Mercifully it’s Over

Well at least that’s done. 

Another debacle of a season is in the books and now we can begin the well work Met fan tradition of hoping next year will be better.

Unfortunately there doesn’t look like there’s any payroll flexibility so it may be hard to improve, but we’ll leave that for the rest of the winter.

So here we face another October with the Yankees and Yankee fans in the postseason while we hope RA will win the Cy Young … Which he prob won’t just for the simple fact that he’s a Met and stuff never goes right for us.

11 Responses to “Mercifully it’s Over”

  1. Patrick Says:

    It’s so often that I feel the same way. Mercifully is the perfect word. And now there is no hockey to get me through February and March.

  2. foxster Says:

    RA will probably be the Rodey Dangerfield of the Cy Young Voting - No Respect.

    what ever happens, RA deserves the award! hopefully he’ll get it.

  3. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Unless there is backlash for him getting a ton of exposure this year, I can’t see Dickey getting shafted for the Cy Young.

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    patrick: I really don’t think the NHL would be stupid enough to lose another whole season. That might just about finish them off, don’t you think?

    foxster: don’t know if he’ll get the award, but I’m sure he’ll get a respectful vote total.

    OBJ: just can’t use “Dickey” and “shaft” in the same sentence.

    BMF: thanks for another great season of blogging. Enjoy new poppa hood with lil Felix.

    Wilpons: Spend some money on two outfielders, please. Sign DW and RA, I’m begging you.

  5. Patrick Says:

    The Dude: we’re getting awfully close.

  6. Lord Charles Says:

    Am I wrong in thinking it would be interesting if the Mets could sign Delmon Young and Melky Cabrera (who should be very cheap)?

  7. Lord Charles Says:

    I realize neither fits the role of a “power” hitter, and Young’s OBP is atrocious, but there really isn’t much else that is available (Granderson and isn’t going anywhere, and I don’t think Hamilton would do well in NYC).

  8. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Cabrera, sans steroids, will probably quickly revert to the rather ordinary player of his early years. Probably followed closely by the ruptured tendons, etc. sometimes quickly follow juicing. I’d like them to sign Young, however.

  9. JoMama Says:

    Cabrera would be the second coming of Bay in NY. Kinda. At least we have football - GO BLUE. See ya guys next year…when the Mets will start hot (again) and then fade away.

  10. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Delmon Young would be a good fit. I would also keep Hairston as a platoon guy.

  11. rj Says:

    Guys its been a pleasure. i think this is like my 7th year on the BMF boards and it i always fun. Have a good winter! I’ll also be moving back to he NY area next summer so I may run into some of you at some point as I may try to get my old part time job back at Shea I mean Citi..

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