A-Rod Loses Despite Rain

Even though the yanks got rained out A-Rod took another loss as he got benched… Again.

Lineups had already been posted by the time the umps called the game so even though the Yankees didn’t lose on Wed A-Rod still did.

In fact he was a 2 time loser as the media discovered who the woman was that he was flirting with in the stands and plastered her photos all over their publications. 

In all fairness if A-Rod is bagging the Austrailian bikini model that’s a Huge win. She’s a real stunner but the way this unfolded merely draws more attention to his pathetic performance. 

Imagine if he were Micky Mantle, or even Keith Hernandez picking up models mid-game from the on-deck circle. He’d be a NY Legend. Joe Namath style.

But instead it’s just another reason for everyone to kill the poor bastard even more than they already do.

Yankee problems, and BMF couldn’t enjoy it more lol

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  1. Patrick Says:

    My favorite discussions are listening to fans, analysts, etc., talk about trading 30% of the team. When it comes to the Yankees, it’s nothing more than “fantasy” baseball.

  2. foxster Says:

    Thursday in Detroit, top of the 6th, Tigers up 6-0
    A Tiger win means a 4 game sweep, and a lot of DamnYankee excuses. a lot of blame to be passed around

  3. foxster Says:

    UPDATE: Final Score- Tigers 8=DamnYankees 1

  4. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    I was hoping the yankees would win three straight and then Verlander would pitch a perfect game at yankee stadium just to stretch out their suffering. But yesterday’s debacle was pretty darn good.

    As to blame, everybody loves to kill A-Rod, Swisher was his usual pathetic playoff self and Granderson has too many holes in his home-run or K swing. But the guy who deserves to get skewered is Cano. He’s a great hitter and was AWFUL. Plus, he remains the laziest ballplayer I’ve ever seen on the ML level.

    Here’s hoping the Tigers finish it off by sweeping the Cardinals but I suspect somehow StL will pull rabbits out of hats and might even win it. But with LaRussa LaRetired and Pujols in Anaheim, I don’t have the major hatred flowing toward them this fall.

  5. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I’ve come to Bury the Yankees .. not Praise them ..
    I can’t believe I’m saying this but they have more problems than us !!

    Huge contracts, aging players, players who can’t hit in the clutch .. I’m not usually the one to care or comments about the Yankees but yikes… they have 4 or 5 jason Bays !! LOL ok maybe not that bad ..

    and finally .. the piece of resistence .. PAYROD .. what a loser .. can’t even sit on the bench without screwing up .. keep it in your pants dude ..

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