You gotta be freakin’ kidding me. ANOTHER extra inning loss thanks to a bullpen meltdown?!?!?

This pen is AWFUL. Chris Young over came a 2 run blast in the 1st to post a fantastic outing allowing just those 2 runs across 7 while uncharacteristically K-ing 7.

But the O couldn’t manage to take a lead and Beato’s blow up sent him back to AAA. 

I swear I woulda sent Duda down. This guy needs to get his swagger back. He’s been silent for what seems like months.

But the pen is ultimately our downfall this season.

And it’s obviously taken its toll on the team. I would expect the free fall to continue for a while.

Pre-season BMF predicted 83 wins… Thats feeling like an awful lot right now.

The yankees got Ichiro? Wow, i’m sure he’ll go off in the BX.

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  1. Helix Says:

    Put a fork in `em, they’re done.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:


  3. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    “but the O couldn’t manage to take a lead,” and therein lies at least half of the problem, making an easy fix unlikely.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Hoping Harvey doesn’t get ruined by starting in the middle of this mess.

  5. Howard Says:

    Blondies Jake.. Did you notice that the Yankees picked up Ichiro, maybe not the player he once was but still a nice addition, for a minimal return in a couple of prospects who are not their big time prospects? The Mets could have done the same before in picking up some quality additons for the short term before the entire season caved in.

    As Florida Rich says, SELL. If they can get a lot for RA, that might be the first good move to make to get some solid prospects. Maybe we can get another Wheeler type prospect back.

    Also, I cannot take it anymore hearing Collins say how we have a right handed power hitter in Bay. And how he was shocked at how few of at bats he has. Is Collins just being a good ambassador for the team or is he a total moron?

    I would also get Alderson out of here and get a young GM who understands the dynamics that goes along with being a GM now. Alderson is a fossil from the 80’s and 90’s and if the bullpen he put together is an indication of anything, then what else is coming???

    The only way the Mets management can get my respect back this year is to cut Bay once and for all and stop the bs with this guy. Eat the money and move on already.

    Now that Harvey is pitching, how about seeing Wheeler being called up. Did you ever notice how in the NFL, QB’s often start as rookies and have great careers even if they take a beating in their first few years (Aikman, P Manning, E Manning, etc etc)

  6. foxster Says:

    why is this season any different from other Mets seasons? they build up the fans hopes, then crash and burn, leaving their fans deflated and hopeless, while management spout cliches regarding a brighter future for both the team and their disappointed fans.

  7. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Howard: why stop with Harvey and Wheeler? Why not bring up Gavin Ceccini at the same time? He’s only 18, of course, but why the *!#? doesn’t he “man up” already and get these Mets into the post-season!!! In fact, the Little League World Series round robin begins play in just a few days. Why not send some of our scouts out there to see if they can make some early signings. And then bring those kids up NOW. Why wait? You know, Lastings Milledge played in the Little League World Series, and even though he came up young and took a beating in his first few years, I’m sure he’s on the cusp of a great career………….

  8. Howard Says:


    I will explain to you why. Harvey and Wheeler have proved themselves in the minor leagues already. Although Wheeler has only gotten to AA, he has completely dominated. Some players make the jump from AA to the majors. The other players such as Ceccini have not proved anything as of yet. And obviously, you are very confused about Milledge.

    Anything else I can clarify for you?

  9. BlondiesJake Says:

    Like I’ve said before, Howard should be the GM. But maybe he should also be the manager too. And while we’re at it, make him part-owner. He’s obviously a genius but isn’t getting a chance.

  10. Howard Says:

    You are probaby right BlondiesJake. I would probably do a very respectable job as GM.

    I also see that you had nothing to say about the Ichiro comment…. figures.

  11. Howard Says:

    And BlondiesJake, the funny thing about you is that have a bigger mouth than anyone in the room. And it is great to give your opinions, but you constantly devalue what other people say like you know more about the Mets than anyone else. Guess what, you dont. And you sure as hell do not know more about the Mets than me.

    You went on and on and on how the Mets could not get any additions to the roster without mortgaging the future and then the Yankees get Ichiro for basically nothing. Have you ripped yourself about yet for that stupid ‘insight’?

    Worry about your own ingenius posts.

  12. BlondiesJake Says:


    Once again you are right. Ichiro is a left-handed, over-the-hill, no power OF. Of course the Mets should’ve made a deal for him. He would perfectly on a team in need of a right-handed power hitter.

  13. Former Meta Fan Says:

    This team and organization makes me vomit.

  14. JoMama Says:

    I agree with Howard - BJ, it’s fine if you disagree but you don’t need to insult and lay on the sarcasm like a 12 year old girl each time you do. Man up and tell him why you disagree without the sarcasm or the insults. I think you make some very good points and clearly know a lot about this organization - it’s one of the reasons I enjoy reading these posts. But do it with some class.

    I digress - this team is terrible and terribly difficult to watch. They claw and claw only to hand the ball to the SAME f**kING GUYS each night and have them blow it. I don’t understand in a sport that has millions of kids clamoring to get a shot at the bigs, we have to deal with these same jokers day in, day out. And I’m tired of this, “we are as good as we thought we were going to be” - attitude. This is exactly what management reads and as long as they’re making money, why change anything? While I’m not ignorant enough to think one voice is going to change anything, I’m not OK with conceding the season - I’ve conceded every season since Beltran took that Wainwright pitch and looks where it’s gotten me.

    In any case, I’m taking my little girl to her first Mets game at “Shea” in mid Aug and can’t wait! LETS GO METS, we can take these 2….

  15. rj Says:

    Guys its too early to concede or give up on them now. We are still in July. We are only 2 games under .500 and Dickey starts tonight. This is nothing a 5 game winning streak cant fix. We do have to do something about this awful bullpen. It is the worst I have ever seen..start bringing up some kids..

  16. Cowcrusher Says:

    While I applaud RA’s contribution to this year’s team, he is not Superman. I do hope he gets a W tonight and the Mets send Bryce Harper back to school, but it is almost impossible to be positive if not realistic.

  17. Howard Says:

    Did I hear correctly that the Mets are bringing up Manny Acosta? I thought the Mets traded that guy to the Romanian Independent League back in April. This bullpen thing is comical. A guy pitchers out of the pen, gives up his usual 5 runs, and then he is either designated for assignment or demoted to the minors. This bullpen issue is making the team and organization look like a laughing stock.

    I agree with RJ that a winning streak could change things but I just think there are too many holes in the dam.

  18. BlondiesJake Says:

    JoMama, you’re right, I don’t have to lay on the sarcasm. But I have a hard time with people like Howard delivering proclamations without substance, making unsupported statements and then when called out, trying to change the argument. I will do my best to just respond with facts to refute him and not with insults degrading him.

  19. Howard Says:

    JoMama, I appreciate your comments but you can talk until you are blue in the face with guys like BJ and at the end of the day, you accomplished more by talking to a wall.

    Regardless of who knows how much about the Mets, the bottom line is that most people in the blog group NEVER try to insult people for what their opinions are. There are maybe one or two in the group that do and as it is every year, BJ is one of them. You can try to teach BJ facts, provide information to him, but the way this guy acts is an indictment of what he is about. This guy is not changing. Who knows how he got to be the way that he is, but that is who he is. Sad but true.

  20. BlondiesJake Says:

    Finally, Howard and I agree on something.

  21. JoMama Says:

    WHY IS BAY IN THE LINEUP? Where is Valdy??

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