Is 20 & Cy Young Too Much? 

All I, or any sensible Met fans wants out of what’s left of this season is 20 Wins for Dickey and a Cy Young…. Is that too much to ask???

I dunno, call it “Met Guilt” if you want but BMF has the distinct feeling that Johan’s No-No has used up all the good ju-ju in Met Land.  

As a Met fan I’ve come to expect only occasional good news from our team and The No Hitter easily uses up 4-5 years of Met goodness.

Of course in the Bronx No-No’s, Cy Youngs and championships can come in bunches and the ungrateful Yankee fans still demand the best free agent on the market.

Sure would be nice if we coulda scored a few runs and gotten Dickey Win number 19 last nite but they didn’t so RA is stuck on 18 with 2 starts left…

The way I see it we’ve got 2 meaningful games left this september.


Thanks for all the good wishes on the birth of Baby BMF aka Felix. 

I will not comment on unsubstantiated rumors I named my son after Met great Felix Millan ; ) 

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  1. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    The Mets gave Dickey a lead into the 7th. It’s his fault he didn’t win #19.

    (I was trying to capture the spirit of Darryl Strawberry’s quote about Doc Gooden’s 24-4 season when he said if Gooden hadn’t lost those 4 games the Mets would’ve won the division)

    For those who can do math, Dickey has 4 starts left if they keep him on regular rest/rotation.

  2. Irish Mike Says:

    I couldn’t believe TC pinch hit for Dickey in the bottom of the 7th. The Mets haven’t had a clutch hit in two months so what were the odds Valdespin would actually get a hit? He should have let Dickey hit and then go at least one more inning to give the Mets more chances to get him off the hook for the L or by some miracle get him back to the W side. He’d only thrown 84 pitches.

  3. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    TC isn’t much of a strategic improvement over BIC Willie or Jerry The Jenius. But then again, the ones that usually know the right moves act like jackasses that drive you crazy anyway (for example, Tony LaRussa and Bobby Valentine).

  4. metfan88 Says:

    I cant watch this 2012 version mets team anymore, they stinked, offensively! Dickey gave them all he had, harvey did his, & all other starters knows the game is OVER if they give up 1-2 runs! can the wilpons & alderson put a REAL baseball team on the field pleaseeeeeeee! the PEN sucked, & many of the so called homegrowns arent exactly major league player! teams come in CITI & just SWEPT right thru! no fight, no heart, no desire & most of all NO TALENTS! I’m done this year! DAVEY was right, CITI is a morgue, no energy, no passion, no anything………..
    alright, thats it, Im going to bed now……later


    This team is a pitful and sickening team to follow. Just makes me sick. Take a look at the Braves and National dugout Sandy and ownership on how to build a good organization. Your year after year after year of excuses is making us all sick. What a disgrace.

  6. Give a Met fan a break Says:

    This team has clearly quit- TC should NOT get an extension!

  7. Met_Maven Says:


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