Let’s Go O’s!

Pleeeeeeze Baltimore, pleeeeeeze beat and eliminate the Yankees.

They should’ve already won this series.

How about a offensive outburst from the Birds to shock everyone by blowing the yankees out of the playoffs and into A-Rod turmoil this off-season.

4 Responses to “Let’s Go O’s!”

  1. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    It’s already been the most exciting DS round in history, all that is missing is the major upset. There’s always one, so hopefully it will be the Orioles and not the Cardinals.

    Irregardless, it’s been great watching Granderson and A-Rod flail like they’ve never faced live pitching and Girardi get skewered daily, make a brilliant move one night and amazingly fail to make the same move the next night which probably would’ve won the series.

    And now that Tigers have advanced, I feel comfortable saying even if yankees beat O’s today, Detroit will send them home in ALCS.

  2. foxster Says:

    life and the post season seems never to be a happy time for Met Fans. 2012 is no different!

  3. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Damn, I was dead on in my expectation for upset but it was Cards instead of Orioles. Grrrr!

  4. foxster Says:

    thrilling weekend re Tigers/DamnYankees. i hope Tigers can keep up pressure and end the League Championship series at home.

    too bad about Nationals. the NL really has no interest for me. i don’t want Cards to win but whatever will be, will be. my only fervent wish is to see the DamnYankees crash and burn.

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