Dickey’s Back

It was vintage RA yesterday as he regained his first half form posting a stellar line of 0ER, 4H, 3BB, 8K in 7IP.

Personally I was relieved to see this outing from the knuckler since I was starting to worry his magic was finally wearing off. I should prob have more confidence in him, he’s certainly earned it, but being a Met fan I’m always waiting for the worst to befall us.

Hey, I’ll take a split in AZ. 2-2 is huge for us right now.

Nieuwenhuis got sent down to make room for Mike “No-No saving catch” Baxter. Sorry to see Kirk falter lately but I think a minors stint is best for him right now. At least he’ll have Duda to chill with. 

Sure wouldn’t have seen 2/3 of our OF being demoted to AAA back in May when things were going so well. 

Very happy to see Baxter return though. Ya gotta root for this kid forever after.

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  1. Howard Says:

    I am glad to see Mike Baxter back. I love his level swing and hope that the Mets let him play LF against all righty pitchers.

    I hate to give up completely on the season with it not even being August yet. Does anyone see any possibility of the Mets going on a 12-2 run or a 16-4 run to get back in the wild card chase?
    The truth is that a really good 2 to 3 week stretch would get us back in the chase but I just do not know how we can do it with the bullpen the way it is. If Santana came back healthy, I can see the starters giving us a shot.

    I hear that Bay was making solid contact hitting the ball off of the batting tee on Sunday. But nobody was there to verify this.

  2. BlondiesJake Says:

    It was great for Dickey to return to form. It was impossible for him to keep throwing one-hitters but he’s proven the last couple of years that he’s better than a six-inning, five-runs pitcher.

    Also nice for the Mets to beat a lefty which hasn’t been a regular occurrence. Hairston has been a solid bat, especially for a team lacking right-handed bats, but I think he’s the one piece the Mets should move if they can get a good return.

    I expect Duda and Nieuwenhuis will both get another opportunity shortly. I still think Duda can be a quality bat and an acceptable fielder, but clearly he has to improve vs lefties.

    Howard, I’m respectfully requesting you stop with the Bay comments. We all know, we are all frustrated and we don’t need the daily reminder. Thanks.

  3. Buck Says:

    BJ - I know you and Howard haven’t, ahem, agreed on much this year but I thought the rip on Bay was kind of funny. I guess for me it was actually picturing Bay underneath the stands hitting off the tee and actually saying to himself, ‘Man I feel good today. I’m really squaring the ball up and my timing seems to back!”

  4. Howard Says:

    Thanks Buck. And actually just to clarify, it is not so much Bay I am pissed at. If he sucks, he sucks. What can you do. It is Mets management not willing to eat a 3 year mistake already and give us a LF who gives us a chance to win.

    I am sure BJ and I and both big Mets fans. I really love baseball during the summer and having something to root for in my Mets. I still think there is slight hope if we can get on a really really nice run but it looks bleak right now.

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