Day Game

Businessman’s Special - things don’t get easier with Strasburg on the hilll

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  1. Howard Says:

    Can it get uglier? All those praises by TC and the announcers during the beginning of the season for Omar Minaya and all of the talent he amassed for the Mets.. All the praise of how the Mets minor league managers get the players ready for the majors, not just succeeding at the level they are playing at…. Wait a while before praising a moron like Minaya. Let a season play out.

    Looks like a sweep while in the 8th inning.

    Do we have any top power hitting prospects in the minors at all? And when I say top, I mean it is a consensus of most scouts.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Are You ready for some FOOTBALL?

  3. metfan88 Says:

    Maybe its a good thing that they start collapse right after ALLSTAR, so people can plan for vacations, if they havent already done so!

  4. foxster Says:

    To Paraphrase the Bard, Mr Shakespeare
    “There is something rotten in the state of Metsville”

  5. cleonjones Says:

    What in the hell is our GM doing? Nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should have gotten bullpen help several weeks ago. Please trade Bay !!!! I can’t stand it any longer!!!!! Lets go Mets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Buck Says:

    Obviously this slide has to do with the total collapse of the Mets bullpen and key injuries to their starting staff(Pelf, Gee, and Santana) finally catching up to them, but beyond that……does anyone else see a direct correlation to Bay’s return from injury and the Mets 1-12 record? I mean the guy is an absolute shell of what he had been prior to the Mets and at this point is damaged, over-priced goods. It is way beyond the time to cut bait and drop this guy now!! I, for one, really enjoyed watching the kids play and win, lose or draw this year (as we all knew) was about rebuilding. In that spirit, what the hell is Bay still doing playing for these 2012 Mets? If he is not part of the future, and Lord knows he isn’t, then why is he taking up space on the roster? Your on the hook for his salary regardless and if his mere presence is frustrating and costing your fan base to run away in droves what is the point? Also, as frustrating as Duda was to watch at least he is young and needs the development to possibly be a cog in the future.

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