RA Dickey Just Won 20 Games!

Can we please give this guy the Cy Young?? Winning 20 sure does help his chances - which just went up exponentially compared to a 19 win RA season.

Regardless of postseason hardware this Met season has to be classified as successful regardless of the standings.

We got a no-hitter AND a 20 game winner, and they’re not the same player.

A Tremendous way to end the season.

Congratulations RA, you genuinely deserve to be recognized.

RA, Rocks!!!

5 Responses to “RA Dickey Just Won 20 Games!”

  1. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    If the writers don’t give it to him, they should have their credentials pulled.

    In case any of you care about just how good the Mets announcers are…

  2. foxster Says:


    a round of applause for Ike and David.

    even though it cost what could have a vital run, a tip of the cap to the Pirate Right Fielder, for an amazing catch.

    what can be said for the Met’s Bullpen an the top of the ninth. for the second time in a row, an RA Dickey win hung in the balance. Parnell saved the day with his 20th save, kind of ironic.

    sad to say, that might be David Wright’s last game at Citi Field, as a Met. unless management gives him a contract that is commensurate with his ability and what others in Baseball in his league are receiving, he might be gone the way of Jose Reyes. to a team willing to pay his worth. i keep forgetting, management pleads poverty and the fact that they’re “rebuilding”. this is a rebuild that’s unending and highly un productive.

    i couldn’t help noticing that in most home games, the bulk of the Met Fans come disguised as empty seats, which goes nicely with Management’s guise as empty suits.

  3. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    foxster, Tejada has hit .295 with .342 OB% while Reyes has hit .285 with .346 OB%. Tejada has 1 HR, 25 RBIs and 52 Runs scored while Reyes has 11 HRs and 56 RBIs and 82 Runs scored. Some of the secondary numbers can be attributed to Marlins vs Mets lineup but clearly Reyes has an edge and of course steals bases.

    Still, did it make sense for Mets to WAY OVERPAY and then be stuck when his legs eventually give out ending his effectiveness? Because the Marlins paid WAY MORE than he was worth to the Mets. Having said that, in hindsight, the Mets should’ve dealt him last year.

    As to Wright and Dickey, I’m willing to bet they will be retained with long term deals. If not, the team will see those attendance numbers drop more dramatically than the last few years.

  4. foxster Says:

    i just used Reyes as an example because the Mets made little if any attempt to retain him.

    there are many examples of contracts handed out to players who never seem to contribute anything for the money “forced” on them.

    it just strikes me that Wright is undervalued by the Mets. no less of an expert such as Wilpon the Younger has said that he’s not a clutch player. RA has said that his future with the Mets is predicated by the Mets treatment of David Wright.
    for many years, players had no recourse. it was either take was offered or don’t play for any team, because the reserve clause held them to the team that “owned” them.

    i’ve been around the Mets since the late 60’s. i just would like to see some winning baseball before my own 9th inning is reached. rebuilding is for the birds. the long suffering Mets Fans deserve better.

  5. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    foxster, your basic premise is correct, but when have the Mets undervalued him contract-wise? His second deal was much better than what they gave Reyes. He’s not looking to break the bank and wants to stay in NY. But if you really want to panic, despite a monster contract with A-Rod, the yankees could use a 3B.

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