Why is Hairston Still a Met?

I gotta say I trust Sandy Alderson. I rarely question his moves or non-moves but I really thought Hairston would be dealt at the deadline for something… anything.

The guy is a spare part player. I don’t mean  that as a dis just being honest. He seems like a good guy who is well respected in the clubhouse and he’s certainly done more than his fair share of damage between the lines this season. 

But he’s not a star. 

In fact he’s not even under contract for next year. That likely hurt his trade value but you’d think there would be some sort of offer for a hot hitting 4th OF’er… No???

So either the offers were so low they were an insult or the Mets want to keep Hairston around in an all out effort to avoid a continued free fall from now thru September.

I can definitely see Ownership and Alderson “agreeing” to try and stay as competitive as possible this year. Of course the Wilpons want to sell as many tickets as possible as the Mets play out the string. 


As for last nite’s game, what happened to Lincecum sucking? He looked like the Freak of old zipping through the Mets.

Matt Harvey took the L but looked very good. Tejada’s wild throw on what should have been an inning ending double plat cost Harvey 2 runs (1 Earned) so with a little luck, and some offensive support he could be 2-0. 

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  1. Lord Charles Says:

    “So either the offers were so low they were an insult ”

    This is my bet. He’s having a nice year, but let’s be real… he’s Scott Hairston. At best the Mets were going to get a player who might become a platoon player 5 years from now. Getting a couple of extra wins this year, especially if they go to Matt Harvey and Jon Niese, has more value to the Mets than that does.

  2. Howard Says:

    For those who watched last nights game, I wonder if you all got the same feeling that the season is over. The game played by the Mets reminded me of a game in September, just kind of playing it out. They were down 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 and basically no life to the team.

    Harvey looked good but how often is he going to get out of bases loaded no out situations? Luckily he was facing the no-hitting Giants and not the Nationals. He has good stuff. I hope he is for real.

    Hairston is what Hairston is. He swings for the fences every time and sometimes it happens. There is a reason why he is a utililty player. The fact that he is such a key for us kind of tells you the story of the Mets. We have no outfield.

  3. JoMama Says:

    I was thinking the same thing last night - had Harvey pitched his way into this many jams vs the Nats or the newly streaking Braves, we’d been down 5 or 6 before the 2nd was over. As it was, it should have been scoreless through 2 had Tejada not blown that throw. It was a tailor made DP ball, I think Tejada makes that throw 90% of the time. He’s young and has played a great SS so I’ll let it go.

    Have to say, the Wright AB with bases juiced in the 7th was the end for us. He has to put that ball in play, pinch hitting or not. Timmy was getting tired, his PC was into the 100’s’ - David can’t strikeout there.

  4. BlondiesJake Says:

    You can tell the Mets season is almost over when BMF writes back-to-back posts about trading or not trading Scott Hairston.

    As for the team, I watched innings 4 thru 7 and Harvey impressed me. He still has control issues and didn’t throw his secondary pitches all that well, but he has the stuff and the makeup, which you can’t fix. Yes, he’ll take his lumps against quality lineups if he can’t find the zone, but that’s part of the process.

    As to the team, I thought they looked lifeless because Lincecum looked good. When he’s locating he’s still an excellent pitcher and he was getting ahead and then it’s tough to lay off.

    Was I the only one who thought the Wright AB reminded me of the Beltran AB vs Wainright? The final pitch was just too good and froze him.

    Sorry to repeat from last night but Valdespin is a poor OF who gets late (or wrong) jumps and takes bad routes. I’ve now seen him play LF one night and CF last night and he has misplayed at least three balls in those two games.

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    JoMama, in response to a previous inquiry, I don’t get the MLB package anymore because the only Mets games I could watch are the west coast games. With two small boys, I just don’t get a chance to see earlier starts except maybe on weekends.

  6. JoMama Says:

    Ah, my baby is 15 mos - and loves baseball. She watched 3-4 innings last night and will be attending her first game in SheaII next Friday! I love the 4PM PST starts here, games ending at 7 or 8. So perfect.

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