Should He Bay or Should he Go?

Sunday was supposed to be the end of Jason Bay’s opportunity to prove he can still be productive offensively. He failed to prove anything encouraging. 

TC and the brain trust are going to have some discussions that probably break along these lines:

Collins wants to bench Bay. Even Torres gives the Mets a better chance to win.

Alderson hoped some productivity could create a trading partner who would take at least a few bucks on his contract but that’s not happening. I imagine as far as Sandy is concerned Bay isn’t his contract and he would gladly cut him and eat the money.

But I’m guessing ownership and the accounting dept is still holding out hope there is some value left in Bay’s bat.

Unfortunately there’s not. The concussions have taken care of that so it’s time for a change.  I don’t want torres out there either I’d rather see DenDekker or another young bat get some experience.

Sorry Bay, ya gotta go.


Thole is officially in a defensive slump. For the second time this series he failed to record the out on a play at the plate. This time he was positioned improperly when the relay came from the grass behind first base. 

Josh was on the 1st base side of home plate in FRONT of the dish, so when he caught it he had to stretch all the way back and was late with the tag. Had he been straddling the plate the ball would have been there in time to cut down the runner.


Harvey got banged around allowing 5 runs in 5 IP but BMF is fine with that. We still won the road trip and Harvey is so green it’s good experience for him to face some adversity.

9 Responses to “Should He Bay or Should he Go?”

  1. JoMama Says:

    I’ve relegated myself to the fact that TC has no balls when it comes to Bay. Management says he has to play, he has to play. Not sure what they’re seeing (other than $$ flying out the door) and I don’t doubt TC has gotten into some arguments about Bay being a complete liability at the plate but if his job is to win games, don’t you think he has more say? Or maybe when he says, “Uh, ya know, Jason has to get going for us to win.” - he really means it? Newsflash: when we do win, we win despite his bat.

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    JoMama, if management insists on playing Bay, what should TC do? Resign? Complain in the press? Bench him and see if he gets fired? I’d say it’s more likely TC has no POWER when it comes to Bay.

  3. JoMama Says:

    I hear ya, BJ but don’t really know. If the W’s are all that matters in judging TC, then it would behoove him to play the guys that give him the best chance to win. At this point, he has to realize that any time Bay is up, the likelihood of a productive at-bay (notice, I didn’t even say hit) is close to zero. We have young guys that could use the at-bats, particularly if this week goes as poorly as I think it may go.

    On a lighter note, I get to catch Harvey’s first start at Shea! So pumped.

  4. AJW Says:

    The Bay situation reminds me of that old New York Lotto commercial where a fellow wins the jackpot and buys a major league baseball team and puts himself at 3rd base and the befuddled manager has to make excuses for him to the media like “Well his play in the field is improving”.

  5. cleonjones Says:

    Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! Bay has got to go !!!! - now you know what I mean-

  6. USMF Says:

    It’s really too bad they way the Mets has handled the Bay situation this year. He shouldn’t have played for his job these past weeks, he should have been in AAA getting his swing and timing down.

    He wasn’t ready to come back when he did. You could tell he’s been completely lost at the plate and he’s lost all confidence. Now he looks like he might be getting his timing back, but it’s too late. How can you justify starting him after the road trip he had?

    At the start of the year, Bay was making much better contact, his timing was off a little. Just when he looked like he was getting it down and started driving the ball better, he got hurt. They rushed him back both times from the DL and he had to start all over again .

    You can’t keep missing all that time on the DL and expect to come back and expect to hit MLB pitching with only a few AB vs rookie ball pitchers. Especially when you'’ve been underperforming for two years and you’re trying to justify a contract and get back to the level you used to be at.

    Fans (especially NY fans) will turn on you very quickly and you have to do something great to win them back. The Fans turned on Wright after he struggled much like Bay, the fans turned on Delgado and Beltran even after putting up a monster season and they even turned on Reyes because of one game. To them, that one game negated the other 161 games of great play before it.

    Imagine how Bay feels trying to win over the fans when he never had anything positive for them to remember. Rushing him back just dug him a bigger hole.

    I’m sure he’ll get a few starts a week…but all the positive signs I was seeing in him earlier in the year are gone.

  7. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, I was with you until your diatribe against the fans, it has nothing to do with anything. Are fans fickle, sure. Should they just keep cheering even when players don’t perform? And in the interest of full disclosure, I’m one of those who changed his stance completely on Reyes based on the bunt and quit he pulled last year.

  8. JoMama Says:

    I have no ill feelings towards Reyes, he did what he had to do as far as I’m concerned. Same with Beltran.

    While I agree with BJ somewhat about fans being fickle, they are extra fickle and voice it in NY. Seattle fans are equally as fickle on the inside, but they rarely voice their displeasure like NY fans. I love that about NY’ers - we mean what we say and say what we mean. The fruitcakes out West love, I mean LOVE, passive aggressive behavior and I’ve pissed off more people than I care to admit.

    But I digress, like I said, NY fans are fickle but they are also smart (some say smartest fans in sports, aside from any idiot wearing a Spankee hat). So with that, most fans realize what we’re getting (or not) in Bay - probably one of the worst contracts in baseball and one that just hasn’t worked. We’re frustrated that each time he strolls out there to bat, he’s a complete and utter disaster. It exacerbates things when TC or brass says s**t like, “He’s getting good at-bats though.” - spade a spade: he’s awful and everyone knows it. That said, he’s batting 5th today?!?! Is TC nuts?!? We know he has none when it comes to Bay but 5th? How many men does Bay leave on base today?? O/U is at 7 - any takers?

  9. USMF Says:

    I’m not trying to bash the fans…in fact, the fans at CityField have been pretty good.

    I’m just saying that playing in front of fans like the ones in NY add an extra pressure that can be hard to overcome.

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