RA on his Way to 20? 

He’s got a shot. Prob gonna have 4 more starts maybe 5 so it’s definitely within reach. 

And I got news for ya’ - if RA wins 20 he just may take home the Cy Young also. 

Obtw College football is back and Syracuse opens it’s season today at noon! 

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  1. foxster Says:

    if it weren’t for insufficient run production, RA would have 20 right now, and be working on a Mets record season. RA does deserve the “Cy Young” award for what he’s accomplished as of now. the only shadow on his season is that he plays for the Mets, and that will detract from his achievements, as the know it alls who vote for the award will most likely look down on the team he plays for

    in the hearts and minds of all Met Fans, RA Dickey is a shining light on the 2012 season.

    come on guys, give him the run support he deserves and no one can deny him the top pitching award he’s truly earned.

  2. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Unless he gets injured, Dickey will get at least five more starts because you know the club wants him to win the Cy Young. As it stands now, it’s a two man race between him and Johnny Cueto of the Reds, who also has 17 wins and has a better ERA while pitching home games in a hitters park. Dickey has more Ks and of course the better story which is why I think he has the edge. Hopefully he wins 20 and Cueto doesn’t making it easier for voters.

  3. OptimistBlondiesJake Says:

    Big rally in the 9th. Francisco locks it down again. The Mets are rolling. Maybe winning 35 of the last 36 will be enough.

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