It Ain’t Karma

The incredible luck the yankees seem to get year after year is astounding to me. I won’t call it karma because the Yankees with their non-stop mega payroll that allows them to play by their own set of rules cannot possibly earn good karma.

Perhaps instead they’ve made a deal with the Devil.

Either way it’s mind blowing to see yet another incredible ¬†comeback delivered by a spare part player in Raul Ibanez.

A-Rod is his typical post-season self, batting .083. Girardi keeps him in the 3 hole but decides to PH for him in the 9th. Lo and behold Ibanez homers to tie the game and does it again in the 12th to win it.

Aaron Bleepin’ Boone all over again.

As a Met fan I’m disgusted.¬†

The O’s we’re so close to taking the lead in the series and yet again a team crumbles at the very last moment to the Yankees.¬†

I’m convinced a large percentage of these last second wins are a result of opposing players being psyched out by the NY Yankees legacy.

It’s enough to make a Met fan puke.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    It’s not luck. It’s a joke. They ruin the game. Yankees lose a closer. They have another. They lose him, they have another. Spend hundreds of millions on a player that can’t hit, no problem. We’ll just get Ibanez and Ichiro.
    Ever single team in the baseball has to give up players in contract years because they can’t afford them, except the Yankees. They just collect them. And when they get a hall-of-famer (Randy Johnson) who they pay tons of money for and it doesn’t work out, they just get rid of him and sign another massive star contract. The rest of the MLB teams are crushed in such a move.

  2. IrishMike Says:

    It’s pathetic watching small market teams wilt against the Yankees every year in the playoffs. The Orioles are playing the role often played by the Twins and in the 90’s by the Rangers. And once again the concept of a “closer” is shown to be a fraud. Johnson racked up 50+ saves during the regular season getting the number six through eight hitters out with a three run lead in the 9th. Naturally last night when it really mattered he threw up on the mound and gave up a homer to a 48 year old pinch hitter. He played the role that Joe Nathan played for the Twins. Or Billy Wagner played for the Mets. Or anybody played for any team except Mariano for the Yanks.

    The postseason has been great though. I love the one game wildcard play-in and last night’s AL games were certainly dramatic. No sweeps, at least two game fives, great storylines (pinch hitting for A-Rod, Strasburg) - just great baseball.

    And to wander even further off topic - how is that idiotic Strasburg shutdown decision looking for the Nats? That wasn’t at all predictable.

  3. Patrick Says:

    The Nats do not deserve to win anything because they benched their ace. I’m rooting against them. That behavior should not be rewarded.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    The playoffs have been tremendous and we get two Game 5s today with possibility of two more tomorrow. And closers are being revealed as statistical stars and not real ones. Valverde for Tigers same thing as Johnson. If Buck gets a chance with lead in next game or so, he’d be wise to go to O’Day, who has buried all 7 hitters he’s faced, making most of them look foolish, as opposed to Johnson, who has been drilled for six hits and six runs, including 2 soul-crushing homers.

    As to Strasburg, it’s a classic case of schadenfreude (in case u don’t know the word, it means enjoyment obtained from another’s troubles). Rizzo foolishly backed himself into a corner by making a public proclamation at the start of the season and now his team is paying the price. Of course, he could’ve reversed course but he was too arrogant to do so. There’s no evidence shutting Strasburg down will be the right thing, but he took his ace off the roster anyway. Maybe they will reap the benefits for years to come, but they might’ve anyway. We’ll never know that, but we do know the Nats are likely to get bounced from the postseason today or tomorrow.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    Picking up on yesterday’s comments, if Mike Napoli goes to Free Agency (I believe arbitration eligible so not sure how Texas handles that) Mets could grab him as short term catching option. He’s not a great catcher, but he would be a RH power bat in lineup. Since Mets didn’t have great catcher this year anyway, would be total upgrade offensively.

  6. IrishMike Says:

    I’m convinced that the next chapter in the Strasburg story is him having arm trouble in spring training next year making the shutdown and it’s presumed benefit of preventing future injuries look even stupider that it already does.

  7. Metsfan88 Says:

    I gotta say this, we met fans know how bad John sterling been calling his “beloved” yankees on radio, but I was listening the espn radio yesterday, just wanted listen to other game ( SF@ Cincy), my god, chris Berman was so bad anyway, he was even worse on radio ( he doesn’t give pitch counts & all he did was back back back etc….), he was so freaking bad, he made sterling looked like legend! What ever happened to all the espn expert commentators?

  8. IrishMike Says:

    Berman was a refreshing voice on a fledgling ESPN 20+ years ago and combined his shtick with actual knowledge of the sports he covered. Nowadays he has the run of ESPN to parachute in and broadcast various events where he has done no research and relies on the same shtick that was played out 15 years ago. He’s brutal.

  9. foxster Says:

    re the DamnYankees: Oh JOY, Oh HAPPINESS, OH BS! if you believe those are my true feelings, i have a jelly bean mine in Central Park for sale, Cheap.

    2012 has yet again been a Mets Fan’s definetion of pain and frustration, while the current rebuilding phase continues unabated!

  10. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Was stuck in car today when Jay Bruce was at bat in bottom of 9th with two on and Reds down 6-4. The at-bat lasted about 10 minutes, descriptions by Berman and Sutcliffe were very good, except Berman NEVER said how many outs. I was SCREAMING at the radio for him to tell me if Giants were one strike away, needed a DP, if runners might try to steal, etc. He set scene with score, runners, positioning, etc at least 4 times but NEVER said how many outs. Maddening!

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