The Yankee Bandwagon is Empty

There’s a whole slew of tasty tidbits for Yankee haters like myself to feast on these days: A-Rod’s collapse, the inability to win a game after scoring  4 in the 9th , Jeter falling down and out of the post season, the evaporation of the yankee mystique to name a few.

But BMF’s favorite tasty anti-yankee bit is the 8-10K seats that are empty on a nightly basis this October. 

My logic is if they announce 47K tickets sold that prob means 43-44, which means there may be as many as 10K empty seats in the ALCS.

Wow talk about a “fanbase” that’s been spoiled rotten. These loser Yankee fans can’t even sell out a playoff game? The very fact that theories such as “week nite game” or “weather”  are floating around as excuses is a VERY BAD sign re: Yankee fan apathy.

But this goes to prove BMF’s long held theory that far and away most Yankee fans are bandwagon jumpers. 

Watching Detroit take a Commanding 2-0 lead in the series is a pure joy. 

At this point I’m rooting for a Tigers v Cardinals WS. I know I’m supposed to hate the Cards but LaRussa’s gone and Beltran deserves to win a ring.

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  1. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    I think they’ve priced themselves out of sellouts. And I want the Tigers to win it all by beating the Giants.

  2. Lord Charles Says:

    “Beltran deserves to win a ring. ”


    I’m not rooting for the Cards, I’m rooting for Beltran.

  3. foxster Says:

    any time the DamnYankees lose is a day full of sunshine, regardless of the weather. i so want the AL Championship to be decided in Detroit, with no return visit to DamnYankee Stadium.

    supreme irony dept: Carlos Beltran in a Cardnials bird suit. every time i think of Beltran, i recall buying a 65 Mitsubishi TV in 2006 so i could watch the Mets in the World Series. then the season ended with the Mets having the tying and winning runs on base, and Beltran, bat on his shoulder, taking that called 3rd strike.

    i know it was six years ago, but we haven’t come close again. in fact there were some epic collaspes. being a Mets Fan means frustration and pain, and season after season of rebuilding.

  4. Met_Maven Says:

    For the playoffs MLB offers the teams playing a price range they can sell each tier of tickets for. The Yankees consistently choose the highest price, so they are totally pricing out their “fans”.

    As for the excuses sportz talk radio in NY has its ridiculous. There is enough time to get tickets from StubHub or a broker. And I LOVE how Francesa said the game being up against the Jets & Giants games on Sunday kept people away. Funny I can remember the Yankees being in the playoffs playing on a football Sunday and the place selling out.

    I love seeing the House That Greed Built with thousands of empty seats.

    I too am pulling for Beltran. He got too much crap for that one at bat. He’s one of the most under-appreciated Mets of all time. He deserves a ring.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    I agree Beltran one of most under-appreciated Mets but don’t want Cardinals to win, so let Carlos play out next season with StL then come back to Mets and win it all in 2014!!!

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Now there’s an idea!

  7. williamftgreene Says:

    I was at the Yankee game 1 (w a tiger fan) and the people POURED out before the ninth inning almost-comeback- 2/3rd of the crowd was LONG gone -

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