And Then There Was One

One game left in this crazy campaign. RA failed to get his 21st (!) win so we’ll have to settle for 20 which of course we’ll gladly do.

Obtw RA pitched with a torn abdominal muscle all season. I can’t even comprehend how he could win 20 - and IMO the Cy Young with a turn muscle. 

I’d say that tidbit of info doubles the incredibleness of his season.  

Congratulations on a magical season Dickey you’ve earned yourself a fan base for life in those of us who bleed orange and blue.

The real hilight of last nights game was seeing Adam Greenberg FINALLY get his 1st big league AB. If you recall 6 years ago he was hit by a pitch and seriously injured the first time he ever stepped to the plate in the bigs. Because a HBP isn’t an official AB he was never credited as having an AB yet 6 years later the Marlins give him that chance.

Tip of the hat to the Fish on this one. 

They should let the guy start Tommy’s game.

1 more hurrah tomm at 3:30 folks 

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  1. Lord Charles Says:

    I would be very curious to see what the Mets could get for Dickey this off-season. My suspicion is that it is less than the value he will provide them next season.

  2. Lord Charles Says:

    ^To me, the biggest difference is that Felix pitched a lot more innings that CC did, where in this case, Dickey is the one with more IP. Throw in the fact that Dickey has a better K/BB ratio and their xFIP are essentially even, then it is really hard to make an argument for Kershaw.

    “Wright and Dickey are going NOWHERE unless the Mets are trying to dissolve their fanbase.”

    Or Mike Trout is involved! ;)

  3. Former mets fan Says:

    So terry obviously wants to lose this game. WTF. Okay bases are loaded. Now pull a relief pitcher that cannot buy a stike. By the angel
    Pagen is playoff bound.

  4. Former mets fan Says:

    Nice Manny

  5. foxster Says:

    thank heaven this season is finally at an end, so our latest rebuilding phase may go into full swing.

  6. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Add two power RH hitting OFs and this team wins the WC next season

  7. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    And of course, LC, getting Trout would be an acceptable return for anybody on the roster.

  8. Original62Fan Says:

    I WIN!!!!!
    All you bloggers said the Mets could never win 72 games this year (they won 74) and that they would be the worst team in baseball. They were 10th from the bottom out of 32 teams, so 9 teams were worse than them. The first half of the season was fun to watch, the second a little less so. I see success on the horizon. Maybe not in 2013, but 2014 could be special.

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] Says:

    Thanks for another season, BMF!

    While it wasn’t necessarily a miraculous season I did get to see the Mets win a game at Sh*ttyField and virtually rain on Chipper’s night here in Atlanta.

    Happy off-season Mets fans. Pitchers and catchers report in a little more than four months…

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