Time to Bang the Drum for Backman

It looks like Wally Backman is very much alive and kicking in the running for Met skipper and BMF for one is rooting like Hell for him to get the gig.

Initially I assumed Alderson wasn’t going in Backman’s direction but Wally’s name sure is being bandied about by the media and those “in the know”.

Word is Wally is scheduled to fly in this week for a meeting with the Mets which I take as very good news… I think.

Call me a paranoid freak but I’m a little concerned this may be a PR move to appease fans by bringing in a token ‘86 Met before going a different direction. 

Then again Sandy himself said he wants a “firey” manager and if you’re looking for “fire” Backman is your man - if you’re looking for a full set of teeth than not so much.

But it seems to me Alderson and the Mets will likely have an ear to the ground gauging fan reaction on every move they make so if you’re a Wally fan start posting on the blogs, call the talk shows, or write a letter (lol) supporting Wally Backman because he’s the ONLY candidate (now that Bobby V ain’t happening) that fans can get excited about.

And obtw he’ll work cheap.

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  1. CowCrusher Says:

    And my autographed Met hat by Wally will go up in value! ;) Of course Wally’s sig shares space with BOC’s Eric Bloom (a fellow die-hard Met fan).

  2. The Phantom Says:

    I agree - Wally Backman is the right man.

    If Sandy could deal with Billy Martin, he can work with Backman

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Sorry guys I am not pulling for Wally Backman, actually I prefer somebody from outside of the organization.

    Somebody who has managed a low single A ball team is not my ideal pick even if he is a Met.

    I think a fresh set of eyes is what this team needs.

  4. the franchize Says:

    I like Backman. He’s fiery, has won everywhere he’s managed and can motivate his team nomatter what. However, I would not be opposed to a manager without any prior tenure with the Mets. Why be so narrow in our search? Maybe Alderson has someone in mind we’d never consider. Maybe that person will guide the Mets into the postseason. Like I said, I want Backman but I won’t be disappointed if we get someone else.

  5. happyjack Says:

    Wally has passion for the game, his players and winning. He is not a wound too tight type like Bud Harrelson or Larry Bowa. He is easy to talk to and is much more relaxed then you might think. Watch the Playing for Peanuts youtube extras in game videos. How many Managers would where a microphone and manage? He is confident, focused and for even a self described stat rat.

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Giants Win!!!

  7. CowCrusher Says:

    Congrats to the G’ints!!! Maybe that “other Orange” interlocking “NY” from the Polo Grounds will send some serious Mojo to our boys at Shea 2.0 in 2011!!!!!
    And congrats to the Rangers!!! They played hard, they beat the “Evil Empire” while playing honest baseball. I don’t think Cliff Lee will be heading to the Bronx anytime soon… his stock went down a tad bit. Imagine how many runs he would give up to the opposing team in the Billion Dolar Bandbox?

  8. CowCrusher Says:

    Wal-ly,! Wal-ly!, Wal-ly!!!

  9. dave Says:

    I’m all for Wally. And if it doesn’t work out with him? They can always try somebody new. I don’t care how long it takes to make my Mets a winning team again…do whatever it takes. You gotta take the walls down in order to rebuild. And another wall that needs to come down is HOWARD JOHNSON. Let him go..and bring in a new hitting coach.

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