Early Spring Games Early Results

It’s difficult to make any real judgements from 2 days of spring games but here are a couple early observations: 

• Look out for Jenrry Mejia. The kid breezed through 2 innings with 0ER and 3K and it looks like he’s back in the saddle after the all that silliness of bouncing to the pen and back last season. 

• Fernando Martinez threw down a mini gauntlet with a 2 run blast. Still a ways to go to regain super prospect status but he definitely let us know he’s still here.

• Ollie Perez is still technically in the race for a starting position but he’s doing his best to eliminate himself with a shaky spring debut. 

• Chris Young looked good, and most importantly healthy, in his first action. I really have high hopes for the gigantic pitcher so this was great to see.

• Great to hear Castillo is impressing the coaches so far - although I have to wonder if there is a PR operation in action to help facilitate a trade… 

9 Responses to “Early Spring Games Early Results”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    THE METS ARE IN FIRST PLACE!!!..just had to say it one time. Who knows if we will get the chance in the regular season.

    Heading to PSL with my “GO BIG PELF” shirt today. Had forgotten about Russ Adams until his home run yesterday. How come nobody has put him in the race for the backup infield position battle?

    Like BMF says, its really early but its baseball. “A bad day at the ballpark is better than a good day at work!”

  2. cleonjones Says:

    Oliver Perez sucks !!! Why are the Mets keeping him and Castro ?? Even the Knicks got rid of Eddie Curry !!

  3. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Maybe we can trade Ollie for Eddie Curry? ..both sit on the bench very well !!

    Nice Ollie ..84 miles an hour? This is the quote I love the most in regards to his wildness: “Walking three guys in a row is part of the game. It’s going to happen again, maybe next time.”

    Is it really part of the game? which game? Little League? When are we going to release this guy? Just eat the money and get rid of this attitude. If we are really to believe this is a new season (blah blah blah) it would be a good start ditching him and this feeling that sucking is ok.

    Please don’t offer to send him to the minors where he can work out his problems? He will just deny it anyway so he can make his BS money

    Pay him off. Or better yet - let MLB pay him off .. God, I am trying to be positive but its hard to the core Met fan when you see a guy like this have that kind of attitude …

  4. CowCrusher Says:

    Rest in Peace “Duke Snider”…..one of the orignal Mets…

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    MtMF—you cracked me up. Little League indeed…

  6. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    Walking three guys in a row is part of Ollie’s game, not any legitimate major league pitcher. Yes it happens but is it not the norm.

  7. ProfessorReyes Says:

    And it was sunny……AWWWWWW…. poor baby!

    Anyway, Murphy looking sharp today.

    Call me an old lady rocking on her porch and waving a stick at kids, but I’m glad Harper struck out his first two at bats. You know he’ll do well, I just want his first couple appearances to be like, Welcome to the big leagues! He should start out being humbled I think.

  8. Phil Says:

    Speaking of original Mets has anyone heard about that new show on MSG? It’s about the 86’ Mets. I’m looking forward to watching tomorrow. It’s going to have a behind the scenes look at the clubhouse. I thought I knew all about the only team in Mets history to win a world series, but I guess not. What are you all thinking?


  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Went to PSL today and not such a good game for the boys in blue….Pelf was just OK.

    I must admit that Daniel Murphy played a great game at 3rd base today. I know it is his original position, but he made 3 really good plays there like he has been playing it all along!

    Hope the boys do better in Melbourne tomorrow against the Nats again!..Its just fun to have beautiful weather and hear the crack of the bats and be at the ole ballgame again!


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