Bad Draw Stops Dickey

While it’s certainly no guarantee the Met bats would score against anyone facing Cliff Lee left RA Dickey exactly zero room for error. 

Sure enough RA allowed 2 ER and lost the game 3-1. Figures. 

According to BMF’s quick calculations Dickey has 3 starts left in his quest for 20.

Congrats on RA breaking the 200 K’s barrier this season. That’s a tremendous feat.


The Las Vegas 51’s are the Mets AAA team for the next 2 years. Of course this is a result of getting dumped by our Buffalo affiliate. I’m sorry but Las Vegas is a ridiculous place for a NY franchise to have their AAA team… But there are the Mets so…

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  1. Lord Charles Says:

    Just be happy that the AAA team in the early 80’s wasn’t in Vegas… the Mets would still be stuck on one WS title.

  2. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    LC, just imagine that ‘86 team playing in Las Vegas and then add in new technology and the 24/365 sports news cycle of today and imagine how much fun that team would’ve been!

  3. Mig Says:

    It makes me wonder again why they didn’t put their AAA team in Brooklyn. Duh.

    Maybe some politics or some issues regarding the use of the stadium/facility for a longer season? Somehow I doubt it.

    Hmm. Maybe they’d draw more … that’s probably it.

  4. Lord Charles Says:

    Can you imagine if the 86 team had Twitter? The player accounts during their flight home from Houston after the game 6 win would be amazing…

  5. Metsfan88 Says:

    I tweeted Dickey today, I told him that just exactly when can the Mets’ offense stop putting up 0’s, If R A don’t win CY, their Offense is definitely partial blame for it! How do anyone explain to me that these lineup can get 11 runs( 1st 2 @ Mil), & can’t BUY more runs @ home! I think these mets should start playing home games @ toms river next season, & if anyone has a bad week, just send them to Vegas to REFRESH their minds!

  6. Met_Maven Says:

    Anyone notice the Mets started sucking when SNY stopped airing those “Somebody left the gate oooooooopen” commercials…. Coincidence?

  7. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Ask rj, he seems to be the authority on crazy theories.

  8. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    That’s great. AAA team is across the country and they will beplaying home games in 110 degree heat. Imagine when we need to call someone up? I’m sure they’ll be nice and fresh. I’ve been out of the country but i just read that there is a rumor that the Mets are considering trading Ike Davis because he stays out to late? Was it a big deal in the new york papers (if they still even have a beat for the Mets, as of two weeks ago, they barely did.)

  9. Metsfan88 Says:

    JoeyBrooklyn1976: at this point, ANY1 is tradable! I’m so sick of same garbage every year( I just hope we can trade Wilpons too)!

  10. Metsfan88 Says:

    I’m sick of the garbage mets put up every year, I don’t want just meaningful Aug or Sept, I want championship(ssssssssss), is that too much to ask for!

  11. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Trading Ike makes sense if they get 3 almost major league ready power hitting OFs in return. Since that will never happen I’m not sure why they would trade their best power hitter. I would sooner trade Wright (but don’t want them to trade him either).

  12. Met_Maven Says:

    At this point, I don’t care who they trade as long as the trade benefits the Mets. I honestly don’t see how the Mets can contend next year, so if we can trade Ike to a team and get an outfielder who can field AND hit (what a crazy concept) I’m all for it. I like Ike, but if we can get better tading him, trade him. The Mets have an abundance of pitching prospects, putting Ike and a prospect together could net us a quality fielder.

    As for this whole Las Vegas AAA team thing, its a nothing story. Toronto, who is further away from Vegas than New York, had their AAA team there for the past 4 years. I’m sure if there was any negative issue from them playing in the heat or not being ready after a call up, it would have made its way around the internets. It’s only for 2 years until the Nats contract with their AAA affiliate in Syracuse is up.

  13. The Phantom Says:

    Speaking of Brooklyn - the Mets way back when ( 2002 - 2003? ) were to have a workout at Coney Island before the season began. It would have given a ton of positive publicity. But it was rained out.

    And they never rescheduled it in the following decade!

    These guys need to market their product. This would be a very cheap way to generate a ton of good publicity in Brooklyn and beyond

  14. Lord Charles Says:

    Pretty interesting reads on the possibility of trading Davis, both in terms of whether it wold make sense statistically, and who the Mets could get to make it make sense:

    I pretty much agree with the AA takeaway: trading Davis isn’t a bad idea, but it’s unlikely that the right trade partners (from the Mets POV) exist.

  15. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    All those statistics make my head spin. To me trading Davis seems like a mistake. If the Mets have any strength at all, other than at SP, it’s in the infield. And even though Davis did not have a great year defensively this year, we’ve seen enough to know that he will supply superior defense at first. He’ll catch all those stretchy throws from Murphy and Wright, too. And he’ll hit 30 HRs and hopefully hit at least .270 or more. Duda can hang around another year playing dreadful outfield, if the Mets only go out and BUY a couple of real MLB outfielders. Like say, Josh Hamilton in Left, and Michael Bourn in center. That would fill up some seats in Citi Field, I should think.

  16. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    LC, read both articles and have question…do these advanced stats take into account effect of a HR hitter in middle of order on those in front and behind. To me, just the threat of the long ball changes the way pitchers approach a lineup. That’s why Bay sucking has been such an issue, because if he was the old Bay and the lineup had another RH HR threat this team would probably score a bunch more runs. Since only Wright (somewhat) and Ike are serious threats to go deep, pitchers can go right after guys and not worry about making mistakes because they won’t pay for them.

  17. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    P.S. My mancrush on Harvey continues. And would be nice for pen to hold on to this one and put another L up there for Hamels and the Phils!

  18. Cowcrusher Says:

    That is what I have been saying all along and it is great to see that great minds think alike.
    While 2 years seems like an eternity from now, having them finally here in Syracuse will be worth it provided that the Mayans are not correct about 12/21/12 :)
    Seriously, the Nats cannot afford to keep going if they don’t establish their brand in the DC area and say within a few hours drive of DC. Also with the Skanks AAA a couple of hours down I 81, you will have more fannies in the seats ..something the Chiefs desparately need.

  19. Cannot get worse... Says:

    THIS TEAM MAKES ME SICK. Howard’s homer in the freaking ninth inning. THIS TEAM MAKES ME SICK. SICK. SICK. SICK.

  20. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    OBJ: agree about Harvey. But of course they couldn’t hold the lead.

  21. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    tdfkabl, didn’t help the offense choked away the 1st and 3rd nobody out, bases loaded one out opportunity in the 8th when they could’ve given the pen some insurance. But I like giving Edgin the opportunity to close it out against the lefties. And I still say with two real RH OFs this team can win the WC next year.

  22. Lord Charles Says:


    It’s a good point about the threat of the HR, and to answer your question directly, no they can’t account for that, although they do somewhat acknowledge the value by stating that Ike would have more value on the market, specifically because of his HR potential.

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