Mets Shuffled Out of Buffalo

I don’t know what’s going on with the Mets AAA team but we’re now leaving our 3rd city after that 40 year run in Norfolk, VA.

According to ESPN 

After almost 40 years  in Norfolk the kicked the Mets to the curb when they “became disenchanted with the quality of the product and the attention given by the Mets”

Then we had a short stint in New Orleans which ended after just 2 seasons and now booted from Buffalo. 

I wonder why the Met AAA is so lame. Wasn’t this the type of stuff Alderson was supposed to excel at? Organizational wide expertise and professionalism. 

The trend in recent years has been to promote from AA or after quick stops at AAA so perhaps the Mets have frustrated their AAA affiliates by not assigning their prospects long enough for the local team owner’s liking. But I wouldn’t think the Mets are any worse than any other franchise in this regard. 

Now we may end up in Las Vegas which is a terrible geographic disadvantage for an East Coast team.

I wish I knew more about how the Mets came up short with the product they deliver in AAA and what exactly do they not pay attention to. 

Either way it’s an embarrassment… typical Mets.

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  1. Omar Minaya Says:

    Hi everyone - long time, no speak.

    Just thought I’d poke my head out to remind you how I f**ked up the Norfolk relationship and sent the Mets’ AAA relationship wandering to the baseball Siberias of New Orleans and Buffalo. Just as my Santana and Bay signings continue to poison the roster and limit the team’s flexibility, my sabotage of the Norfolk relationship will continue to haunt this mess for years after my departure.

    Keep those “conventional wisdom” post coming, please. You know, the ones that give me credit for Duda, Niese, et. al. while overlooking the fact that I f**king blew up the Mets for 10+ years during my “Latin Shangri La” experiment.

    Now, back to destroying the Padres as much as I can before the new ownership finds my basement office and fires me!!


    Vamos Los Mets!!

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    I understand the season has slipped away and the only exciting part of yesterday’s game was a rain delay. But does it really matter where a club’s AAA team is located, so much so that it’s worth a blog post? NO!

    This team reminds me of the 2000 group, which had a very good infield and a patchwork outfield, plus a good starting pitching staff. Of course, that group had a decent bullpen and Mike Piazza catching, which made it possible to reach the World Series before Benitez blew Game 1, leading to a 4-1 series loss and flushing the only opportunity for Mets fans to have a comeback against yankees fans when the bronx buttheads start babbling about 20+ titles. But I’m not bitter or anything.

  3. Irish Mike Says:

    Every news outlet is talking about the Buffalo thing - it seems worthy of mention to me. Typically cities just about bankrupt themselves trying to get minor league teams to show up and somehow the Mets get booted from not one but two cities in a few years. It’s always something with these guys…

    Timo Perez gets an assist in the 2000 game 1 debacle. Why run home when you can dance around the basepath instead?

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    IM, I hear ya. Regarding Timo, we’ll never know what would’ve happened if he had scored in the top of the 6th. We do know the yankees scored in the bottom of that inning but the Mets came right back in the top of the 7th with three runs to take the lead. And we also know Benitez couldn’t get O’Neill, Polonia or Vizcaino out, which is about as pathetic as it gets.

    But here’s the part I’m still annoyed by that nobody ever mentions. The Mets had runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out in the 9th and DIDN’T GO ON CONTACT. Leading 3-2, getting one more run is huge. But the Mets played as though they needed two runs and couldn’t take a chance on an out at the plate, which made no sense, especially since if the runners go on contact, at worst you still have a runner on 3rd with two outs, you just have the other runner at 1st instead of 2nd. So they didn’t pinch run for Todd Pratt and when Timo hit a squirrelly ground ball that might’ve scored a run, nothing happened.

    Again, we will never know, but I still believe if the Mets won Game 1 in yankee stadium, the magical run would’ve continued all the way to a title.

  5. AJW Says:

    OM! is that you? I thought you were in Seattle with your buddy OP.

  6. Dave Nash Says:

    I think the problem is the Mets use AAA as a haven for the over 30 crowd. With few exceptions, the last few years have found more players on their AAA roster over 30 than any other team I have ever seen. They seem to think they will store the over 30 (sometimes over 40) crowd there and use them in case someone gets hurt. Then they bring them up to the big club and they stink. Which is why they were available in the first place. My hope for Sep call ups is they bring at least Wheeler and DenDekker up to see what we have there.

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