step in at some point, I mean this is bad for the sport.

Jose Reyes can’t be happy AT ALL. He left So Florida and was shipped off to Canada?!? The truth is he’s better off getting out of Florida.

Maybe now he can have a chance to play for a winner.

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  1. USMF Says:

    Funny, every player the Fish added last year is now gone along with every “star” not named Giancarlo or Nolasco. They have only one player making more than 5mil a year and only 7 players not making the league minimum. They have no one under contract after next year.

    And who didn’t see a Reyes trade coming? You could tell by how backloaded his contract was that he was going to be traded sooner than later.

    It just shows that you can’t forcefully build a fan base with a bunch of mercenaries and a tacky stadium over night. You can’t keep dumping on your fans and then expect them to come and pay you whenever you want.

    The only reason why Mets fans haven’t completely bailed on the team is because of the teams long history and we seem to love a loser…errr…underdog.

    It also shows that you have to grow and keep home grown stars. Imagine the team they’d have if they didn’t trade Miguel Cabrera, Josh Johnson, Hanley Ramírez and Dan Uggla to name a few?

    Of course you can only keep bringing up great players if you keep trading away your other great players.

    It shows that a team has to be willing to part with star players, but they also have to recognize the importance of having homegrown “faces” that fans can get behind.

  2. Met_Maven Says:

    The MArlins lead the league in giving their town & fanbase the finger. They dupe the city into buying them a new ballpark, spend a bunch of money on star players and within a year they went from potential World Series contenders to cellar dwellers. They did the same thing after each WS they won. They bring in good players, make it look like they have a chance at being a long term contender and it gets blown up.

    I never thought I’d be defending the Wilpons when it came to ownership, but up until the Madoff debacle, the Wilpons constantly put money into this team trying to make it better. They would keep bringing in free agents who we all thought would be the missing piece.

    I feel bad for Reyes. He was duped by the Marlins. They told him what he wanted to hear, gave him a bunch of money and got rid of him without a second thought.

    With any luck the Marlins will be Kings of the Basement for a very long time.

  3. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    With this latest move, they have buried the franchise for good. The Commish doesn’t care; he’s let Loria pull this crap multiple times, this being by far the worst. Loria will eventually sell the franchise or MLB will move it, either way he’ll make hundreds of millions on it. And McCourt made billions by looting and degrading the Dodgers franchise. Sick!

    As for Reyes, maybe now he can stick it to the yankees on a regular basis. If nothing else, the AL East, already the best division in baseball, just got better. Holy cow, you better have a great year or you’re finishing 4th at best.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    WOO HOO!….We just clinched 4th place agin next year and Spring Training hasnt even started!

  5. foxster Says:

    Davy Johnson named NL Manager of the Year.
    Way to Go Davy!

  6. Cowcrusher Says:

    Congrats to RA Dickey …..a true renneisance man!

  7. Phantom Says:

    Good for ” take me out of the last game so I can back into the batting title ” Reyes.

    Have fun freezing your ass off and playing on the hard turf.

  8. Peter M Says:

    Maybe the Mets can get Reyes back.

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