How can a kid like Collin McHugh possibly come up from the minors, post a stellar game of 1 R, 2H, 1BB 9K in 7IP and STILL not get the Win??? Because he plays for the NY Mets.

First of al what a shocker to see this type of outing from this kid who came out of nowhere. Met fans are familiar with Matt Harvey but Collin McHugh??? This kid came out of nowhere and just posted a Johan/RA type outing. 

The next question is: is he for real? No shortage of pitchers who threw the game of their lives in their big league debut and never tasted that success again but you had to like what you saw from McHugh. The kid allowed a hit to the 1st batter he saw, stranded him at 3rd and surrendered just 1 more hit the rest of his 7 IP. 

The kid looked confident, and threw without fear of ML hitters which I suppose is easier to do if you’re striking out 9!

Another reason shutting down Johann was the right move. Protect your ace and give a prospect a chance to prove himself.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    How apropo that the Astors are coming to town, as the Mets get ready to hit the cellar. A perfect setting for a “Battle of the Basemnt.”

    We are the Houston Astros of the NL East!.

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FMFR: yes, and at Citi they’re “gonna party like it’s 1962″– Maybe MLB should have the ‘Stros wear their “Colt 45″ logos all weekend. 50 years later, and still ‘Amazin!!

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    Not that it matters, BMF, but the kid didn’t allow any runs. Nice outing and another glimmer of hope.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    Hey Former Meta Fan, nice job blaming Parnell and the bullpen for the loss yesterday. I assume you didn’t watch the game, because if you did you would’ve seen that Valdespin, who I’ve mentioned numerous times can’t play OF, completely misplayed a routine flyball to CF into a triple that became the game’s only run. I guess you can blame Parnell for allowing the ball to be hit to CF, so there’s that.

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BJake: right on about Valdespin. He cannot play the outfield. don’t know that he’s much of an infielder either, unfortunately, but definitely not the outfield. Surely management will realize this and not make us sit through a year of Valdespin and Duda manning two of the fields next year.

  6. DjMMStan Says:

    McHugh did pitch against a minor league lineup…and the Mets got outhit and outplayed; defensively and offensively to a team that had their starting pitchers pitch 3 innings a game.

  7. JoMama Says:

    By now everyone’s seen the Francesa rant but if not here it is again: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/24/mike-francesa-mets-rant-channels-chris-russo_n_1827788.html

    God, I feel the exact same way and am tired of this “We did all right.” - attitude. Sorry, this team is pathetic and we as fans deserve better. I want more fire from TC, his ho-hum demeanor in regards to Bay, Thole, his s**tty pen, etc - is finally getting to me. I can’t stand it. Swept by a AAA team at home and he’s talking about good at bats? Really? Someone needs to light a fire under this team, even if it has quit.

  8. Helix Says:

    Francesa is a self-important blowhard, but dammit, he’s spot on with this one.

  9. metfan88 Says:

    I love the mets, but this is 1 of the reasons why they never gonna win, they just option McHugh to make room for hefner (which we all know what he is by now), so much for that debut! Y are the Bosox able to dump high priced players & mets cant? the difference is the OWNERSHIP. Boston & yanks both would do anything to win championships, while mets would SOMETMES( on given year) would pay just to make playoffs, that’s wilpons satisfaction ( which stadium actually posted that they were the wild card winner, only the wilpons). Please dont be silly, Im not even proud of that, I want championships, period! But as long as wilpons run the SHOW, they wont win!

  10. BlondiesJake Says:

    They optioned McHugh because he can’t pitch for at least another four days and they need another starter.

    If the Red Sox are able to dump the big contract of Crawford and maybe Beckett, it’s because they are also giving up stud Adrian Gonzalez. Should the Mets give up David Wright just to rid themselves of one more year of Bay’s deal?

  11. rj Says:

    On Collins:
    When they announced Collins as manager I asked why? Now I am not going to put the blame on Terry for this dreadful team and the way they try to lose games instead of trying to win games. The reason I asked why was because of what this man did to deserve a managing job in a big city. The guy is mediocre at best. A great guy? Maybe, A good guy? Maybe. A winner? No. He’s never won a thing. In fact the best he did was come in second in a mdeicore division not to mention the only manager I have ever heard of where his players had a mutiny to try and get him fired. This man is the poster boy for mediocroty. Did I spell that right? Not a big spell check guy. Anyway he goes to the press conferences and tries to accentuate the positives when there is none. We lost 14 out of 16 home games. What positives? I am not saying go out there and throw your players under the bus but there is certainly nothing wrong with saying. We Stink. Other managers in the past had no problem saying that. I am not exactly Father of the year but I don’t always tell my kid he’s great when he screws up.

    On Mets Managers: We’ve had 1-1/2 great managers in 50 years. Hodges and Valentine…Johnson had the horses he doesn’t count and I don’t care what you say. I don’t hate him in fact I like him but he wasn’t great. He didn’t take a nothing team to the World Series and almost blew the only one he ever managed.

    On This Lousy Team: This Mets team really gets me angry because as I have said in past posts there is a difference between being in the basement all year versus having the football pulled away from you while trying to kick that field goal.. Basement Bertha aint got nuthin on Charlie Brown.

    On Facebook: I am sick of these Facebook posts where they say whats his name did great in a loss..Just say he did great we already know they lost..

  12. foxster Says:

    this is a BOBBLE HEAD weekend, so the Mets will get some seats filled for that reason. G-d knows there’s little else to see besides a most likely lack luster act by the least offensive offense. at any rate, Congrats to David Wright for his 200th Homer. it took a bit of a wait, but it finally happened. recall the KID and his wait on his 300th?

  13. BlondiesJake Says:

    rj, I agree, there was no compelling reason to hire TC. I suspect, however, management saw him as a guy who might be good for the clear transition phase the team was entering, who would have a chance to manage again and wouldn’t make waves because he doesn’t know if he’ll get another shot.

    I also agree re: Hodges, Valentine and Davey. The big shame is from ‘85 to ‘90, the Mets had the horses and only won it all in ‘86 and only won one other division title in ‘88. I’m not going to lay that all on Davey, but he has to take some of the blame for coming up short, especially Game 4 in ‘88 when he left Randy Myers in the pen and allowed Mike Scioscia to hit the game-tying HR against Gooden (not that I’m still bitter about that or anything).

    I will say I can live with the football being pulled away at the last minute for this team. The first half was fun and included Johan’s no-no, which was worth it. The collapse was inevitable, because this team doesn’t have enough talent or depth, but there is some hope. Of course, it would be nice to hear about some stud power hitting prospect on the way, but I guess we’ll be waiting on that for a while.

  14. BlondiesJake Says:

    Mets win!
    Mets win two in a row at home!
    Mets win a series!
    Don’t run on Duda!
    Shoppach til you drop!
    Ike, Ike, Baby!
    If the Mets win all their remaining games they might make the postseason!!!

  15. foxster Says:

    oh my gosh, my heart will never take the strain. two in a row? ok, one was a stellar job by RA Dickey, again toiling with hardly any run support and the other was a rookie, up from the minors, pitching very well, again with hardly any support except for two solo shots by Ike Davis, the second a walk off job by once again Ike. doesn’t this majpr league team understand YOU MUST SCORE RUNS TO WIN BALL GAMES, otherwise every game is a nail biter.

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