Are the Yankees Choking?

I haven’t wanted to even mention it because I don’t want to jinx the choke, but the Yankees are looking like they’re in serious trouble.

Now just 1 game ahead of Baltimore (!) the Yankees are in danger of slipping out of first after they built a 10 game lead.

And if the O’s edge them out in the East there’s no guarantee they qualify for a Wild Card either. The newly added second WC team may help them squeak in the postseason but that’s a 1 game playoff and they may not even finish top 2 in the WC.

Man how sweet would it be to watch the yanks and their fans crash and burn over the next 4 weeks.

I know I’m a petty Met fan but that sure would make me feel better after the season we’ve had.

3 Responses to “Are the Yankees Choking?”

  1. foxster Says:

    AMEN TO THAT. any time the DamnYankees drop a game brings the sun out for a bit. combine a Met win with a Yankee loss and it’s almost like a beatutiful spring day.

  2. AJW Says:

    BMF, good to see you expand the yankee haters page.

  3. Cowcrusher Says:

    I am hoping that age and treachery finally gets what it is due..crash burning in the Bronx… How sweet it is!!!

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