Look Out Below! 

Damn, things sure did go south in a hurry. 

The Mets are officially in free fall, 10.5 games out of 1st 6 out of the WC and just 3.5 away from last place.

Duda got demoted… RA continues to be awfully hittable… Torres is a disaster… Bay is Bay… 

It’s shocking to see the pen post 3 shutout frames

But  possibly most shocking of all Jordany Valdespin isn’t in the starting line-up on a daily basis. 

I don’t blame for TC for wanting to save Jordany to PH, since he hits a HR pretty much every time, but the kid deserves steady AB’s. The team is dying in front of our eyes and CF has become a black hole for offense.

I understand if they need to give Bay a chance to magically recover his stroke. Bay has a major contract and simply put that buys you damn near unlimited time to bounce back. 

The same cannot be said regarding Andres Torres’ contract.

Valdespin needs to start everyday - END of STORY

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  1. Cowcrusher Says:

    Simply put…We are TOAST!!!..it was nice while it lasted Holy Sublimation, Batma!…we are not just “MELTING”, we are “Evaporating”!!!!!!!

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