Gotta Give Castillo a Break 

Look I’m certainly not rooting for Luis Castillo to win the starting second base job but it’s not fair to kill the guy for not arriving early to camp considering his brother was having major surgery.

While it’s hard to verify whether surgery in another country actually happened and is a legit excuse, you gotta give him the benifit of the doubt. 

Reporting dates are there for a reason, because you’re required to be in camp by that date - NOT before. 

So as long as Castillo was on time we can’t have a problem with that. 

I like that Collins thinks Luis is still spooked by the dropped pop-up. I really like that he spoke to the player about it and I love that he shared that with the press.

9 Responses to “Gotta Give Castillo a Break ”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Your the one that was on his case!….So then “HU” are you rooting for?

  2. Omar Minaya Says:


    You f**king liberal….do you EVER take off your f**king purple shaded liberal glasses and get a real view of the world?

    Always going for the counter-intuitive, victimization angle…

    Castillo is a f**king dog. He’s a f**king dog. His brother is having surgery. Change the f**king date. Pay the doctor to change the date using the millions that fell in your lap because the last GM was your amigo.

    WTF man - you should REALLY think about how you view the world. It’s sickening to read some times.

    Castillo is a victim!!! Only a liberal could paint the situation this way.

    What would you say if ryan church showed up one day late for camp? You’d rip him a new a*****e and call him an anti-semite to boot.

  3. CowCrusher Says:

    Looks like someone did a “number one” in “Omar’s” Cheerios this morning ;-)

  4. SuperGrover Says:

    Castillo fell asleep today on taking throws from the pitcher as he was standing in short center,yelling I got it,either that or he was covering for Reyes.But it was the only fluff of the day,what a great first day,nothing like a Manual camp at all.

  5. Les Gough Metz Says:

    “Omar”, ditch the rhetoric spouting, this is a Mets fan website, not a Tea Party rally.

  6. John In Athens Says:

    I’m behind every single player in a New York Mets cap, Castillo and Perez included.

    And when the team heads north, I hope that the manager and general manager look at performance and potential rather than paycheck when making cuts.

  7. USMF Says:

    I’m pretty conservative, borderline Libertarian and I have no idea what Omar is talking about…Please don’t associate what Omar said to the TEA party…one has nothing to do with the other.

    I don’t think BMF called Castillo a victim…and I don’t think Luis would say that either.

    Luis has been called a lot of things the past few years in NY…
    Are his best years behind him? Yes. Are his knees shot? Yes.
    Is he a all slap no power hitter who can’t hit the ball out of the infield on the fly? Yes.
    Does it look like he needs a walker to get back into the dug out? Yes.
    Did he have 1 1/2 good years here, one pretty bad year and one completely horrible year? Yes.

    But Luis has always been accountable for his mistakes…he’s always hustled…and I’ve never heard a bad thing about him from his teammates.

    Dudes brother needed surgery… he stayed with him as long as he could…he didn’t show up late…

    Other than the fact that he’s close to being cut after a horrible 2010, there’s no reason why he should be early. We should praise guys that do show up early, but not kill those who don’t.

    Besides, we all want Luis gone this year anyways…so we should be happy in the fact he couldn’t show up until now.

  8. cleonjones Says:

    For the good of the team and the Fans- dump Castillo and Perez !!!!

  9. Miguel Lejune Says:

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