Love Those Unis!

What a tremendous look at the good ol days those 80’s uniform gave us last nite. Those were the unis BMF grew up watching and they’ll always have a special place in my heart.
The bad boys era of Met uniforms. I half expected to see Mex, Doc and Darryl trot out there. 

The Padres throwbacks were awful. I remember when they  changed to those and I hated them then. The font was so cheesy they never looked like genuine Big League unis.

Tough loss. RA deserved to win but it’s great to see him back on his All-Star track. 

The big play was the collision at home between Quentin and Thole. It was a clean play by Quentin who is allowed to put a hit on the catcher. 

Thole could’ve done a better job. I realize it’s bang-bang but the young backstop didn’t get his barehand around the ball to secure it. I thought he had enough time to grip it but he was wearing the larger mitt to help catch the knuckler.

Tough play though.

Btw Loved seeing Dickey scamper after  errant ball and slide to arrive recover it asap. The guy is a GAMER.

7 Responses to “Love Those Unis!”

  1. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Can we please get a Catcher ? Can Moneyball afford it?

    Where was Wally Backman last night!! Still think Dickey looked like a softball player with those Uni’s and socks !!

  2. Howard Says:

    I wish I could be like BMF. BMF would go to a funeral and come home only remembering how great the weather was.

    The Mets are obviously going nowhere. I have no confidence in this organization going forward because even if the pitchers work out, we need some power in the lineup. And without any great hitters in the minor leagues coming up, that would mean willing to pay big bucks for a hitter or two and Mets management probably will not do that.

    Btw, why do some lefty hitters not get affected by lefty pitchers while guys like Ike Davis swing at breaking pitches 3 feet off the plate all of the time.

    Despicable loss. Absolutely despicable. Teams that play must win games and score 1 run against teams like the Padres are pathetic. I cannot take this team anymore. I want a winner, not a loser.

  3. CW Says:

    “looking at the August schedule, if we play great baseball, I can see us going 21-7. A more realistic record would be 19-9 playing very good baseball. ” Howard 8/3/12

    “The Mets are obviously going nowhere. I have no confidence in this organization……I cannot take this team anymore. I want a winner, not a loser. ” Howard 8/4/12

    What a difference a day makes.

  4. Howard Says:

    Well, that is true. A day can make all the difference in the world with many things.

  5. JoMama Says:

    …and another day, lets move on. Take the next 2 from these chumps and head back east. We can do it!

    My prediction for young Jeremy: 6.0+ IP, 5H, 2ER, 3BB and 8SO. Considering those #’s were close vs Nats and Giants, I think he does it. Would love to get a QS and have him pitch into the 7th…LETS GO METS!

  6. JoMama Says:

    Oh, and why do we always play crappy against crappy teams?!?!

  7. Cowcrusher Says:

    Wally has been ejected and will not be coaching for a few days. It appears that he was accusing the Syracuse Chiefs, the Nats AAA affiliate of stealing signs and got into quite a tussel with the Chiefs and umps.. Funny thing is that the Bisons not only have to face the Chiefs at home one more time but travel to Syracuse two play them here. I may bring a sign saying “Where’s Wally” just to show some support to the Walster. With the contract up with Buffalo this season, maybe the Mets will take on the Chiefs if the Nats shuffle off to Richmond..

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