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There is no way in Hell Terry Collins should be fired.

The Mets came out and said TC is safe but it’s worth reminding everyone that the Mets performed way OVER THEIR HEADS in the first half. Granted the second half was a complete and utter disaster that even the most cynical fans didn’t see coming, but you can’t hold the skipper responsible for this mess.

If this was a real team we would’ve gone out and added a bat to help an offense that survived on smoke and mirrors for way too long.


That Dodger / Sox trade is completely insane. Word is the Dodgers are planning to become the Yankees of the West Coast and with their new ownership there’s no reason to doubt that’s what’s happening. I don’t know how smart taking on Beckett and Crawford’s mega deals are but Adrian Gonzalez is a no-brainer and I guess if they have Yankee pockets they can withstand those contracts should they both come up snake eyes.

Then again there’s no reason to think Beckett won’t benefit from a move to the NL West and Crawford can definitely bounce back after recovering from surgery.

Either way it’s bad news for the Mets. I know we’ve got to worry about the East before the NL Pennant but a Yankee-esque Dodger franchise is not good news for the low budget Mets.

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  1. Irish Mike Says:

    So TC gets all the credit for the good first half but none of the blame for the atrocious second half? Why is that exactly? I wish my work performances were judged in that manner.

    TC’s job is safe because the season was lost long ago, there is no one of note within the organization and we know the Wilpons aren’t paying an extra nickel to bring in an outsider.

    The Dodgers trade was brilliant - for the Red sox. It will be a disaster for the Dodgers.

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    IM, I’m with you on TC, how can you give him all the credit and then none of the blame. Having said that, I don’t see the point of firing him.

    As for the Dodgers/Red Sox deal, I agree it was great for Boston, but I also think it was good for LA. They desperately needed a big bat and now have one. The $ means nothing to the new ownership group so why not roll the dice with Beckett and Crawford.

    My only issue is why the Dodgers also consented to give up a couple of their top pitching prospects. If you’re going to save the Red Sox from themselves financially, no need to help restock their farm as well. And at the end of the day, the Sox would’ve done the deal without them because no other team was going to agree to take on those massive contracts.

  3. foxster Says:

    the Mets cannot afford to worry about deals made by clubs in both leagues. their main concern is putting together a team roster that will put them into contention as quickly as possible. the best move the Mets can make is getting rid of the disasters that both own and run the team. as long as the Wilpons are in charge, there will be no hope for the team and more sorrow for its long suffering fans

  4. Met_Maven Says:

    If anything TC gets half the blame. He con only field the team he was given, use whatever strategy he feels will result in a W. Its up to those players to execute TCs “game plan” and do whatever is necessary to earn the W. The first half of the season, everything was going right. For some reason, either TC lost his players or the players gave up on TC. Either way, something needs to be done to show the fans, players and manager that the Mets are committed to winning. I don’t think Collins gets fired after this season, but if the 2nd half swoon continues into next season, I don’t see him making it to the ASG.

    For the Dodgers / Sox trade, I could see it working out well for both clubs, but the Sox will be better off in the long run. It would be great if the Wilpons were as serious about winning as the Sox & Dodgers are.

    Was anyone at the Mets plan holder event at City Field this past Sunday? They had Alderson, Collins, Teufel, Baxter and Niese answering questions from the fans. For the most part they were as honest as could be. Admitted how they stink right now and they need to show the fans they want to win. Alderson said he will do what he can to keep Wright & RA. There’s a good summary of it here

    Lets hope the Mets can at least take 4 of 6 from the Philthies and Marlins.

  5. JoMama Says:

    TC sucks, he truly hasn’t done anything worth noting. The 1st half success wasn’t because he was a good manager and the 2nd half failure isn’t because he’s bad - he has and always will be just a mediocre manager with a knack for a few blowups. I never really had a problem with him until the 2nd half where, I swear, after each loss the same s**t was said night after night. Enough with placating the fans, show some grit, some fire, something that makes me think he’s worth keeping around. Instead we got garbage like sending Bay out for months, playing Duda in a position he has no business playing, overusing Gee, and the debacle that is the pen. He’s just a s**tty manager for a s**tty team with even s**ttier management.

  6. Irish Mike Says:

    Jomama I agree with the gist of your post but in a limited defense of TC he is doing what he is told - both in terms of things like playing Bay and in things like saying that all is well and they are competing and getting good swings etc. We all know from Moneyball that Alderson runs things from his office. We’d all love to have TC bench Bay and say “this team sucks and they quit on me” but he’d be canned on the spot. He was told to play Bay and he is told to keep things positive with the press.

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    This team was better in March in Spring Training and they SUCKED BIG TIME THEN!

    I would rather see the team start off bad and make a come back in the second half. This is the second year in a row this team has had a total collapse in the second half, not that they were going anywhere.

    I am no so sure I want to keep TC around, especially if they bring up all those young pitchers.

  8. rj Says:

    One would think that one of the 4 NY teams I root for would somewhow get into the playoffs and win a championship every 25 years…The laws of probability must be against teams that wear Orange and Blue and Green and White. Or Teams that rhyme with ETS.

  9. JoMama Says:

    RJ - right on, I feel the exact same way…you can add the Islanders and Knicks too. I’m 37 and have never seen a Knicks championship, too young for the Lafontaine Islanders and now we have the Nets too worry about.

    M plays Bama Sat night though, I’m not gonna sleep before that game - prediction BJ?

    (sidenote: when did SNY get the new hottie sideline gal?)

  10. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    JoMama: no championships for LaFontaine, either. You have to go back even farther….

  11. rj Says:

    yeah jomama you have to go back to Trottier

  12. BlondiesJake Says:

    Though I’m not thrilled with another 2nd half swoon, I’ll gladly take one half of good baseball from a team that just doesn’t have enough talent. And I still say the team is approaching this mess the right way, making changes as they can but not just listening to fans and signing players who can’t help for the sake of signing players.

    I’m forever thankful for the ‘86 Mets, ‘94 Rangers and ‘97 Wolverines or I might’ve stopped watching sports. Still, three titles in 35 years of watching (I don’t remember too much before I was 8) isn’t much to brag about.

    JoMama, I’m very worried Michigan will get thrashed, especially if Hoke and Co insist on trying to make Denard an under-center, pocket passer, thereby eliminating him as the run/pass threat he is out of the shotgun. BUT with ‘Bama losing plenty from their D, if they turn Denard loose, it could be a big day for Big Blue. I’m cautiously not-so-optimistic but am hoping for the best.

  13. BlondiesJake Says:

    A rally from 4-1 down in Philly!
    Five and two-thirds scoreless from the pen!
    Longballs by Baxter and Shoppach!
    Clutch hits by Ike and Duda!
    6-1 in Philly this season!
    Three wins in a row!

  14. Phantom Says:

    I respect Terry Collins’ body of work with the Mets, but I absolutely want Wally Backman to get a major league managers gig soon. I think that he is an ideal manager for a young team.

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