Time Out

Holy Crap things have gotten bad in a hurry. We need a day off so desperately it’s not even funny.

Hefner vs Strasberg simply isn’t a fair fight so it’s tough to expect the Mets to win that game bur right now it’s hard to imagine them ever winning again.

But the truth is these Mets over performed in the first half of the season. We all knew we weren’t that good headed into the year but it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype when TC’s guys are balling out and grinding out W’s.

Still the fact remains we’re a team in the middle of a rebuilding phase and those teams don’t just magically win.

We all know big money contracts and preseason hype don’t equate to wins, just ask Philly and Miami, but you don’t generally win in year 2 of a 5 year rebuilding phase either.

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  1. Buck Says:

    Obviously this slide has to do with the total collapse of the Mets bullpen and key injuries to their starting staff(Pelf, Gee, and Santana) finally catching up to them, but beyond that……does anyone else see a direct correlation to Bay’s return from injury and the Mets 1-12 record? I mean the guy is an absolute shell of what he had been prior to the Mets and at this point is damaged, over-priced goods. It is way beyond the time to cut bait and drop this guy now!! I, for one, really enjoyed watching the kids play and win, lose or draw this year (as we all knew) was about rebuilding. In that spirit, what the hell is Bay still doing playing for these 2012 Mets? If he is not part of the future, and Lord knows he isn’t, then why is he taking up space on the roster? Your on the hook for his salary regardless and if his mere presence is frustrating and costing your fan base to run away in droves what is the point? Also, as frustrating as Duda was to watch at least he is young and needs the development to possibly be a cog in the future.

  2. Howard Says:

    Not that Duda is doing the job but to keep Bay on the roster and demote Duda clearly shows the thinking of the Mets.. money matters over everything else. Any why demote Duda? Not that I think he is the answer to the team but dont the Mets need to find out if he is the answer? Sticking him in the minors accomplishes nothing.

    So if Freddy Wilpon purchases a container of milk and it is spoiled, does he use it anyway since he already paid for it?

  3. JoMama Says:

    I can’t wait for BJ to chime in on this, not sure what his stance is on the Bay thing these days but I 100% agree with Buck - LET BAY GO. I’m tired of this, “He works hard, is a good guy to have in the clubhouse, and is almost there.” If I hear one more time that he’s putting in good “at-bats” I’m going to choke someone. He blows. You look at our lineup and it’s literally 7, or sometimes 6 guys you really have to worry about (pitcher, Bay and Thole, when he plays). It’s like we have 2 and sometimes 3 guys hitting in the 8 or 9-hole - truly pathetic. The reason guys like Thole or Turner don’t get my ire is because they’re essentially getting paid what they’re worth. What does Bay get paid again? He should have to give some of that money back he’s so bad.

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Kids like Duda who are struggling don’t always have to “work it out” at the MLB level. Much better to send him down for a while, at least.

    Wonder how Reyes is feeling about Miami now?

  5. Buck Says:

    From a career standpoint, Reyes will live to regret going to Miami. He’ll never be embraced by the fans the way he was at Shea! He was going to be a rich man either way……Lebron Reyes I guess without the championship?

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    I haven’t defended Bay or the team putting Bay in the lineup for a while now. As Buck pointed out, you have to pay him, but you don’t have to play him and compound the mistake. Sadly, I don’t expect they will bench, demote or release him, but play him in hopes of a miracle return to form that makes the lineup better or creates some opportunity for a trade. Once again, management is tone deaf when it comes to their own fans.

    However, I’m still giving Alderson the benefit of the doubt. Sure, he took a swing at fixing the bullpen and missed, but so do most teams each year. At least it wasn’t the same cast of characters from last year. And the deals to move K-Rod’s salary and get Wheeler for Beltran were excellent moves. Despite some fans who feel this team has no young talent, I think we’ve seen glimpses of some of it and more may be on the way to the mound. Most players aren’t stars the second they walk on the major league field, but need seasoning and experience.

  7. JoMama Says:

    Can someone tell me why Ike wasn’t sent down (using the logic above) earlier in the season when he was hitting well below the Mendoza? I’m not saying he should have but if the same rhetoric holds true for Duda, was Ike playing that much worse? Sure Ike’s D was quite a bit better but he also wasn’t playing totally out of position like Duda was asked to.

  8. Buck Says:

    TC said Ike probably would have been sent down had the team been losing but they were winning despite his slump so he stayed. Plus he also said that Ike’s defense at 1B was not suffering as a result of his slump and would have been tough to replace.

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