World Series 2012

Giants vs Tigers - who is a Met fan supposed to root for?

Traditionally speaking BMF generally stays within “party lines” and will root for the NL team in the Fall Classic.

This year is no different, I guess. Logically I want the NL to win. Personally I would be happy for Pagan if he were to earn a ring.

The flip side though is I’ve always liked the Tigers for a couple of reasons. 1st I have relatives in Michigan so I’ve always had a soft spot for the Tigers and Lions.

I also always like to see the old skool teams succeed. For instance I’d take a Tigers championship over a Tampa Bay Rays championship everyday of the week. The Tigers have been so crappy for so long they deserve a ring. 

The City of Detroit and Michigan at large have suffered so much recently they deserve some success outside of hockey. 

The Giants just won too. So while I guess I’m rooting for San Fran I wouldn’t be upset to see the Tigers take it all.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Tigers!…I have a good friend going to game 3 and he came down and we saw the Tigers four times in Lakeland/PSL during Spring Training.

    Funny at that time we were sure they were going to win 100 games and they just squeaked into the playoffs.

    He wants to come down in March during spring training and wants to see them hoist the flag there.

    Usually I am an NL fan but the giants just won one!

  2. M Romney Says:


    Liberal losers from SF will get a double ass-whipping (and not the kind they like) when Obummer AND the Giants go down.

  3. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    I would agree to let yankees win next four WS if it meant Obama didn’t get a 2nd term

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l.he Says:

    Can’t we please just ban political discussions from the website?

  5. AJW Says:

    Did BMF just sell this website to Rupert Murdoch?

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