Destined for Last Place

After last nite’s loss and a Philly win the Mets are now tied with the Phil’s at 19 games off the pace. Even worse we’re just 1.5 games out of last as Miami steadily gains ground on us as well.

You know we’re finishing in last place right? Despite the debacle of a year Philly has endured and despite the fantastic first half the Mets have had they’re about to pass us.

RA was robbed of his 16th Win due to another nonexistent Met offense. 

Josh Edgin’s sloppy execution is the easy place to find blame but 1O runners left on base in a 3-1 loss is the real culprit. 

It’s a shame because RA deserves to win 20 this year and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.  He could easily have 17 or 18 wins at this point but last nite was a game he needed to have.

If Valdespin runs through the bag is he safe? Yeah maybe. But when you’re trying to get to that bag as fast as humanly possible instinct tells you to dive. I don’t blame guys for doing it… Nor can I get too worked up over this age old argument… But I do believe you get to the base fastest by running through it.

Then again I believe in Climate Change and UFO’s so…

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  1. Former Meta Fan Says:

    This team is painful. 1st swing out by the new, over fed catcher just left me shaking my head. When you head into spring training with what was effectively a AAA team this is what you end up with. Last place. Nice job Sandy.

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    I love people crushing Alderson for this season. Would love to know what he specifically should’ve done. What players should he have signed for how much $, what players he should’ve traded for and who he should’ve given up, etc.

  3. Met_Maven Says:

    Jake, here’s what most Met fans think should be done: throw assloads of money at any big name player, trade away bad contracts (ie: Bay) and get an all star in return, promote everyone hows been touted as a solid player in AA & AAA because rushing them is always the answer and lastly fix the bullpen because its not a crapshoot its an easy fix.

    Met fans want instant gratification. Yes, I know its been 6 years since we were 1 hit from reaching the World Series. But this is only Aldersons 2nd year with a team that had a lot of bad contracts and a limited budget imposed by the Wilpons. There wasn’t a lot he could do. It really won’t be until after next year that the albatross salaries come off the books and will give the Mets more payroll flexibility.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:


    Is anybody with half a brain really surprised at this? I’m actually surprised it them them this long to get there!

    The only thing left to do is


  5. matt Says:

    If they want to fix the team they need better players. The easiest way to get better players is by developing them through the draft and as international free agents. The Mets have not shown any willingness to pay above draft slot.

    Further, they have a very poor record at developing minor league players. Who was the last above average everyday player or pitcher they developed internally? Wright? Reyes? Those guys broke into the big leagues 8-9 years ago. That’s a long drought.

    Also, the only two decent prospects they have are Wheeler and Harvey. They lucked out to get Wheeler via trade and Harvey fell into their laps as a high draft pick. Their player development track record is horrible. Not that it’s easy to find stars, but when you see the top prospects lists in the minors, there are never any Mets besides those two pitchers mentioned.

    If the Mets want to compete, they need to get the Trouts, Harpers, Mike Stantons of the world to compete. Otherwise they will continue to suck, and in a good season be an also-ran.

  6. matt Says:

    I recall reading a few months back that Alderson hired his son to be a scout for the team. It’s no wonder the Wilpons like Sandy. I am sure if you went up and down the Mets employees it would be a company full of brothers, cousins, and in-laws.

    They are the new Phillies (pre-2007). In other words hopeless.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    matt, you say the draft and internationally are the ways the get players, then say the Mets had Harvey fall into their laps. Since they drafted him and signed him, why don’t they get credit for that?

    As well, you say they lucked out to get Wheeler via trade. So holding onto Beltran and refusing to deal with SF until they gave up a top prospect for a rental player was luck?

    And aren’t Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada position players the Mets developed?

  8. JoMama Says:

    There really is enough blame to go around but 6 years is enough. Nats are young, Braves/Phils always compete, Fish will get better, while the Mets keep getting worse. I clip out the preseaon SI rankings every year and every year, I scoff at those asshats when I see them finishing in last place, this year the assumption was they’d win 75(!!) games. They have the order all wrong but at the AS break, I totally believed we would win at least 80. So much for that. From March 26 SI:

    Phils: 94-68
    Marlins: 89-73
    Nats: 84-78
    Braves: 82-80
    Mets: 75-87

  9. matt Says:

    I give them credit for getting Wheeler, that was a smart move.

    Tejada and Ike Davis might develop into above average everyday players, but I haven’t seen enough to prove that yet. A couple years ago we thought Thole was going to be an everyday catcher. Now the guy can’t hit or catch the ball to save his life.

    If Davis comes back next year and hits like Adam Dunn has this year, I will gladly eat my words. Tejada looks good to this point, but he is yet to play a full season in the big leagues.

    As far as players falling into your lap, I wouldn’t give the Mets much credit for Harvey in the same way I wouldn’t say the Nats deserve any credit for “developing” Harper and Strasburg who were probably the two highest regarded draft picks since Arod. Their ineptitude allowed them to luck into those picks.

    If simply signing your first round draft pick is an accomplishment, then sure, I’ll give the Mets some credit on Harvey.

    I’m just saying it takes a bumper crop of prospects to come along at the same time, similar to how the Phils had Utley, Howard, Hamels, etc all come up around the same time.



  11. rj Says:

    It’s one thing to be in last all year and have hopes of somehow at least getting out of the basement. It is an entirely different thing that these Mets do to us..They give you hope and rip it right from taking a toy from a baby..

  12. Carter Says:

    The mets

  13. foxster Says:

    this season has become much too painful to watch any longer.

    re Santana’s shut down, Even if he does not pitch for the Mets next season (2013), the Mets still have pay him something in the area of 31 million dollars (per todays Newark Star Ledger’s Sports) and the fact remains, he only pitched a full season, his first in New York, so please, no sad songs for him!

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