NLCS Game 7 ex-Met vs ex-Met

Someone is going to face the Tigers in the WS. It certainly won’t be our beloved Mets but we’ll have an ex-Met in there no matter who wins game 7.

So teams aside. Who would you rather see go to the World Series. Carlos Beltran or Angel Pagan?

I loved Angel when he was doing his thing but Beltran has been doing it so BIG in the postseason for so many years I gotta believe he deserves a Fall Classic appearance more.

So Go Cardinals… I guess.

7 Responses to “NLCS Game 7 ex-Met vs ex-Met”

  1. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Eff that. Hate Cardinals (from mid 80s through LaRussa the Pompous Ass). Go Giants and Angel “Dumb as a Box of” Pagans!

  2. IrishMike Says:

    Which player would I rather see make it to a World Series? Beltran hands down. Which franchise would I rather see make the World Series - Giants hands down. Whole team > 1 player so go Giants.

  3. Paul Says:

    Meh - I learned to hate the Cardinals in the 80s, and as long as Yadier Molina is still there, I’ve no reason to change my mind.

    On the other hand, I’m no fan of the Giants, their relaxed attitude towards PED use, and that whole All-Star voting fiasco. Plus every time I see Angel Pagan, he reminds me of Andres Torres & Ramon Ramirez.

  4. Met_Maven Says:

    Its hard to root for either. Both are coming off of recent WS wins. Between the 2, Beltran deserves an appearance in the Fall Classic more than Pagan does. I couldn’t care less who gets in. I’m pulling for the Tigers to win it all. Of the teams involved, Detroit winning a World Series would be huge for their city. It would generate a lot of revenue for a city that desperately needs it.

  5. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Met_Maven and others, I agree Beltran is more deserving but I won’t lose my mind if he doesn’t get there. I’m also rooting for the Tigers but winning the Fall Classic won’t do anything for Detroit and its citizens. The economic benefit is already gained by making the World Series and playing games in Detroit, which will help restaurants and hotels the most.

    It will, however, put more money in the pockets of ownership because they will be able to sell tons of WS Champs memorabilia, but Mike Ilitch spends plenty so I have no issue with that. After all, he gave Fielder a ridiculous contract after Victor Martinez went down injured but there’s no doubt the move was critical to the team’s success and to Miguel Cabrera winning the Triple Crown and almost assuredly the AL MVP Award.

  6. 80's Nastalgia Says:

    Tigers haven’t won a WS since 1984 which is two years longer than the Mets. Although I’m rooting for the Giants to beat the Cardinals, both teams already had their fair share of a WS ring this past couple of years. I’d say Tigers all the way. Brooklyn needs a MLB team. And I don’t mean it as in reinstalling the Dodgers. Both Mets fans and Yankee haters would have a second team to root for. But that’s just a pipe dream.

  7. foxster Says:

    The Tigers in the World Series always brings to mind 1968. i was home, ill with the flu, so i was able to watch the games on TV, on my first color set. i was treated to a doozy of a series, which saw the Tigers down 3-1 and on the brink of defeat, make a most remarkable comeback, winning three games in a row, behind the rubber arm of Mickey Lolich. that was 44 years ago. where are the snows of yesteryear?
    signed: The Old Grey Fox

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