Murphy Powers Up

Daniel Murphy  hit a homer. All things considered that may be the biggest news of the day.

Sure the Mets lost, that happens all the time. Bay upped his avg to .157, what else is new? But Murphy’s complete and utter lack of power this year has been frustrating to say the least so HR number 4 is actually news.

No one expects 25 bombs from Murphy but to have only managed 3 before last nite is shockingly low.

The funny thing is the guy was a 3rd baseman by trade. David Wright blocking his path and forcing a switch to second base was the best thing that ever happened to Murphy since no one would tolerate 4 HR from a corner infielder.


Did anyone catch RA Dickey on Letterman? It was great to see RA getting that sort of recognition. Letterman has had some classic sports heroes showing off in / around his studio. Batting practice on 53rd street, throwing footballs into moving taxi cabs, throwing footballs at a pizza atop a Xmas tree and so on…

Unfortunately watching Letterman catch a knuckle ball doesn’t quite measure up to his tradition of wacky sports stunts.

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  1. Howard Says:

    Bay vs. Bonilla vs. Vaughn by the numbers

    I researched the statistics for all 3 players while on the Mets, using the numbers for Bonilla during his first and big contract period with the Mets from 1992-1995. The numbers below are taking all of their at bats while with the Mets and basing the numbers on 550 at bats which would be a full season of playing.

    .278 BA 30.81 2B 2.65 3B 30.15 HR 91.77 RBI

    .250 BA 19.54 2B 0 3B 28.33 HR 85 RBI

    .238 BA 24.35 2B 4.16 3B 13.66 HR 68.30 RBI

    Last week we were discussing the worst signing ever by the Mets and some people said Vaughn or Bonilla. The numbers above tell a convincing story.

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    JoMama, at what point am I allowed to start disparaging Howard again?

  3. JoMama Says:

    Have at it BJ ;)

    On a serious note, I feel like we’re done and the guys don’t have much fight left. I’d love to be wrong and go on a tear but I just don’t see it. That, plus we keep trotting out wastes of space like Bay and Thole (can the guy get anyone out at the plate?) coupled with Wright back to his strike-out swing, and we’re done. Honestly, we have to win both this series and the series with the Braves for me to have any faith again (doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching). LGM.

  4. Former Mets Fan Says:


  5. Former Mets Fan Says:


  6. Former Mets Fan Says:

    And Jason knows exactly what to do. GROUND OUT. YEA JASON. Chris Young’s batting average is better than yours. 16MM DOLLARS. 16MM and he is batting below .200. PITIFUL.

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