Mejia 2.0

Guess who’s back today - one time, and hopefully once again, Met blue chip prospect Jenrry Mejia takes the ball to start for the first time in the Bigs since he was shipped off for surgery.

It would seem like a fairly unimportant game with us dead and buried and all, but if Mejia can show us he’s still got his “stuff” post surgery then we’ve got another weapon to be excited about.

As for last nite, the weapon that is John Niese is still cooking with gas and Lucas Duda hit a bomb to remind us that he’s still a weapon as well.

Still not sure the whole Duda to the minors was the most prudent move. Sorta feels like he just lost a month in the bigs, but maybe it would’ve been worse had he stayed up here.

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  1. Metsfan88 Says:

    I don’t get this, mets 7runs in 1gm @ Mil = 1wk runs @ home! They should just play 1/2 , if not all, of their home games elsewhere!

  2. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    It is bizarre how well this team has played on the road and how poorly it has played at home.

  3. Met_Maven Says:

    What happened from the first half to the 2nd half? They were playing good ball consistently. There were no major shake ups, trades, fighting. What caused them to flick the switch off?

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    Met_Maven, they were playing well above where you would expect them statistically. There was little likelihood to keep up the pace of two-out hits or one-run wins. Plus, the pitching staff really struggled to start the second half, starters and bullpen.

    As to Mejia, lots of talent, not so much execution last night. But he should get a few more starts.

  5. rj Says:

    I believe that the treatment of RA Dickey in the All Star game had a possible mental butterfly effect on the team. That coupled with the fact that Wright didn’t start could be the keys. Now you and the team may say not possible they are big leaguers. They are still human. As for Dickey here is a guy that his team loves and became very emotional with him. This has a psychological effect among teamates. So for the week after the AS Game they may have been bummed about it. When that happens and you lose a few games in a row then you start straining to win and not being able to relax and concentrate. Think about it. Think about when you have been dissapointed in the past about someone you cared about. It makes it tough to concentrate on your tasks at hand. If I had to pinpoint a reason this is my reasoning..well…that and no bullpen whatsoever..

  6. IrishMike Says:

    rj - that was satire right?

  7. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    IM if it’s not it makes “the dog ate my homework” sound like a reasonable explanation.

  8. rj Says:

    I was being serious. To the team Dickey is more than just a baseball player. You never want to see someone who had a life like he did have any more disappointments. To you guys oh..well it’s just starting the All Star game but think of how many of you were pissed off at the fact that he didn’t get that start and you don’t even know him. Is it just coincendence the Mets all of a sudden nosedived after the AS game? I didn’t say it was the cause I said it could have had a possible (key word possible here) mental butterfly effect on the team. Is that far fetched? How do you perform at work when the wife calls to tell you she got pulled over and has to pay 350.00 summons? Are you the type to just let it go and go on with your day and make headline progress? Probably not. Even if you did handle it well you know youre going to be upset all day long thinking about it. This is the exact thing I am talking about.

  9. Former mets fan Says:

    This team really really sucks. Nice job Sandy.

  10. Omar Minaya Says:

    Sandy = Obama
    Manaya = Bush

    Sandy was given a really s**tty hand to play. You don’t fix Omar’s monumental f**k ups in a year or two.

    This organization is in bad shape in every way with the possible exception of the starting rotation. The farm is f**ked and wandering around from one dead American city to another bc Nomore f**ked up the Tidewater relationship.

    And, David Wright is no cornerstone. This franchise has taken such a toll on him. He’s not a guy to build around and Sandy probably wasn’t free to deal him.

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