Who Are Met Fans Rooting For?

A postseason without the Mets means we have to pick a team or teams to root for to make our October interesting. Luckily we Met fans have a lot of practice in this so here are BMF’s thoughts on the horses in the 2012 postseason:

Yankees - F-them. Would never root for them under any circumstances.

Orioles - I love the idea of Baltimore finally rising up to challenge the yanks and Sox but I don’t think they’ve got what it takes to win this 5 game series. Although Showalter gives them a puncher’s chance.

Detroit - I like the Tigers. Got relatives in Michigan and I respect their team. Plus I think they can beat the yanks.

A’s - I want to root for the A’s but we all know they ain’t winning a post season series so why waste energy on them? 

Reds - I’m always happy to see old skool teams in the postseason. I have no allegiance to Cincy so I’m not rooting for them but they don’t piss me off at all and they deserve some success after sucking for so long.

Giants - Some will say I’m supposed to hate the Giants for leaving NY a half a century ago but I don’t buy into it. I sorta like SF’s team so I can live with them.

Cardinals - Forget them too. No love for St Loo. Great baseball town I’m sure but BMF don’t live there.

Nats - Theoretically I’m supposed to consider them a division rival but we’ve never battled them for anything other than last place. I respect what they’ve done ( built a winner) because it’s something we can’t manage to do and their continued success only makes the Wilpons look like bigger Tools. 

So I guess I’m rooting for a National v Tiger World Series.

Although I’ll pretty much always root for the NL I’m not sure I want to see the Nats as reigning champs.

I’m just sayin’  

22 Responses to “Who Are Met Fans Rooting For?”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Detroit needs a World Series. As does Baltimore but I think Detroit needs it more.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Nationals, because they hold spring training where I live and they have not won in my lifetime, or anyone else who is still living. I would have picked them to win it all if they did not shut down their ace.

    Tigers, because I think they are peaking at the right time and they have the pitching.

    Reds vs Tigers in W.S…..Tigers win it all!

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    In NL, definitely rooting for Nats to beat Cards and don’t really care about other series. Would be happy to see Nats reach WS.
    In AL, definitely rooting for Orioles because of wife and Tigers because of friends. Would be fine with either making WS and want them to win it.

  4. foxster Says:

    anyone but the DamnYankees.

    you have to give the Nats a lot of credit for building a winner. who’s the “Old Guy” who manages the Nats? he looks very familar. does anyone know the reason the Mets let him go and didn’t rehire him when the manager’s job was open several years ago?

  5. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Because Davey only won a couple of division titles and a single world series title with the most talented Mets group ever. I say seriously he underachieved as a manager.

  6. Occupy Detroit Says:

    “Detroit needs a World Series. As does Baltimore but I think Detroit needs it more.”

    Yes, we haven’t had a reason to set fire to s**t since the Pistons a hundred years ago.

  7. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I’ll never understand the lack of love for Davey, OBJ, no matter how often you explain it to me. Good bit in this week’s SI on his life and career. Go Nats! Go O’s! Go Jets!

  8. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    tdfkabl, Davey wasn’t a good strategy guy (see Game 6, 1986 WS and Game 4, 1988 NLDS among the most glaring examples) and if his strength was as a players’ manager, he didn’t get the most out of the players, that’s for sure. Not sure what’s to love.

  9. Met_Maven Says:

    I’m rootin for a Nats Orioles WS. Both teams built themselves up without a massive payroll have players who seem to want to win and never give up. The Nats shut down their ace and they still continued to win. But really, as long as the Yanks lose, I’ll be happy.

  10. foxster Says:

    everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding Davy Johnson. as for me, i can never forget the warm fuzzy feelings of elation following Game 7 of the 1986 WS. Davy is very much a part of those good feelings, along with the “Loveable Buccaneers” of that team, sailing the rough waters of the 1986 Season, leaving a shambles behind them. they would’t have won many popularity contests, but we Mets fans loved them. i just hope that i’ll be able to recapture those feelings again, before i reach my personal bottom of the ninth

  11. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:


    The Nats do have some homegrown prospects but have also spent big money on FAs in recent years. The Orioles had been spending too much money stupidly for years. But both hit the jackpot with some of the high draft picks they had from years of sucking, so let’s not go overboard on how they arrived at this point.

    And in case you’re not sure, the Mets have done the last two years what the Nats did for years, namely stinking up the joint but developing prospects and saving money for when a big name FA can be a final piece to the puzzle, not trying to buy all the parts of the puzzle.

    I’m not sure why most Mets fans don’t see that (not referring specifically to you) but it’s plain as day to me. No reason to waste money to be mediocre, doesn’t help financially or draft-wise, in fact stunts both of those areas.

  12. IrishMike Says:

    Jake - the Mets have stunk for four years. I know Alderson has only been here for two years but how long until he is expected to deliver some semblance of a good team? He’s in the same situation Donnie Walsh was a few years back with the Knicks where he is just expected to clear cap space (literal in the NBA, imaginary in MLB but all too real with the Mets). Talk about an easy job - sit around and wait for contracts to expire! Sign me up.

    I’m the last person to recommend outpaying other teams for top line free agents but could he and his dream team have at least found 1-2 diamonds in the rough instead of Francisco, Rausch, Torres et al? He hasn’t shown me much on that front. Although he is great at waiting for contracts to expire.

    Bill James always said that five year plans always lead to new five year plans. It feels like the Mets are in that death cycle and I’m not convinced that after the big contracts expire in 2013 that the Mets will suddenly become contenders. Although I hope I’m wrong. Harvey, Wheeler, Dickey and even Big Pelf will dictate that situation more then anything else.

  13. Met_Maven Says:

    OBJ I totally agree with what you said. The fact that the O’s and Nats made the same mistakes / share a similar financial history / stink up the joint and are now in the playoffs as a high seed actually gives me hope for the Mets future. The Mets have spent big money on FAs in recent years and had been spending too much money stupidly for years. If this leads to the prospects getting properly developed and signing (or trading for) the big player who puts them over the hump I’m all for it.

    I agree with your mantra that the Mets are a good bat or two in the outfield away from getting the Wild Card. While there’s an outside chance of it happening next year, I can honestly see them being in serious contention in 2014.

  14. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    IM, agree this can’t go on forever but not going to bury Alderson for failures on mediocre players with which he’s hoping to catch lightning in bottle. And to be fair, Hairston was a nice addition, Francisco was solid when healthy after terrible start and Rauch was good for a while. Torres and Ramon were disasters and that trade was a debacle but still only gave up Angel “Dumb As A Box Of” Pagans so not losing sleep over that.

    I give him two more years. I think he’s on the right track and after this season team will have $ to spend (and I know they can spend now but will be easier next year).


    I think Delmon Young would be good fit and hopefully they can find a real CF that can at least get on base at decent rate.

    Not sure who available would appreciate help with that list and don’t include Josh Hamilton. He will want too many years, will cost too much and I think he’s on the edge of a complete physical and mental breakdown and NYC would push him over.

  15. Lord Charles Says:

    Here’s a short list of “reasonable” OF targets…

    Jonny Gomes (32) - 28 XBH, .868 OPS
    Melky Cabrera (28) - 46 XBH, .906 OPS
    Delmon Young (27) - 46 XBH, .707 OPS

    Michael Bourn (30) - 45 XBH, .739 OPS
    Grady Sizemore (30) - 32 XBH, .706 OPS
    BJ Upton - (28) 60 XBH, .753 OPS

    Cody Ross (32) - 57 XBH, .807 OPS

  16. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    I would be thrilled with Young, Bourn and Ross.

  17. Lord Charles Says:

    Yup. Even getting two would be a great upgrade.

  18. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Bourn and either of those bats works for me.

    Think Nats might be second-guessing Strasburg decision right about now?

  19. Met_Maven Says:

    Any of those guys works for me. But if the Fa list for next year is better, I’d be willing to sign one of these guys and wait and see who’s available next offseason.

    I really feel for the Nats. The did well w/o Strasburg I figured they’d at least get past the first round with ease.

  20. IrishMike Says:

    I like the Nats but knew that idiotic Strasburg decision would bite them in the ass and can’t help but take some perverse pleasure in seeing it happen. You can’t know that he would have been dominant but he almost certainly would have delivered two quality starts.

  21. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:


    Just talking short term contracts so won’t affect 2014 decisions.

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