Alderson, Collins Whip it Up

Word is both our new GM and skipper spoke to the team Monday and did their part to set the tone for the 2011 Mets.

Alderson said he won’t address the squad every year but wanted to introduce himself. Collins apparently was very rah-rah and Wright even said jhe as ready the most red in the face manager he’s seen.¬†

David also added that players would run through walls for Collins. It may be a bit early to declare that but BMF is still digging the early vibe from PSL.

I’m all for a hot under the collar manager. That’s why I wanted Valentine or Backman. As much of a Jerry fan as I was I’m looking forward to a little more fire in the dugout.

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  1. CowCrusher Says:

    Dang it BMF,
    Now I have the song “Whip it” by DEVO playing in my head! :-P

  2. USMF Says:

    I have some bad news for all of you…I’m willing to bet that either Ollie or Castillo will be the opening day roster.

    Castillo has a shot because; out of all the potential 2nd basemen in camp, he has by far the most experience and while his range has greatly decreased, he can still turn the dbl play better than the rest. Plus, Castillo has always been a great OBP guy with very low K rate. Even last year, Castillo showed that even though he wasn’t hitting, he could still get on base.

    Perez can make it because; 12mil is a lot of money to pay play a guy that you cut. Perez has shown that he can still get Lefties out and with the big holes in the pen, I could see him filing the LOOGY role. If Ollie ever gets his velocity back above 90mpr, he could be a serviceable pitcher.

    In no way am I endorsing either guy…I’m hoping that they are not around next year…I want Castillo gone because he has no power and it makes it very difficult for runners on base to take the extra base if he hits it to the shallow playing OF. I’m also big on seeing Murph play 2nd…I could see him truing into a Dan Uggla type player.

    I hoping that Perez is gone just because his walks and lose of velocity aren’t a winning combination, if he makes the team, that means that our other options in the pen completely went bust.

    Hopefully, the Mets are giving them every chance to prove they can still play, but deep down know that they will be cut and everything positive they say is just part of the confidence building they are doing. But I’d be ready for a early revolt from angry fans felling lied to about the “new” mentality of the Mets front office.

  3. El Duderino Says:

    I am just thankful for actual BASEBALL. Enough of Madoff and the idiot owners, enough of collapses and the past.

    Things I like: Beltran, Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Bay all HEALTHY. RA Dickey’s knuckleball is in mid-season form, and he’s working on a superslow (50mph) version. So far, none of the new pitchers’ surgically repaired arms have fallen off. Terry Collins is fired up, and says he “absolutely would have cleared the benches” on that high-slide by Utley last year.

    And honestly, even the prospect of Castillo and/or Perez returning doesn’t cause me the same twitching, shooting pain to my eyeballs anymore, and NO ONE hated those 2 more than me last year.

    What I’m trying to say is, f**kit. Win/lose/or die trying, let’s play some ball.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Been to PSL…Whats not to like…Weather 80 degrees and sunny…running around in shorts aan d a tee…getting tan…Its Spring Training

    Let the games begin Sat!….Beem down there 3 times fo far and it is a blast!

    Still to early to tell…Its all fun and games still and the honeymoon is in progress. Anything looks good after the winter we had!

    At least the fire and entusiasum is back! Does that convert to wins?

  5. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    This is good:

  6. John In Athens Says:

    I really like what I’m seeing on MetsBlog.

    I’m really interested to see how Terry’s approach is reflected on the field.

    If nothing else, HE’S working harder that the Mets have over that past four seasons!

  7. Nicole Says:

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