Familia Arrives

So that’s Jeurys Familia.

If you’re a big time Met fans there are always a few names you’ve been hearing about as they develop on the farm. These prospects are often nothing more than faceless players whose names ring bells but they generally remain sight unseen.

Thats changing now with all spring games broadcast and some minors games on SNY but I remember hearing for years how “Strawberry was ripening on the farm”

Now almost 30 years later Familia is making  his Major League debut. Jeurys introduced himself a scoreless eighth inning and a 97 mph fastball.

I’m rarely a fan of moving these starters into bullpen roles. Sometimes it’s necessary and sometimes for the best but generally speaking I want my flame throwing prospects to remain in the rotation when the make the show.  

I don’t mind a few relief innings to get their feet wet in September I just hope the Mets keep he’s eloping him as a starter. 

Imagine a staff of Johan, Dickey, Niese, Harvey, Familia, Mejia … Or Pelfrey.

I could live with some combination of that in 2013.

5 Responses to “Familia Arrives”

  1. Irish Mike Says:

    “Imagine a staff of Johan, Dickey, Niese, Harvey, Familia, Mejia … Or Pelfrey.”

    And Zack Wheeler. An embarrassment of riches! Maybe they can trade someone for an actual major league outfielder or two.

  2. foxster Says:

    Johan? is he really coming back for anything that looks like a meaningful return? i’m afraid we’re in for another rebuilding period. there are some promising additions, but there still is a lot missing, and some big question marks. just why have several dominated every year, while the Mets continue to stumble? ownership is a big MINUS, but how do the Mets rid themselves of owners?

  3. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    foxster, besides the yankees, what teams have dominated every year? The Braves had a sustained run of excellence and the Cards are usually good but most teams have short runs and then rebuild for a couple of years. The Red Sox were good for a while but became a disaster, same with the Twins. The Rays are good now but stunk forever, same with Texas. The Dodgers were a debacle under McCourt. Of course I want longer good periods with the Mets, but it’s not like they are the exception, they are the rule.

  4. DjMMStan Says:

    Put it this way at least the Mets have better depth in the minor leagues as far as pitching goes than that other soon to be 3rd place team.

  5. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Dickey is good.
    Ike is good.
    The bullpen is, um, well, good.

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